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another Wholesome Thing i appreciate abt guardians vol.2: 

gamora was given the opportunity to be soft and emotional and fill the role of “squad mom” without sacrificing her brutality, strength, or violent tendencies, and simultaneously had an individual arc that was separate and independent from that role. like, there’s a lot of quotes and interviews where they talk abt how gamora became everyone’s mom in guardians 2 and i almost dislike that there’s a chance people will see those things outside the context of the movie itself, bc yes, she co-parents the squad with peter, but it’s a natural, organic role development for both of them, and her individual character is not sacrificed at all for her to be shoehorned into the traditional feminine role of nurturing mother. you get to see her develop and show those hints of softness and silliness that she displayed in the first film, naturally, easily, as a result of her growing bond with her new ragtag family, yes. and that’s good. they didn’t make her do anything there that she wouldn’t have realistically done. but you also get to see her have a separate arc that adds emotional depth to her character via her interactions with nebula, and, on top of that, nothing about her parenting role is actually inherently gendered on-screen. hell, one could argue that both peter and gamora are squad moms and squad dads, just because liike …. they’re there. they’re looking out for everyone. they’re waving at groot mid-battle and making sure he puts on his seatbelt. there’s nothing specifically male or female about those interactions, but they are reminiscent of parents.

so i guess my point is that i really appreciated that gamora got the chance to be a momfriend without that role being explicitly a “woman’s role”, that she got to be soft and gentle and loving and silly without it forcing her into a Feminine Box or stripping her of her other characteristics – her awkward earnestness, her brutality, her physical strength, her fierce loyalty. i really appreciated that she got to be a full, fleshed out character, clearly coded as co-leader of the team, peter’s equal and partner in all possible ways, with her own individual arc and a more subtle arc that was intimately tied into her caring relationship with all the members of her family. all without once being sexualized.

[peace sign emoji] pls go see this film,

[Tony and Peter are aboard the Milano]

Quill: Thanks for coming over.

Tony: Thanks for coming to get me.

Quill: [holding a cupcake with lit candle] Happy Birthday, StarDust. Make a wish.

Tony: [smiling] It already came true.

Girly (Yondu x Reader) Part 8

Enjoy! It took long enough to write! Lol.


Word count: 4.7k


Part 19.

Walking swiftly to your room, you tidy up the space with shaking hands and a hammering heart. Your neck feels free for the first time in galaxy knows how many months, and it feels great. You can’t help but feel that somethings now missing without the collar on, but you put it down to the lack of pressure there anymore.

Once the room is clean, you go over to the bed and kneel down. Reaching under the bed, you pull out a small hand carved horse toy you created from a chunk of wood last month, and place it on the bed.

You haven’t thought it all out properly, but come nightfall, you’re ready to steal one of the M-ships and hopefully make an escape. You don’t know where to from there, but maybe for the right price, you can convince an alien to take you back to Earth.

Sitting on the end of the bed, you bounce your knee with anticipation; counting down the hours until the crew – especially Yondu – will be asleep. There’s nothing more for you to do now except grab the small pouch near the door containing all the extra jewels you’ve stolen and kept for yourself. But that’s easily done on your way out, and you don’t know if your weak knees would be able to hold you up if you move anymore.

Looking down at your arm where you’ve rolled up the sleeve of Yondu’s coat, you purse your lips at the blood smeared on your forearm. Licking your thumb, you gently wipe at the blood until it slowly rubs off.

The small nick is nothing you’re concerned about, and you simply stare at it as it beads with blood once again. It’ll dry and clot soon, you tell yourself. Long before the Ravagers go to sleep.

I’ll leave the coat too; it’s not mine to take. And the knife; I won’t need that anymore, you think as your gaze shifts to the well-worn coat and knife.  

You know it’s best not to leave your room as you can make Yondu think you’re so upset that you’re locking yourself in your room. Hopefully, he won’t have anyone bother you for a few days – and by then, you’ll have been long gone.

Is this really what you want? A tiny voice in your head whispers, unsure.  

“You mean going home? Because I want that. It’s all I’ve wanted for the past ten years.”

Did that not change when you fell for Yondu?

Your face twists. “I haven’t fallen for him. I like him but …”

Rubbing your face with a soft groan, you don’t bother to finish the sentence. Why am I even thinking about this? I’m leaving tonight anyway…

You look down at little wooden horse and feel your gut wrench. You know how much Yondu loves little trinkets; you’ve seen the collection he has on his console and it’s your parting gift to him. You don’t know if he’ll bother to keep it, but it’s something at least.

Sighing quietly, you slide down to the floor and sit there with your legs drawn up to your chest. “A few more hours,” you tell yourself. “A few more hours and we’ll be out of here.”

It scares you not knowing what Earth is like after all your time away from it, but you know you’ll work hard to rebuild a life there. You’re not sure if you’ll ever find your parents again – and truthfully, you don’t know how hard it’ll be to look for them.

Your unknown future leaves a heavy ball of worry and stress in your gut and you want nothing more to rid yourself of it.

Clutching your legs tighter against your chest, you rest your chin on your knees and stare at the wall ahead of you. This is how you’ll end up spending the next few hours; waiting for the Ravagers to fall asleep.


When it’s finally time for you to leave, you make sure your knife, Yondu’s coat and the little carved horse are all laid out on the end of your bed neatly. After that, you snatch up the bag of jewels stashed near the door before quietly opening the bedroom door and slip out into the corridor. Tip toeing down the corridors, you listen to every clank and sound in the ship; trying to make sure none of the sounds are footsteps until you reach the hangar.

Walking over to one of the M-ships, you open the hatch and are about to climb in when you hear a voice from behind you, “Do you even know how to pilot that thing?”

