Null / male / ??? / doesn’t know you.

A young man with retrograde amnesia and yes, he doesn’t know why and how he found himself confined in a certain facility where strange people come in and out everyday to experiment on him, he hear them say that they must nullify him. These people would even conduct what they call a ‘special physical experiment’ on him, he doesn’t recall exactly how, but he knows the pain for sure and he’s not able to do anything but to regret his existence everyday. He’d be injected with different sort of drugs everyday that apparently contributed to his messed up head– there are even cases when his mind would breakdown and would reset due to trauma and pain. But at the end of the day, the strange people would make sure he doesn’t die. Because he is too weak to even break out, add to that his messed up head, Null can’t keep count of how long he’s been locked in that facility. On one miraculous day though, he was able to escape.

He’s not good at tending to his own wounds. Nobody minded telling him where he’s from or his actual name. His right eye can’t see anymore, seems like it was nullified and it only reflects the color of the galaxy. Gullible child. When he got out he’s afraid of falling asleep or losing consciousness cause he thinks he’s mind would reset again. Doesn’t like being cold. A big crybaby. Tired. Needs help.

I wonder what’s up with him and why those people were using him.

They robbed all the stars.

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Cygnus Black failing at the family tradition of naming names

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you Bellatrix in honour of our family’s affinity for the stars.’‘

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you Andromeda, in honour of our family’s affinity for the stars.’‘

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you…hmm shit…umm…’‘ *starts sweating*

Cygnus Black III: ‘‘I name you…hmm. I name you Narcissa! Because I’m out of cool star names and with the idiot names they’re giving to space objects these days…Ffs I can’t fucking name my child Galaxy 3C48.’‘

EXO Reaction when their wife gives them a positive pregnancy test as bday/ christmas/ comeback gift

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*Didn’t see it coming* “What… jagi what is this…stick… why does it have… a plus sign… jagi… are we… are we having a child?”


“This is… no no… don’t tell me… this is… you are… child… mini galaxy.. baobei!!!” *So excited he can’t even speak*


*He probably had it all planned* “Pregnant you said? I wonder why… kekekeke so… are we naming him the Amazing Sehun II?”


*Probably more nervous now, than he originally was for the comeback* “A Child you say… are you… sure? We are going to… be parents? This is… woah..”


*Innocent boi* “A present you say? for me? What’s the occasion? … Jagi this is a pregnancy test… why would I want… oh.. oh.. OH. YOU PREGNANT?”


*Shocked forever* “I… dad…. girl… we…. pregnant… family…”


“Jagi did I just… did I just touch your pee! I’m never forgetting this birthday!” *Probably saying nonsense as the news sink in*


*Wouldn’t stop thinking about it. HE would be a little distracted while performing and interviews* “I’m sorry I just… I got some big news today and… I’m going to be a dad!”


*This is him wanting to be back home with his jagi* “Well… at least I got the pregnancy test here… you guys wanna see it?”


“This feels better than receiving all the awards in the world jagi… We are finally starting our little family…. thank you…”


*Him 5 hours later* “She’s pregnant?!!?! Ohh…. that’s what the tube meant… oh…. I shouldn’t have opened that gift until tomorrow…” *He actually found it on your closet, one day before his birthday XD*


“I’m going to be.. a father… this time… for real… I… I’m… jagi…. the boys… comeback…. baby! Our baby is going to debut!”

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#4 - Having A Child Together (TFA) part 1/2

I have really bad Tietze’s/Costochodritis and it’s flaming up right now, so I’m going to need sleep and pain relief.
Also I done two parts because these are quite long, I’ll post part two when I get up (also Chapter One of the Hux Au, plus some other one shots and headcanons etc)

Kylo Ren:

  • When Kylo first found out that you were pregnant, he was almost too scared to touch your growing stomach - he would always have been cautious around the belly bump but also cautious and protective, not letting anyone boisterous around you. 
  • While you had given birth to your first born, Kylo was on a mission - while General Hux had accompanied you through childbirth, making sure that the Knight of Ren didn’t have another thing on a long list to kill him for, if anything had happened to you or Kylo’s child.
  • As soon as your husband’s ship had touched down in the hangar on the Finalizer, he had practically sprinted down the hallways and pushing people past him so he could get to you in the Med Bay as soon as possible. Upon his arrival in the bay, he had basically booted Hux out and pinched the newborn from your arms, cradling it in the corner of the room, the little bundle looking like a tiny training remote in his arms. (Kylo would also be pretty scared in case he would hurt or drop his newborn too.)
  • Meanwhile over the years as your child grew up, Kylo spent as much time with them as he could - whether it would be watching sporting matches, teaching them about the force or playing tickle chase around your two bedroom quarters. 
  • Whenever Kylo saw his own child laughing at something General Hux said, he would practically flip, taking his daughter/son by the hand and telling them that there’s new a new flavored ice cream in the Finalizer canteen, only for your kid to reply with “Yeah, Uncle Hux brought me to get some!”
  • Kylo would tuck his daughter/son into bed, not forgetting to read them their favorite bedtime story from one of the shelves in the their bedroom, just before drifting off to sleep - they would quickly jump out of their spot in the bed, wrapping their arms around their father’s neck and mumbling a tired “I love you”

Poe Dameron:

  • Poe cried his eyes out when you gave birth to your first born child, it was the same cry when you said ‘Yes’ and ‘I Do’ all over again; he just couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have the one person he loves throughout the Galaxy, bring a child for you both to love and cherish into the world Galaxy.
  • As he sat on the edge of your hospital bed, he spoke down to the little bundle of joy in his arms; telling them how he was going to teach them how to fly an X-Wing almost as good as him, ‘Just almost’ as he wants to keep his rep for the Best Pilot in the Galaxy.
  • He blabbered on how he would get a custom painted ship for your son/daughter to match his when they grow up and how they would have it for their sixteenth birthday (earning a slap on the arm from you, when you told him that it was too young for an X-Wing)
  • When your child rolled onto six years old, (The same age Poe learnt to fly an A-Wing like his mother taught him,) he had set sat your kid on his lap in the seat of his X-Wing, showing them all the controls, switches and toggles on how to operate one. 
  • Soon enough your son/daughter became obsessed with becoming an X-Wing pilot, begging Poe to tell them stories of his adventures every night before bed instead of him reading a ‘boring old book for geezers’.

General Hux:

  • Hux was so hesitant to hold your newborn son/daughter at first in fear he might hurt them, Once he finally plucked up the courage to hold his child; his eyes started watering at how much the child looked like him when he hesitantly smoothed his hand over the small fetus’ red hair, smiling at their blue eyes.
  • He would sit on a chair in the corner of the room, bouncing the little baby on his chest while they slept - humming one of the lullabies he would have ever known growing up during his childhood.
  • When Phasma and Kylo visited while you were still in the ward that day; they had brought along a custom made babies First Order General attire made. (In which Hux had to put on his son/daughter instantly.) Phasma suddenly taking on the role name for your child as ‘General C/N’
  • As your son/daughter grew older, they had quickly adapted the ‘leadership’ skills of their father, following them around both Starkiller and the Finalizer, copying your husband’s every order and trying to stand in a orderly fashion like her would (only for their arms to get tired and strained quite quickly) 
  • Hux would help study your son/daughter in his free time in how to become an officer, teaching them the basics and reading from boring guide books. 
  • Every night as Hux tucked your son/daughter into bed with a kiss on the forehead and making sure there was no monsters under the bed - he would bid goodnight only for your child to pull out the datapad hidden from under their pillow and self-learning how to do the statistical side of things.