galaxian wars arc

The Importance of Eagle Marin

In honor of the"Saint Seiya Ladies Fest"I’m going to write this character analysis of Eagle Marin in which I will explain how important her character was especially during the"Sanctuary"arc.
First lest start with a basic introduction:
Who is Eagle Marin?
Eagle Marin is the Silver Saint of the Auila Constellation and the master of Pegasus Seiya.
When it comes to her personality she is a clever,brave,strong and independent young woman and even though she could sometimes be too strict as a master she was still fair and cared very much about her pupil Seiya.

Master of Seiya

Throughout the series they have been quite a few times in which Seiya would have been completely lost if it wouldn’t have been for Marin’s teaching.During his fight against Bear Geki in the"Galaxian Wars"arc the only reason why he managed to win was because he remembered how Marin taught that in order to defeat an opponent that is stronger than him,he needs to find his strongest point and attack.Also during the fight against Taurus Aldebaran Seiya only managed to to breakthrough Aldebaran’s"Great Horn"because he realized that Aldebaran uses the same principle as the iaijutsu technique which Marin had demonstrated to him during their training and taught him how to defeat an opponent that uses this principle.

Traitor  to Sanctuary

During the"Silver Saints"arc Marin was the only Silver Saint who started to become suspricous of the Pope.After Marin was ordered by the Pope to go along with Lizard Misty to kill the Bronze Saints(for against therules by using thier powers to take part in the"Galaxian Wars"tournament),in order to save Seiya’s life she used an illusion to deceice Misty that she killed Seiya.However Misty discovered the truth, and fought with Seiya but was defeated by Seiya
Later after Marin came back with Hound Asterion and Whale Moses to investigate Misty’s death,Asterion find out that Marin is a traitor by using his mind reading abilities and she was attacked and defeated by Moses.Asterion decides to tie her to a post in the see in order to use her as a bait to attract Seiya however Marin used the time that she got from Seiya fight against Moses in order to untie herself and fought Asterion and defeated him but let him alive so that he got carry the message to the Pope.Asterion calls Marin crazy for declaring war on Sanctuary and Marin replies by saying that she knows very well what this means and that all Bronze Saint including Seiya could die in this war however it also means that the evil in Sanctuary will be eradicated as well.Marin wrote"Protect Athena"in the sand and then left.
In the"12 Zodiac Temples"arc when Seiya was being poisoned by Pisces Aphrodite’s Demon Roses that were on the stairways that lead to the Pope’s Chamber, if it wouldn’t have been for Marin appearing and giving her mask to Seiya than Seiya would have died from the poisonous scent.After Marin gave her mask to Seiya,Seiya recovered and used his”Pegasus Ryuu Sei Ken”to blow away the rose but without the mask herself Marin fainted.Seiya refused to leave Marin alone but than Ophiuchus Shaina appeared and told Seiya that she will take care of Marin.
After Marin recovered she told Shaina that she went to Star Hill and discovered corpse of the real Pope,Shion.Its worth mentioning that Star Hill is a place received for the Pope and that it is even hard for Gold Saints to reach it(which is shown by the fact that in the flashback Shion was surprised to see that Gemini Saga had manged to reach it),so Marin reaching it shows how strong she really is.

 Finding Seika

Marin does not appear in the Poseidon arc because she was off screen searching for Seiya’s sister Seika.Marin appears again in the”Hades”arc in which she finds Seika and brings her to Sanctuary.Later on Marin along with Shaina,Jabu,Geki,Ichi,Ban,Nachi and Kiki protects Seika from Thanatos’ attack.