AM 0644-741

AM 0644-741 is a ring galaxy located about 300 million light years away towards the constellation Volans. It is larger than our Milky Way at 150,000 light years across, and was once a normal spiral galaxy.

AM 0644-741 collided with another galaxy, disrupting its structure. Ring galaxies result from a particular type of collision where the intruding galaxy rams through the disk of the other. The gravitational forces push stars and gas in the galaxy, like pond ripples. This compresses gas clouds, triggering new star formation.

Image from NASA, information from HubbleSite.

Meet Zeus, the blind starry-eyed owl

(Photo taken from Wildlife Learning Centre)

With eyes like the starry skies, the owl was named Zeus after the Greek god of the sky.

It was found injured on a front porch in California and treated by a team of dedicated animal lovers. But they couldn’t release him back into the wild since it was blind.

Zeus was taken in by the Wildlife Learning Center, where it currently resides.

Those eyes that look like they reflect the galaxies are absolutely beautiful, aren’t they?