galaxy sleeve

modern au in which what my faves would wear even tho no one asked:

Midoriya Izuku:

- adidas all stars, both the low-top and high-top because it he basic in both ways
- nike ✅✅✅ shorts and t-shirt, if it’s winter then it’s underarmour hoodie and adidas climacool track pants
- occasional polo

Katsuki Bakugou:

- that ripped jeans aesthetic w half the pants gone

Todoroki Shouto:

- plain Nike shirts
- sweatpants (either branded or just regular)
- work days it’s those church pants w that Gucci belt
- speaking of Gucci he would have those rose embroidered low-tops for his aesthetic insta previously stated
- ripped skinny jeans maybe
- would usually wear underarmour or champions (hoodie and t-shirt wise)

Hitoshi Shinsou:

- FILA or Champions t-shirt/hoodie
- skinny jeans
- vans or converse or nike huaraches or nike airs (gray or black)
- puts his hair in small ponytail when working
- baggy hoodies
- adidas shorts w leg compression sleeves
- galaxy cat shirts

Okay, the bad thing is that I just saw a gifset about Gamora nearly crying in the upcoming IW movie and I can only imagine that it’s Thanos’ fault in some way because we haven’t seen Gamora like this ever before (and the fact that he’s basically the one to torment her and Nebula from childhood onwards, acting as a “father-figure” just has to be addressed in this movie imo)

The good thing is that I’m like 10’000 % sure that whoever made Gamora nearly cry is going to feel the combined wrath of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and that lifts my spirits a lot.

‘Cause after all – if fathers turn out to be bad guys, what do Guardians do? Yup. They kill them. (Gamora promised that back in Vol 2, and boy did she deliver.)

anonymous asked:

What do you mean pre-kerb Shiro wasn’t the type of guy who wore galaxy sweater w/ black sleeves and galaxy snapbacks?!?! That’s exactly what he wore!

OH i won’t argue with that… fashion disaster shiro….. he also owned way too many nasa shirts and probably bought one t shirt at every science museum he went to. nerd… absolute fucking nerd…. that leather jacket he’s wearing in the flashback was his one accidental run in with style and that’s canon. or: keith mis-remembering shiro in his flashbacks as Much Cooler than he was is good too.

Nathan flew down from Oregon for a two day session on this galaxy/space themed sleeve. He has a whole sleeve already we will be covering in these nebula/galaxy designs to eventually be a full sleeve coverup. Love my job, I’ll see this again the end of April