Whirling around, you feel your heart stop as you see Kraglin standing there, watching you carefully.

You puff out your chest with false confidence, “No, but it shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out.”

The Ravager bites his bottom lip before saying, “I’ll program it for you; if you’re looking for someone to take you back to Earth, you’re better off going to Knowhere. You can convince one of the other Ravager factions to take you back. Do you have enough units? They won’t do it for free.”

Patting your pocket, you nod, “I’ve been stealing extra jewels on the little trips Yondu sends me on. I’ll be fine.”

As the man slowly walks over to you in the dimly lit hangar, you take a step back and ask him quietly, “Why are you helping me?”

He’s silent for a while as he thinks about it. “What Yondu did wasn’t right. And, if it was someone else he did that to, I wouldn’t have cared as much. But … after knowing you all these months, I know how much you deserve your freedom. And if that means going back to your Terran planet, I’ll help as best I can. Yondu won’t be happy when he finds out you’re gone, but he’ll get by like always.”

Nodding, you wait as Kraglin sets up the M-ship and climbs out of it. Once back on the hangar’s grated floor, he stares down at you, and you can’t help but wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

“Thank you,” you murmur with sincerity. “Thank you for everything.”

As you pull away, the Xandarian’s face is slightly flushed, and you shoot him another warm smile.

He jerks his thumb towards the ship with a small smile, “Just get in; I’ll open the hangar for you. It’s set for Knowhere, so just push the joystick forward to get out and pull up on the stick as you’re landing as everything should be okay. Got it?”

Nodding again, you climb into the smaller ship, seating yourself, and wait as the hangar door opens. Since you’re out in space, a yellow force field sections off the hangar and you push the stick forward. The M-ship’s thrusters ignite and you take off. Releasing it, you watch as the ship self-corrects and flies itself – hopefully in the direction of Knowhere.


It takes a few hours without any nearby jump sites, but eventually, the floating celestial head comes into view.

Sitting up, you try and pilot the ship as best you can. It takes a bit of effort, but you manage to land it at one of the docks. Dumping the ship, you wander about, searching for a familiar Ravager faction, and thankfully, it’s not long before a tall man catches your attention. He looks familiar and you know you’ve seen him before on traders planets and quite possibly, Contraxia.

Walking over him, you notice his Ravager patch and catch his attention. The man looks down at you and raises an eyebrow. “What?” he asks in a deep voice.

You tilt your chin up and ask him, “I need a lift down to Terra, are your crew able to take me?”

“Nothing is for free, darling.”

Pulling out the pouch full of jewels, you hand it to him. The Ravager opens it and picks out a jewel. After a quick inspection, he sighs loudly.

“Is that enough?” you ask him.

The man hums as he puts the jewel back into the pouch and looks at you carefully. “I think I’ve seen you before.”

You shrug, “Maybe; I was thinking the same about you.”

He seems to think about it for a few moments longer, brows furrowing. “You’re with Yondu Udonta’s faction.”

Shaking your head, you cross your arms over your chest. “No, not anymore.”

The man doesn’t press the matter and pockets the jewel pouch. Nodding, he finishes his drink and slams the glass down onto the bar countertop. “We’ll be a few more hours.”

You grind your teeth in frustration, but nod. You haven’t got anything else on you that’s valuable, so you hope the Ravager isn’t fucking you over with this deal.

Leaning against the bar, you quietly scan the room as you wait. You’re jittery and high strung, but have to control yourself as you wait for the Ravagers to finish drinking.

Eventually however, the Ravager faction begins leaving the bar and you follow behind them; your heart pounding.

Entering their ship, you follow the captain to the bridge along with his First Mate.

Once there, the captain remembers that he hasn’t introduced himself. “I’m Stakar Ogord by the way.”

You tilt your head at him, the name sounding familiar. “I think I remember Yondu mentioning you before.”

“Oh? Did he tell you I exiled him?”

You frown, “No, he told me you freed him from the slavers.”

Grunting, the Ravager flips some switches and presses some buttons on his control console. “I’ll take you to a Xandarian man I know. He owns a bar on Terra and can set you up.”

You look out the bridge window as the ship pulls away from the dock. “Does this happen a lot?” you ask quietly.

“What? Taking Terrans back home?”


The Ravager captain shrugs, “Sometimes. There’s a market for young Terrans so sometimes we find them in the galaxy.”

You shiver and hug yourself. The man senses your unease as he continues, “Ravagers are exiled if they deal in children; it’s only the Kree that take them for the sex trade. Most are killed when they break however. The lucky ones escape if they can.”

The First Mate looks at his captain before nodding and leaving the room after some sort of silent conversation. You watch as the doors close behind the alien and turn back to Stakar. He gives you a once over before pursing his lips. “You were lucky, huh?”

You smile bitterly, “Lucky? Is ten years of slavery considered lucky?”

“You’re here now, aren’t you? Isn’t that luck?”

You look away from him and touch your neck. “It wasn’t luck; I killed eight slavers to get out – only to be collared by Yondu like some dog. Nothing is luck.”

The man nods and silence falls over the two of you.


Part 20.

(Eight months later)

“I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Nodding, you smile at the Xandarian man and grab your bag. “Of course.”

Waving goodbye, you step out of the bar and begin walking down the sidewalk. After Stakar had dropped you off in Boston, he had contacted the Xandarian man he had mentioned to you before leaving. The Xandarian – known as Dan on Earth- had set you up in a small apartment not far from the bar and given you a job. It hadn’t been for free as Stakar had given him some of the jewels in return, but Dan had been kind and understanding with you.

He had gotten his human wife to educate you a little more and show you around the city until she thought you were ready to try and live in the apartment alone. It had started out lonely – you had missed the ship and all you had known in the galaxy, but eventually, you had grown used to the normal, human life.

