galaxy blue leggings

Kissing Changes Things

Paring: Kim Jongdae x Original Character
Length: Scenario
Warnings: Mature themes
Disclaimer: I do not own the above image, Kim Jongdae or any other EXO members mentioned. I make no profit from these stories. I do have creative license on certain ideas, original characters and themes that might be mentioned.
Summary: She knew him for as long as he’d been an idol. From the very beginning they hide their real feelings, until one moment in a kitchen changes all of that.

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OOTD: Galactic Raider

2 hand knit shawls (check out my tutorial on how to make them!)
Forever 21 camisole
H&M hooded cardigan (I wear this every freaking day)
Black Milk Galaxy Blue leggings
Demonia Ranger 301 boots

I think these shoes are best for this look, but I have work in an hour and I can’t spend 8 hours standing on platforms so I’ll change into my Dr Martens ;)