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Com Truise//Cathode Girls

I came across his lad a while back, and have been transfixed by his spacey offerings ever since. Com Truise or Seth Haley to his pals, has been making music for about a decade under a number of non weirdo actor related band names.

Thankfully for us, he is sticking with Com Truise for the time being. Describing his sound as ‘slow-motion funk’, his music reminds me of grimey night clubs in 80s LA. The last few sweaty but snappily dressed revellers sway to the beat, avoiding the cleaner sweeping away the night’s excess.

Com Truise is signed to Ghostly International, and label mates include Gold Panda and Mux Mool. He currently has no dates in the UK, but gives most of his music away for free, so turn that frown upside down yeah.  I would recommend snagging a copy of   ‘Cyanide Sisters’ and ‘Fairlight’ to get you in the mood. ‘Cathode Girls’ is taken from his debut ‘Galatic Melt’ available to synth heads on 5th July.