However, there was – and still is - always something bugging you.

You think about the blue Ravager prick often and for some unknown reason, you can’t get him out of your head. Your chest aches each morning as you wake up from sleep; each night reliving your time with Yondu – each night reliving his touch and his voice.

You tell yourself you hate it, but you know that’s not true – it never will be.

Walking down the pavement, you grip the jacket around your body and shiver as a cold gust of wind blows down the street. Your ears tune in on the sound of heavy footsteps behind you and you feel your hackles raise.

Whirling around as the footsteps grow closer, you catch the stranger off guard. The scraggly man pulls out a small pocket knife and grips it tightly in his fist. You stare at him calmly as his voice wavers, “Give me your bag, bitch.”

You don’t move, frustrating the man. “I said give it to me!”

You want to be surprised by his brazenness, but seeing as its past 3am and the streets are dead, you’re not.

When you don’t respond the way the mugger wants you to, he lunges forward with the knife, aiming it towards your belly.

You react quickly, knowing the process. You’ve had men try and mug you several times since coming back to Earth and it has taken everything within you not to kill them. The consequences on Earth for murder is much more serious than in the outer galaxy.

Directing his outstretched arm away with your palm, you kick the man in the groin until he’s falling to his knees. Once there, you kick him in the face as he screams in pain. He drops the knife as blood gushes from his nose and you kick the knife away, letting it fall into the gutter.

You watch him for a moment, thinking how pathetic he looks as he snivels on the ground. It wouldn’t take much to more to knock him out. Maybe one more hit to the back of the neck or the temple would do it.

“You haven’t changed, have you, girly?”

You freeze, not wanting to turn around and confirm that he’s not there. Your mind lately has a habit of imagining him whenever you’re feeling really low.

You suck in a deep breath however, knowing you’ll have to turn around at some stage and finish the short walk home.

Turning around, you see the blue man standing before you. A lump forms in your throat at the sight of him. He looks so real, you tell yourself. Why does he have to look so real? As if I could touch him?

Sucking in a shaky breath, you duck your head and try to walk around this figment of your imagination.

However, as you pass him, he reaches out a blue hand and grips your upper arm. You pause, shocked.

Slowly looking up at Yondu, you tear your arm away and step backwards, onto the road. “No – you’re not real,” you mutter, eyes wide.

Yondu smiles at you, “Last time I checked, I am, girly.”

You shake your head, biting into your bottom lip. “Nope, this isn’t happening.”

Stepping back onto the footpath, you continue to walk - your pace quickening in the process.

When the Ravager grabs your arm again, you whirl around and deliver a hard, stinging slap to his cheek. The man steps back and touches his cheek. “Fuck, girly …” he sighs, “I guess I deserve that.”

Your palm throbs and it confirms what you didn’t want confirmed: he’s really here in front of you.

“Deserve that?” you echo. “I should fucking hurt you for everything you’ve done to me,” you hiss with venom.

The blue man nods and sighs, “I know darling, I know.”

Kneeling down, the man hangs his hands by his side and you stare at his suspiciously. “What are you doing?”

He keeps his eyes on you as he says, “I’m letting you hit me. Get it all out; I know you want to.”

“I’m guessing this is hard for you, huh? Taking your pride down a few notches, that is.”

“Sure is.”

You look at him, trying to process everything as your mind reels. “Have you got a knife?”

He chuckles nervously, “We’re not going that far, I’m afraid.”

Nodding slowly, you step towards the man before lifting your leg, angling it and swinging. Your foot connects with the side of his head and he ducks his head, grimacing.

You feel all your repressed anger resurface as you kick him in the stomach, watching him double over. “Do you know how much shit I’ve gone through for the past eleven fucking years?” you yell, feeling your blood simmer in your veins.

Yondu doesn’t respond and you clench your teeth. Sinking down to his level, you grab his chin and tip his head back. His ruby red eyes meet yours and you snarl at him, “I dealt with those fucking slaver bastards – thought I was about to be free – but then your fucking crew picked me up. You collared me like some pet and acted like a bipolar piece of shit. I stole for you – I stayed loyal to you all that time. And what did you do? Huh? You lied to me and hurt me.”

He holds your gaze, unmoving as both your chests heave.

You growl at him, anger still coursing through your veins, before suddenly leaning in and roughly smashing your lips to his. Your teeth clash as you force your tongue into his mouth and move both hands to grip his face tightly. You feel his arms wrap around your waist, crushing you against his torso as he turns the tables and takes control of the animalistic kiss.

Needing air, you pull back, panting. After a few more moments, you’re pushing him away, and scramble to your feet as Yondu does the same. When he’s on his feet, you slap him again before walking off on shaky legs.

Turning back, you jerk your chin at him as he stands there on the sidewalk, unsure about what just happened. “Get your ass moving.”

The Ravager jogs to catch up and walks slightly behind you. Your pace is brisk as you make your way to your apartment complex and fish out your keys. Opening the door, you wait as Yondu steps in before closing the door.

The man stands there, looking all around the small apartment. “Is this where they set you up?” There’s no judgement in his tone, just curiosity.

“Stakar introduced us. Dan’s wife – Marie – helped me settle back in.”

“Are you happy here?”

You look away from him and head over to the small kitchen, purposely not answering the question. Seeing nothing in fridge, you sigh. “I’m going to go get some food, you’re welcome to come.”

“Won’t these Terrans freak out?” Yondu asks as he pokes around the apartment.

You shake your head, “Marie showed me this thing called ‘cosplay.’ It’s where humans dress up like aliens and characters. It’s normal on Earth.”

