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Is it just me or is Rey now sporting the Qui-Gon Jinn haircut????

Rey is Qui-Gon Jinn’s reincarnation confirmed??

What do we call her now? Do I have to change her tag to something like “The Cutest Glacier in the Galaxy”??

I will say this… I think it’s very important that we have not seen ALL of her hairstyle. We haven’t seen the top of her head or the back of her head. If her hair style is important enough that it needs to be hidden from view on an instagram then I’m guessing there is either a Padawan braid hidden in all that brown or…

Daisy Ridley is a masterful accidental troll.

Either way… I’m changing my tags for Rey now. :D

I lack Boboiboy contents on my dash

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sorry not sorry for the caps :P

what I want for EP VIII is this:

A new female character. She’s hot, funny, smart, cool, a fanboi’s dream. She and Poe obviously have history. They are at ease with one another, hug a lot, have inside jokes, each other, the fanbois are appeased. It seems like Poe is indeed a hetero dude™.

Meanwhile, Finn eyes the both of them with what an observant audience member easily identifies as jealousy. Somewhere in the second half of the movie he approaches hot new female character and says something like ‘Yeah, I’m really happy for Poe and you. He’s a really nice dude and deserves someone as hot, funny, smart and cool as you.’ He turns to leave. The fanbois rejoice. The gay has been defeated.

Then we hear her answer: “Waaaaat, no buddy, Poe is gay as shit.”

The dudebros stop breathing.

“And I also think he has the hots for you”

Some start whimpering silently.

“And btw, I’m a lesbian.”

Dead silence in the movie theatre. There is no hope left for the dudebros. It has been crushed by the merciless gay agenda. Somewhere in the distance Rey whoops Kylo’s emo ass into the next galaxy.


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【Ep 32】 WEB delivery has started from today 5th! This ep's「Mate’s Challenge」will take on a Magic labyrinth ☆ The fight with the invisible wall, and Aoi-san and Mate-kun’s punishment game are a must watch mei~♪

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Unico cast talks about『MARGINAL#4 ROAD TO GALAXY』 ’s recommended points… #mg4

Meanwhile on Fang's side during BBB Galaxy Eps 13
  • Kaizo: So, how are thing going with TAPOPS?
  • Fang: Well, you are replaced in the opening credits and-
  • Fang: Buuuuuut, you do look better now than when we recorded the original OP sequence.
  • Kaizo: ...You have a point.
  • Fang: Also, three Power Spheras are stolen and we need your help.
  • Kaizo: Why didn't you open with that?
WHO'S BEEN CUTTING ONIONS?!?! [Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series][Ep. 2]
This episode of Guardians of the Galaxy takes us on a wild emotional roller coaster ride. Subscribe if you're new. Share with your friends. Also leave a like...

Let’s just say, there were a lot of emotional moments in this episode. Especially with Rocket Raccoon.