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Milky Way Core - Tenerife

Possibly my best picture to date, this was taken 2 weeks ago in May 2017 in Tenerife, Spain. The image is a stack of 3 images which has been processed to extract the detail in the dust lanes. I took this at about 2 am at 2138m on the side of a Volcano. Canon 6D, Samyang 24mm, F5.6 ISO 800 X 3 


My fab new hair colour, done today by Amber at @hhwh_belmont using @manicpanicnyc dyes!! 😱🌈😍 Isn’t it a perfect match with this playsuit and kimono from @blackmilkclothing ’s new @lorazombie collection?! 🌌 (Song: HOME - If I’m Wrong)

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december prompts- cookies

hux worked so hard on them, he will not waste them on ren’s filthy mouth.

I hope you never stop finding joy in the seemingly mundane - that you never stop staring in awe as the milk spins galaxies in your morning coffee or finding joy in the way that certain flowers smell in the spring or how beautiful bookshops are or how everyone you know has enough stories to fill an entire novel or how your favourite sweater seems to warm you in the winter from inside out. I just hope you never feel like life is boring, when everything else is a testament that it isn’t.

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- punk music/history

- indie music

- 90s

- david bowie

- bauhaus

- television (band)

- elliott smith

- girli (musician)

- velvet underground

- new order

- pulp

- new york dolls

- the stooges

- iggy pop

- the smiths

- galaxie 500

- adam and the ants

- neutral milk hotel

- bright eyes

- pavement

- blondie

- the clash

- buffy the vampire slayer

- friends

- the office

- how i met your mother

- gilmore girls

- dc comics

- marvel comics

- vintage

peter quill’s visage of earth being incredibly skewed because the extent of his memory only comes from when he was a child - where everything was significantly larger, far more daunting, and full of colorful imagined dangers and cartoonish situations that are often extremely exaggerated. so when he’s asked about whatever he knows about earth he’s quick to mention the fact that a monster lizard called a “tyrannosaurus rex” did in fact inhabit the hole in his backyard true story or that earth had its own share of talking animals too but he only ever saw them on television sometimes it was weird

of course he sometimes intentionally exaggerates with what facts he does have because hell some things don’t quite par with the things he finds across the galaxy

but he’s likely led whole groups of people to believe earth is clearly this incredibly wild and untamed place and he fucking loves it that way