Nodding slowly, the Ravager follows you out of the apartment and down the sidewalk. He walks beside you as you head to the closest McDonalds. It’s almost surreal having him here, but you’re trying to get used to it.

Walking into the fast food restaurant, you notice Yondu glancing around, trying to absorb everything.

The restaurant is practically empty as you go up to the counter and order a hamburger. Turning to the Ravager, you ask, “Are you hungry?”

He looks down at you, “Do they have alcohol?”

You glare at him, “Just answer the damn question.”

“Yes then.”

Nodding, you turn back to the weary staff member and order another two burgers. The woman puts through the order, but you can tell she’s wondering about the man standing behind you. His clothing is odd and the blue skin is certainly making him stick out like a sore thumb.

“He’s cosplaying,” you explain to the woman as she hands over the change. She nods unsurely and walks off to help prepare your food.

When she’s gone, Yondu steps up behind you and presses his front against you. Leaning down to your ear, he whispers gruffly, “How long until you forgive me?”

You close your eyes, breathing in deeply. “I don’t know. I need you to admit you love me and that you’re an asshole. Maybe then I’ll forgive you.”

Grunting, the Ravager backs away and you purse your lips at the loss of contact.

When the server hands you the tray of hamburgers, you thank her and walk around the corner of the restaurant where the staff cannot see you.

Slipping into a booth, you begin unwrapping the burgers as Yondu pulls out the chair across from you and sits down.

You hand him a burger and he raises an eyebrow at it. “Just eat it, I promise it’s good.”

“I’m not stupid, girly,” he grumbles, taking a bite out of the hamburger. You smile and sink your teeth into your own burger.

Once the two of you are done, you throw the rubbish out and leave, entering the cold night once again.

Yondu notices your shivering and shrugs off his coat. Resting it on your shoulders, you jolt for a moment, before slipping your arms into the sleeves and bringing the lapel to your nose instinctively. Inhaling his scent, you sigh at the sense of familiarity it brings you.

“Come back with me and you can smell the real thing every day.”

You drop the lapel and look up at him. “I want to hear it,” you tell him, feeling yourself grow emotional. If he says it, I’ll come. I’ll leave everything I have here and go with him. I won’t look back.

You watch the man carefully as Yondu rubs the back of his neck and looks up at the sky. He drops his head and kicks the concrete. “I- I – it’s just hard, okay?” he grumbles, straining.

You hold your breath, not wanting to miss it if he says the few words you want to hear. Just say it, you blue idiot.

“I didn’t get no love growing up – there wasn’t anyone to love me ‘till you came along. I didn’t know what to do. You were too good for someone like me – too innocent.”

You feel a small lump form in your throat as he speaks, sounding sort of lost. “Innocent?” you repeat. You can’t help but laugh quietly at that. “I’m not innocent, old man.”

“But you’re too good for me,” he stresses, looking at you with pursed lips.

You sigh and look away from him. He’s not going to say it, you think, feeling your heart sink.

Noticing the look in your eyes, Yondu scratches his beard as he chews out, “I lo- I think I love ya.’”


The blue man grumbles to himself, and you can see how hard it is for him to admit it.

“I … I love you.”

You can’t help the shit-eating grin that stretches across your face as you reach up and wrap your arms around his neck. Pulling him down a little, you press your lips to his and close your eyes.

You feel his arms wrap securely around your waist and pull you tightly against him. You both taste like hamburgers and you moan. Pulling back, you lick your lips, “I’m going to miss their burgers once we leave.”

Yondu’s eyes widen at that. “You’re coming home?”

Home. Home was always with the Ravagers, wasn’t it? Your mind thinks back to everything that’s happened in the past twenty-seven years of your life. You remember how you didn’t fit in at school – how you didn’t have anything while a slave and then, how that little apartment – no matter how much you try to love it – isn’t your home. You think back to how homely the metal hunk of a ship felt. About how normal and homely it felt when you slept in Yondu’s room; ate with him and the others. Oh galaxy, even stole for him. It was all normal and … just right.

You can’t kill anyone here on Earth, you can’t steal; can’t travel the galaxy or wreak havoc on others. And the worst part? There’s no Yondu here on Earth.

“You said home.”

“Yeah, girly, I did.” You can tell the man’s slightly nervous; unsure where your mind has drifted off to.

“Then let’s go home. I’m ready to go home.”

A grin breaks out across Yondu’s face and you can’t believe how good it is to see his sharp, toothy smile and crinkling eyes.

You shake your head at him, “I can’t believe how much I’ve missed your ugly ass.”

“Ugly?” the blue man teases as he wraps an arm around your waist and walks you in the direction of his ship. You lean into him, loving the way you fit against his body.

“Your old, ugly ass. The one I want to wake up to each morning,” you tell him, slipping a hand into the back pocket of his pants. You can feel his arse cheek move against your palm and you squeeze it gently.  

“Each morning?” the Ravager asks, his voice noticeably huskier.

“Yes; each and every damn-ass morning,” you reply, smiling up at the big blue idiot.

He notices the slight warning tone and continues to grin down at you. “So I’ll stop sneaking off to build your room?”

“What room?” you gape.

The man shrugs, “I was working with Kraglin to convert two old storerooms into one large bedroom for you. It’s got a big bath – good for fucking in – and a nice big bed – also good for fucking on.”

You grin up at him, ignoring the blatant sex invitations. “What was wrong with your room?”

The man shrugs again, “This one’s big enough for all your girly things … a knife collection … anything you want.”

“Are you a part of the package?” you ask hopefully.

“I can be if you want.”

Nodding, you reach up and plant a kiss on Yondu’s cheek. “Who gets your old room then?”

“Kraglin. Maybe he’ll take a girl back there sometime.”

You grin up at the blue man, “Can we set him up with someone?”

