galaxy shark

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!AU

Arthur Dent - James McAvoy

Ford Prefect - Michael Fassbender

“I thought you must be dead …” he said simply.

“So did I for a while,” said Ford, “and then I decided I was a lemon for a couple of weeks. A kept myself amused all that time jumping in and out of a gin and tonic.” 

Arthur cleared his throat, and then did it again. 

“Where,” he said, “did you …?” 

“Find a gin and tonic?” said Ford brightly. “I found a small lake that thought it was a gin and tonic, and jumped in and out of that. At least, I think it thought it was a gin and tonic.”

“I may,” he added with a grin which would have sent sane men scampering into trees, “have been imagining it.” ©  “Life, the Universe and Everything” Douglas Adams

Happy Halloween Everyone!

We tossed together an album of all the costumes we’ve done this year to celebrate!

(Trying not to nuke your feed with 30 pictures)