Some Terk’s TechLife updates
  • I dusted off my old laptop, and aside from still running XP and some weird font rendering issues, it works just fine. I’m gonna see if I can get Windows 7 or 10 on it to make it into a full time secondary. Typing this post on it right now!
  • Also, I got a new battery for my old Galaxy Note II, because the old one was getting swollen which is why I stopped using it. Hopefully should work fine now!
  • I factory reset my main phone because Nougat was giving me issues with battery and heat, hopefully this should fix those
  • I wanna get some USB 3 to USB C converters now that they’re $6 for 3 on Amazon, if someone can send me the money over paypal I’ll write you something in exchange!
[TRANS] 130409 IU Galaxy Note II interview

It’s your first time being the main character in a drama (KBS ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin’, but it made it to the #1 weekend drama.

“The higher ratings mean it’s more demanding for us, but I’m grateful and happy. The atmosphere at the filming site has become more friendly. Even with our tight filming schedule, thanks to the close teamwork between our experienced actors and production crew, it doesn’t feel tiring and I’m having fun filming.”

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