The Ravager captain groans, “I’ll have no part in it – that’s your thing, girly.”

Laughing, you move the hand from Yondu’s arse and up to his waist as you squeeze it. “I’ve got to think of a good pet name for you too, now that you mention it.”

A pair of red eyes look down at you in warning. “Nothing around the boys; I don’t need to look soft in front of my men.”

“That’s fine,” you grin, thinking about all the possible ways you can bug and embarrass the man from now on.

Reaching the invisible M-ship hiding in a small park nearby, Yondu opens the hatch and lets you in. you get in and wait for Yondu to seat himself in the control chair.

You lean on his shoulder as he flicks a few switches and takes a hold of the stick. Sighing in content, you ask him, “Is the room done yet?”

Yondu shoots you a look, his lips turning up in a knowing grin. “The bed’s done, does that count?”

You kiss his neck, inhaling his musk deeply as your hands slide down his chest. “That’s perfectly fine with me, love.” That’s perfectly fine as long as I have you, Yondu Udonta.



I can’t believe it’s done! *Cry* I’ve been writing this slowly for the past 7.5 hours after my dentist appointment and I can’t believe it’s all done! Bloody hell! 

Also, because this is now done, I have two questions for you all:

1.      Do you guys want me to write some bonus chapters for them? Like fluff and shit?

2.      Are there any requests or other fandoms/pairings you guys want me to write about? If you have a pairing for a fandom, just ask if I know it, and if I do, I can write something for you!

why i went into guardians of the galaxy vol.2 apathetic & with low expectations and came out with my crops watered, my skin cleared, my bills paid for and the angels singing (or – why everyone should please watch this blessed movie – MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD IF U CARE ABT THAT):

i just rly need to make this post bc this film was just So Good it took over my whole bitter-at-marvel being in under a week k thanks love u byyye:

1) okay, first: the whole movie was character-centric and contained. you had REAL EMOTIONAL RESOLUTION. and you had that real emotional resolution because they BUILT THE PLOT around the characters, rather than establishing a plot and having the characters enter from stage left. for one of the first times ever, I watched an ensemble superhero film where every single character got a decent individual arc that somehow complimented the central arc of the film, also character centric, and it worked. nearly all the arcs felt satisfying, because they were all interrelated, because they whole thing was about family. someone said that it was like, a really good fast and furious film in space but with no casual sexism, and tbh like …. really tru boys. the stakes of the film were in the characters, not the End Of The World or in some MacGuffin device. yes, ego’s machinations would have caused death and destruction on a galactic scale, but that was secondary to the real conflict; peter’s understanding of who his real father was, and, ultimately, who he was, through his relationship with his family – the other guardians. the movie was frickin’ hilarious, action-packed, and entertaining the whole way through, and gave you a unique story structure that didn’t feel like a cookie-cutter rehash of so many other action/superhero films we’re given lately. and when the movie ended, you felt alive. you felt like you really had closure, and that everything came together well, but you were also sad, and yet had also simultaneously had a really!!! fun!! time!!! 

just … i’ve seen so many sad attempts at ensemble movies in the past and while it’s obvious that writing an ensemble story is tricky, they really, really, truly, for the first time ever gave me the ensemble superhero film I have always wanted.

moving on:

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Sailor said Brandy (Yondu x reader)

Working in a bar meant meeting different kinds of people at different times of day. Your favorite time was night. Everyone exciting came out at night. That was where you met him. Yondu Udonta. A Ravager captain with snark and charm. You’d immediately felt drawn to him and though he wouldn’t admit it he felt it too. That night you’d served him and his crew drinks all night. He stayed long after his crew had all found someone to go home with for the night.

You were Terran and though you hadn’t been home in a very long time you still had a lot of Terra with you. Including songs. You’d invited him to go home with you and he’d jumped at the idea. Whatever it was you had it started that night. As he left the next morning you hoped this wouldn’t be the last time you saw him.

You didn’t have to hope that hard however. Yondu had felt something the first moment he laid eyes on you that he’d never felt before. Soon he was coming back every chance he could. The two of you became something more and the night visits became more than just hookups. There were long talks and star gazing and even a few fights. But he always left sooner than he arrived it seemed to you.

The two of you were in your room laying there as you let Terran music play through the room. You were just laying together his arm around you and your head on his chest. As the words flowed through the room you seemed to finally understand them.

“This song is me and you isn’t it? You’re the sailor and I’m Brandy.” You finally said listening to both his heartbeat and the song.

“Whatcha mean by that?” He asked glancing at you in confusion.

“Listen. He came from far away bearing gifts. You bring me things from planets I’ve never even heard of. But he made it clear he couldn’t stay. You always leave eventually whether it’s a night or a few days.” You explained as the song ended and another began.

“Guess yer right. I always come back now don’t I?” He mused his eyebrows furrowing as he thought.

“Yeah you do.” You agreed letting it drop.

He left the next morning giving you a quick kiss. You watched him leave and watched his ship take off a frown etched into your features. This trip lasted longer than anyone he’d ever been on. He was gone a few months and you couldn’t fight off the sadness that crept in. He’d always pick space over you that was just who he was. Yondu Udonta wasn’t a man who could live a normal day to day life.

When he finally came back you were both overjoyed and slightly angry. He hadn’t told you he’d be gone that long and it had torn you apart. You didn’t deny him a long hug and a passionate kiss as he swaggered into your house. When you finally pulled back the two of you seemed to kick into gear making up for lost time. As you laid in bed though you couldn’t make your mind stop running.

“When are you leaving this time?” You asked him quietly.

“Two days. Got another job ta do near Xandar. Gotta pick up some nice jewels.” He answered turning his chest still rising and falling quickly.

