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Well, since we seem to be on the Cody&Obi-Wan pain train right now: Mourn me

Oh look, I’m once again telling canon that I don’t care <3 AUs are my life. Also, the pain train is slowing down, the prompts in waiting are all of the sweet/fluffy sort. Did I hurt feels, by any chance OwO ?
Written for this meme

There was a popular belief, among the GAR, that if you lived to see your third year of combat, then you would make it to the end of the war.
At first, it had been more like a prayer, an abstract thought, because three years of war wasn’t something they wanted to happen.
But then, the campaigns had started to get longer and longer, conflicts had exploded everywhere in the galaxy, and three years of war became an objective rather than some awful possibility.

The third year end-mark was filled with horrors. Sith conspiracy, political coup, order 66… The galaxy stood on the brink of the darkest pit for a few seconds, the Republic almost shattered into a thousand shards.
Without Skywalker, who warned the Jedi Council about strange discussions with Chancellor Palpatine, and the visions Master Yoda got, warnings from Qui-Gon Jinn and the Force, every thing would probably have gone to hell.

It didn’t though, and soon, the war was quieting down, it looked like, yes, all the clones that made it that far would live to see what life as free, rightful human beings was going to be like.
And then, General Kenobi went running after former Chancellor Palpatine.


The fight between the Jedi and the Sith is a fast-paced mess, with sabers, lightening and objects flying everywhere and Cody cannot do more than nail a few shots when the line is miraculously clear. He had the satisfaction to send a bolt through the bastard’s thigh, and through his hands, forcing him to change hands.
But of fucking course the Sith is ambidextrous.

Cody is helpless when Palpatine scores a burn across his Jedi flank, when he scorches him with that sick purple lightening…
When he buries a red saber through Obi-Wan’s stomach.

Everything stills as the Sith cackles his victory.
A blaster bolt goes through his head, Cody’s aim perfect even when he is shaking with fury and has tears in his eyes.


When Cody reaches Obi-Wan, the Jedi is still breathing, but a single look between them confirms that it will not last.
Even if a medic or a healer showed up right now, it wouldn’t be enough, and nobody will come, because Obi-Wan Kenobi is an idiot that goes after Sith without back-up.

Cody lifts the Jedi’s torso as much as he dares, with a gut wound like that, to ease his breathing and settles him on his lap, checking what he knows is a fatal blow.
There isn’t any blood, not with a lightsaber, but it’s deathly anyway.

Fingers touch his cheek, turning his face away from the horrendous wound.

« I swore I would never do this to anyone, especially not someone I loved… » rasps Obi-Wan. « I’m sorry, Cody. »

Cody cannot answer, cannot say a thing, worried that only sobs would come out and he simply presses his hand against Obi-Wan’s, branding the feel of those fingers against his skin into his memory.

« Be happy. Live. Do… do whatever the fuck you want with your life. »

Obi-Wan coughs as he spits the words, blood splattering on his lips and Cody’s cheek, and this sounds like a revenge, this sounds like there is history behind that order.
He nods and presses his forehead against Obi-Wan’s, catching his lover’s last words, last breath with his mouth.

« I love you. »


Three years of war and the clones that lived to see all of them lived behind it.
But his Jedi did not, and Cody hated the irony of it all.

Obi-Wan had asked him to live, and so he would. He would take care of the 212th, and the GAR as a whole, making sure they got every single reward they deserved for their service, because he knew his General would have been right there, fighting for it, had he lived.

On Cody’s cheek, four tattooed lines showed his loss for everyone to see.