reasons the universe is incredible
  • when the universe first expanded atoms became as big as galaxies
  • in thousands of years a metre will be much bigger than a metre is now
  • our earth is the perfect distance from the sun to support life and has the perfect gases in the atmosphere to protect us from radiation
  • phil lester
  • sunrises and sunsets exist
  • you can see the milky way from earth and it’s gorgeous
  • pluto is still planet
in a corner

a month of
coming home
to my room
night after night
i forget that i’ve seen
stars over arkansas
and girls laughing
with their stomachs flat on
the bar,
i’ve seen the Rockies
approach and leave in mirrors
i’ve seen
smoke curl
like galaxies
in a diner
between two people
with nowhere to go
and nothing to talk about

i feel like i’ve painted myself
into a corner
at night,
and in the right light,
i like the painting