“You’re always gonna just leave again aren’t you?” You asked a little more rigid.

“Ya already know how it is girly. That’s how things work. I’m a Ravager. I cain’t be tied down ta no port planet.” He argued pushing up on his elbows to sit.

“So you’re just gonna pick space then. Do I mean that little to you?” You questioned getting frustrated.

He stared at you for a moment in shock that you would even ask that question. He sat up against the headboard of your bed as you sat up. He thought for a moment thinking back to that Terran song you loved so much.

“I don’t want ya to be my Brandy no more.” His voice determined.

Your eyes widened a little and you looked down. If he really felt that way then who were you to stop him. You looked over at him frowning a little.

“Fine then. If that’s what you really want. I’ll just leave you alone from now on.” You finally spoke sadness leaking through your voice.

“Not like that. I want ya ta come wit me. Cain’t be Brandy if yer on the ship wit me now can ya?” He asked watching as you immediately perked up.

You looked at him wide eyed a smile on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him deeply. He grinned into it pulling you onto his lap. When you finally broke for air he had his usual sharp grin.

“You really mean it? You want me to go with you?” You were hopeful as you stared into his red eyes.

“Course. I love ya… Besides having ya around means I won’t have ta wait months ta get ta touch ya.” He gave a dirty grin as he ran a hand up your bare back.

“I love you too you pervert.” You joked kissing him again.

[Bucky and Steve watch Tony and Quill flirt while repairing the Milano]

Steve: What you’re feeling is called jealousy, Buck.

Bucky: [laughs and snorts] I’m not jealous.

Search the Galaxy ch. 3

The next day you woke up and felt a pull within you but decided to ignore it and go look around the frozen planet. Walking around for little over an hour now you were stopped by a group of children running by. They were laughing and playing and you couldn’t help from smiling at the joy they carried around them. How you wished times were that simple again. That you could just run around without a care in the world. Looking down you opened the watch and let out a deep breath. Two months, seven days, and three minutes.

Yondu watched the omega from across the way. He had not been able to get her off of his mind all night. As soon as she had left his side last night he had felt…off. When the kids ran past her he couldn’t help the crocked grin that came on his face when he saw her smile at them. Being an omega he knew she would be a great mother. When her smile slowly fell he watched as she looked down at a watch and noticed her become saddened. Knotting his brows the Centaurian decided to go talk to her. Walking up to stand in front of her she looked up at him and he saw her jump slightly.

“Yondu, you scared me.” you said with a small smile.

“Sorry darlin’.” he said giving a grin. “Whatcha’ doin’ out ere’ all alone this mornin’?” he asked, looking around for Quill or the others. 

“Just sight seeing, never been here before.” you said looking around at all the bars and whatnot.

“You’s ain’t never been to Contraxia before?” he asked in a shocked voice. He knew she was an omega and they were rarely let out of anyone’s sight but he thought everyone had been past this frozen hell hole at least once.

“No, up until here recently I had never been off my planet.” you said without realizing it. 

Yondu watched as she shook her head and looked around. It was then that he finally got view of her neck. The skin was completely bare, no claiming mark in sight. Now knowing she was unclaimed Yondu couldn’t help but smile. “hmm, Well then how’s abou’ I give ya a tour.” When she returned his smile he held his hand out telling her to follow him.

Over the next few hours the two of you talked about this and that. He showed you many things on the planet, telling you stories about different bar fights he had gotten into over the years. When you got back to Quill’s ship you saw Yondu looking towards his own ship.

“About fixin’ your ship…” he started wanting to tell her the truth, that he didn’t want to work on the crumbled hunk of metal. But when he looked down into her bright orbs he felt that pulling feeling in him again and sighed softly. “It’s goin’ ta take me a little while. I was thinkin’ that maybe until then you’s could come and ride along wit me on my ship. I would need ya there when it came time fur buyin’ parts and such anyways. I could get ya yer own room and none of my crew would dare touch ya.” he said, watching her face intensely.

You bit your lip at his request. You had only known the alpha male for a few hours now and he wanted you to come live on his ship. His crew had not seemed like people you wanted to be around from what you saw yesterday. Looking up at him you saw him waiting for your response. He didn’t look angry or annoyed with you. His blue face was clam and gentle. Even with all the reasons floating through your head on why this was a bad idea you felt safe with him. Contempt even. It was the strangest feeling you had ever had in your life but you didn’t want it to end so you nodded.


After two months with Yondu you were sure he was your mate. He was kind and caring towards you while with his crew he showed signs of a true alpha. After a incident with some of his crew thinking they could touch you he had laid down the law. No one, not a single one of them was allowed to touch you. Not all of the crew was this way there were a fair few that you enjoyed talking to, Kraglin, Yondu’s first mate was one of them. He made sure that everyday you were safe and at ease on his Captain’s ship. While Yondu did what Ravagers did best you stayed in your room which was just down the hall from the captain. He had bought you books to read when he learned you enjoyed reading, and it helped you pass the time. At the times when he was working on your ship you would ask if he wanted company. The first few times you had been frightened when you heard him growling and cussing from the hall down form the hanger. Slowly making your way into the large room you saw most of the ship to be fixed with only the left thruster now getting work done to it. Looking over you saw the Captain laying on the floor working on the large ship above him with only his feet hanging out. Crouching down you peeked under the ship to look at him. “Yondu?” you called out.

Hearing a sudden voice Yondu lifted his head up quickly, head butting the fan and letting out a loud cuss in pain. Hearing her quickly apologize he moved his hand from his head and looked to see her looking down at her feet. Crawling out from under the ship he moved his finger under her chin and met her eyes. “It’s alright darlin’ I’d dent yer ship before I would hurt my hard head.” he chuckled and saw her crack a smile. When her eyes lingered to his bare chest he saw her quickly look away and blush.

