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CONFIRMED: Ryder’s name comes from Sally Ride, the first American woman in space!

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Top five Ships I’ll go down with

I was tagged by @opnami (thanks hun)

In no particular order…

1. Yona and Hak (Akatsuki no Yona)

2. Yukino and Hachiman (Oregairu)

3. Futaba and Kou (Ao haru ride)

4. Nanami and Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

5. Taiga and Ryuuji  (Toradora!)

(Honorable mentions: Chizuru and Ryuu (KNT) ; Sawako and Kazehaya (KNT) ; Inaba and Taichi (KC) ; Risa and Otani (LC) ; Momo and Okayasu (PG) ; Mei and Yamato (SINY) ; Akashi and Watashi (YST)) - No movies included.

(Probably I’m forgetting a few couples I add later or something XD)

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I Don't Wanna Stay At Your Party
songs for wallflowers & shoegazers


the pastels - nothing to be done

the field mice - emma’s house

luna - tiger lily

talulah gosh - my best friend

the jesus & mary chain - just like honey

galaxie 500 - tugboat

ride - vapour trail

my bloody valentine - blown a wish

slowdive - alison

the vaselines - son of a gun


Like you join a group of people all about the same thing as you. Right off the bat you notice something is weird… off. Everything looks normal but as you walk in everyone looks at you their smiles wide but you can see in their eyes something else. You shrug it off and socialize. You make friends create, share, and see fanart heck you even get in a few fights but mostly you enjoy it and have fun.

Eventually you grow tired and walk up to who seems to be the leader. You say your ready to go but they stare at you and the world around you fades to darkness and you look in their eyes. “Their is no escape” they whisper and you feel yourself change and you understand. You realize why everyone looked at you that way why everything seemed so weird. But now your one of them. A fangirl chained to the fandom until it dies.

How come the only thing people talk about with Luke in A New Hope is how whiny he is and not how he literally risks his life at every opportunity.

Alderaan in trouble? Let’s get Ben a ship and go there. Princess in trouble? Let’s go to the detention level and get her. The entire rebellion in trouble? Let’s hop in a ship and go to battle completely untrained. Ben in trouble? Let’s shoot at the second most powerful being in the entire galaxy when his ride is literally feet away.

Luke whines a lot when he’s stuck in a boring life that wasn’t meant for him, but as soon as he’s in the real thick of it, he’s a hero through and through.

Mercury in Gemini - A Conversation with the Cosmos

A man speaking sense to himself is no madder than a man speaking nonsense not to himself.”  
 ―    Tom Stoppard

He speaks, moves, learns and thinks as quickly as two people at once. The Mercury in Gemini individual is easily spotted by his restless movement, dazzling darting eyes and flailing arms as he speaks his mind. He enjoys thorough conversations with himself and others, and uses communication to figure out what it is exactly he thinks and believes. His insatiable, childlike curiosity spans across a broad range of topics and his mental acuity is rapid and unmatched. It is almost impossible to keep up with the Mercury in Gemini person who exudes playful intelligence, startling wit, quick humor and encyclopedic knowledge. He is like a child who forever asks ‘why?’, a textbook that detests admitting ‘I don’t know’ and an adult that begins his sentences with ‘I think…’

Mercury in Gemini people resonate in any field that requires communication. His articulate and well written disposition makes him a natural star in journalism, public relations, blogging, radio, media, and teaching. The joy of learning compels him to remain in school for as long as possible, and most of your permanent students have their natal Mercury in Gemini. He typically feels as though life is stuck in motion and not moving forward if he is not learning or involved in study. His quicksilver temperament and mercurial nature makes him terminally impossible to pin down, and he changes his opinions as quickly as the news cycle. I know a Mercury in Gemini person who, as a young child created her own news paper and magazine, and printed it out for her family - all for the fun of combining creativity with literacy. His house will likely be adorned with a clutter of books, colourful trinkets, documentaries, course outlines, phones, iPads, laptops, and the echo of the news in the background. He will likely be doing two things at once - such as watching a movie and researching the character background online at the same time.

The Mercury in Gemini person thinks so quickly and accumulates so much information he tends to forget the more practical elements of life - such as paying the bills and remembering appointments. For Mercury in Gemini, the facts are always more important then the mundane daily routine. Despite his cleverness, multiple words and thoughts fight for his mind and he becomes easily distracted, scattered and air headed. He is an avid reader who enjoys dabbling into any piece of the written word he can lay his hands on, from novels to magazines. He becomes saddened and despondent in environments that fail to stimulate his intellect and sees debate as fun loving mental play. Mercury in Gemini are usually surrounded by a crowd of engaged listeners who revel in his rollercoaster wordplay. His mind is brimming with sparkling wit and diamond clarity and his soul, mind and body is nourished by the simple exchange of ideas. He travels through stars and galaxies riding the thinking wings of Mercury.