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160225 Mnet M! Countdown - “Galaxy”

Starry New Year Countdown Comics and January Suggestions

As the new year approaches, so does new content! January will focus on the cosmos and beyond from the multiverse, to time travel and more! 

If you have a topic you would like to suggest that would be well suited for this month, please let me know!

In addition, Starting on December 26th, I will start a Starry New Year Countdown! Each day I will reblog the top best comics of 2015 until new years eve where a new bonus comic will be posted on that day! 

Have a starry day!

Travel through the galaxy reached its destination!

Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy is out today!

I hope everyone who’s getting the game is going to enjoy it and share it with those who don’t have the opportunity to play it. Thanks for all the participators and followers for making this journey possible!

(Here’s a leaked ending scene from the games:)