“I brought you something to eat. Thought you might be hungry.” you said holding out the plate of food you had made him from the kitchen.

Taking the plate he gave her a smile, “Thank ya doll ya didn’t ave’ ta do that.” he told her with a nod. Looking at her while he ate his food he thought on the past two months. They had talked about different things and had become somewhat comfortable around each other but he couldn’t help from wanting to know more about the little omega. “Say sweetheart, ya know ya never told me what planet ya were from.”  He said and watched as she looked back at him and took a deep breath. When he smelt the air he could tell she was nervous and knotted his brows. “I tell ya what darlin’ ya tell me something bout’ you and I will tell ya something bout me…Deal?” he asked watching as she thought it over before giving a nod.

“Gliese.” you said softly. 

Yondu looked shocked by her words. Gliese, that was on the whole other side of the galaxy. It was a planet much like earth from what he had heard. Very forestry and cool temperatures. “Centauri, although I was wasn’t there long.” He said looking away for only a second he saw her face to be one of questioning. Chuckling he shook his head, “Ugh ugh, your turn. mmm, how old are you?" 

You raised your bros at his question and gave a laugh, "You’re not supposed to ask a woman that.” you said but saw him raise his brows and shook your head, “I’ll be twenty one in a week.” you said.

Yondu watched as her smile fell at her words, like she was unhappy about turning older. “Now darlin’ gettin’ older ain’t no big fuss. I’m close to forty myself, but then again my race lives a long time.” Seeing her look back up at him he closed his eyes, “Damnit you didn’t ask me that. To answer the question I know ya are gonna ask, I didn’t say long on Centauri  cuz my parents sold me to the kree when I was a boy.” He saw as her eyes became saddened and looking into them he felt a certain security. “I was seven when they sold me. The Kree made me a fightin’ slave. I was kept in chains for twenty years before Stakar Ogord found me and freed me. He made me a ravager and I been one ever since.” When he looked beside him he saw her looking very sad. “Ah don’t pity me darlin’. It’s made me who i am today.” he said with a small smile.

“Have you ever been back to your home?” you asked and saw him look down and give a sigh.

“No. I can’t go back.” he admitted. Thinking for a minute he closed his eyes. “Centaurians ave’ fins on their heads.”

“Like the one you have?” you asked looking at the red metal Mohawk on his head.

Yondu gave a sad grin before lifting the bottle of alcohol to his lips. “No dear, I made the one I got so I could use my arrow.  Centaurians fins are taller and a bright red. When the Kree got me they cut mine off… most painful thing I ever felt. I can’t go home because it’s a disgrace to not have yer fin.” When he finished there was silence. Yondu had never told anyone that, not even Quill. He looked to see tears in her eyes. “oh darlin’ no I didn’t mean ta make ya cry, don’t cry over me.” he told her as he cupped her cheek. Looking down at her he smiled and cocked his head to the side, “My turn to ask a question?” he asked and saw her nod. Taking a deep breath he met her eyes, “What’s that watch for? I see ya lookin’ at it all the time, ya always look so sad when you look at it…”

Hearing his question you took a deep breath an took out the watch but didn’t open it. Looking down at it you flipped it over in your hand before looking back at him. “I…” Before you could finish Kraglin ran into the hanger. The man looked out of breath and Yondu was quick to stand on his feet.

“what is it Kraglin?” he asked in a hard voice, angry at being interrupted. He had been enjoying the time he got with the omega.

“The nova core sir they are on our trail.” Kraglin said out of breath from running.

Becoming tense Yondu gave a growl. “Go get us started towards the Baldrin Galaxy.” he told Kraglin and watched as the man took off. Looking behind him he saw y/n standing there with a worried expression on her face. “Go back ta yer room. Stay in there until I can get us somewhere safe.” he told her and saw her nod.

Turning away to do as he said you closed your eyes and turned back to him, “Yondu?” you whispered making him look back down at you. Standing on your toes you placed a light kiss to his cheek before looking down. “I like your fin.” you said softly. Feeling your heart about to beat out of your chest you quickly made your way back towards your room, missing the blush that overcame the ravagers face.

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I Don't Want to Lose You: Vol 2

Description: Peter and (Y/N) have been dating for a while now, but when the Guardians get themselves into a deal that goes south, Peter becomes distant to his girlfriend.

A/N: This story is a continuation of sorts? Only, it’s from Peters POV!

Requested by @wantingtobekorra
(Thank you so much for your kind words and inspiration! I’m sorry it took so long!)

Peters POV

God, when is it gonna end? After we made that deal with The Collector, all we’ve had is shit. Everywhere we go, we’re bound to get ambushed. Hell, one time they almost stole the Milano with (Y/N) on it! Though, it’s not like we’re going to tell her about all this. If she knew, (Y/N) would try to go out and stop the problem herself.

My team and I all agreed that we shouldn’t tell (Y/N), for her own safety. I love her too much to find out the Collector has my girlfriend in a cell. “ Hey, uh… Peter? Can we talk?” Oh god… (Y/N) looks so dishiveled… Bags under her eyes, hair frazzled… I feel so bad. “ Hi.. uh.. not right now (Y/N)…” I shook my head no and ran to my bunk.

“ Quill, that wasn’t cool.”
“Rocket, you KNOW I had to.”

The raccoon shook his head and sat next to me. “She really likes you. You can’t keep pushing her away like this.” I scoff. “Okay, yeah. But I don’t want her to get killed because of my actions.” Rocket sighs, putting a hand on my back. “ Why don’t we go to the bar? I could use a drink and so could you.” I smiled faintly. “Yeah.. that’d be fun. Can we invite (Y/N)?” Rocket nodded, getting up and out of my bunk.

I got up and smoothed my hair. Leaving my room, I go to (Y/N)’s. There wasn’t even a sound, you could hear a pin drop. “ She must be asleep…” Not wanting to wake her up, I walk away and out of the Milano.
“Quill. I was given these pink and blue capsules in a trade. What do I do with them?”
“Oh god, Drax. Just… Just leave them there. I’ll find a way to get rid of ‘em later.” I shudder, trying to think of how to destroy those pills.

Once we got to the bar, Rocket and Drax were already drunk. Gamora sauntered over to my spot at the bar. “You look glum. What’s the matter?” I sighed. “I’m just… I love her so much… I can’t keep doin’ this. I can’t keep not telling her what’s going on.” Gamora sits down next to me, ordering two shots of whiskey. “Why don’t we tell her tonight then? If it’s really bothering you, we can tell her. You ARE our leader after all, Quill.” I stood up, downing my shot. “You’re right, Gamora. We should tell her tonight.”

Two hours later, we left the bar. Getting back on the Milano, I send Rocket to go wake up (Y/N). “Okay guys. We’re gonna be subtle about this. Don’t lay it on thick. Be considerate of the fact that she might be mad at us… Or mad at me. Oh god what if-”


Rocket came running back tugging on my arm. “Dude what?!”
“(Y/N)’s unconscious! We need a doctor or something!” My eyes go wide. Before I know it, my legs are moving. I reach her room, seeing her there on her bed. “ No. No .NO NO NO NO!” I start crying. I pick (Y/N) up, running back to everyone. “Guys, call the hospital or something!” Gamora runs to the on-ship phone. I glance over at the table where the pills were left. I look back at my unconscious girlfriend in horror. “(Y/N)…”

Once the doctor arrived, I wasn’t allowed in the room. I stayed outside, pacing. “Quill. It’s gonna be okay. We got the best doctor of the bunch. (Y/N) is gonna be okay.” I run over and hug Rocket, sobbing. “Okay I k-know this is w-weird but I really need a h-hug right now…” The raccoon hugs me back, willingly​. “I am Groot. “Groot’s right. Its gonna be alright​, Quill.”

“My work here is done. Call the office when she wakes up.” I move suddenly. “Thank you so much doctor.” I run past him. The door to (Y/N)’s room opened and I see her. “ I can’t believe myself… I let you attempt suicide… What kinda​ boyfriend am I…” I shake my head in disgust, sitting down in a chair next to (Y/N).

Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days. She’s still not awake.
“Quill come eat something.”
“No. I’m not leaving her again. Never again.”
Gamora leaves a plate of food next to me and walks out. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N)… I should’ve been there. I should’ve pulled you out of this.. what if you never wake up? What will I do with myself then..?” I laugh to myself a little. Looking down, I hear movement.

My head jerks up, seeing (Y/N) lean forward. “Ugh… My head is swirling…” She looks over at me. (Y-Y/N)…?“
"Hey Peter…” I launch myself at her, wrapping her body in a tight hug. I’m crying like crazy. “I was so worried you were dead..” She laughs, subtly. “Yeah well…. That was supposed to happen…” I look up at her in sadness. I hug my girlfriend tighter. “Why… Why would you want to kill yourself? You’re so perfect and.. and I don’t know what I’d do without you…”

“You’ve all been ignoring me, pushing me away. Forgetting I exist. I lost all of you. You should’ve let me die.” I let go of (Y/N) in sadness. I look down. Her sleeve is rolled up, bloodstains decorating the hoodie. I follow the bloodstains down to an arm that’s been cut to pieces. A sob escaping my lips, I glance up at (Y/N) with guilt. “We’ve got ourselves in some pretty deep shit at the moment. I didn’t want to get you involved. I didn’t want to lose the prettiest girl in the galaxy JUST because I put myself in danger.” She shudders a bit. “I’m sorry…” She says.

Without thinking, I lean up and put my lips on hers. Thankfully, she kissed back. I never want this kiss to end, though it had to. I pull away.
“I don’t want to lose you…”
“I love you too, Peter.”

We Should Call Ourselves ‘Flower Power’

Marvel (Guardians of the Galaxy) One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Groot + Peter Quill, Rocket Racoon, Gamora & Drax the Destroyer

Warnings: none

Request: “One-shot based on “Imagine making flower crowns with Groot”, fluffiness” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,343

A/N: hands down one of my favorite gif imagines, which is here [x] !!

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So…. a Kraglin x Reader fic will be on its way soon….. and so is a Drax one….

Neither will be as long as the Yondu one however (I’m pretty sure) 

Both are planned out about 95% since you guys starting asking for them only a few hours ago, and a Peter Quill x Reader will need to be planned out soon (within the coming days) 

QUESTION: so, do I post only one story at a time? Or post them at random? I’m leaning towards focusing on one story at a time, but if i post each different story as i go, i’ll make a master list or whatever and add to it all the chapters as i go. 


Would anyone be interested if I edited the weirdly long Yondu x OC fic I’ve been writing into a Yondu x Reader and posted it in here?

I figure if I turn it into a reader fic for here it’ll fit better (it’s not finished, the OC version would probably go on my AO3 account). But reader would basically be a fully blown character only with your name instead of her OC name.

I just don’t know how people feel about those. Especially when the character ends up being not quite human. And since I haven’t actually finished it yet. I’m working on it between drabbles and the other requests.

So, post or not?


Famous Superhero Teams + Year of their 1st appearance

Honorable Mentions: Justice Society of America 1940, Legions of Superheroes 1958, Teen Titans 1964, X Force 1991, Birds of Prey 1995, The Authority 1999, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1999, Justice League Dark 2011, Legends of Tomorrow 2016.