ख़ूबसूरत (khubsurat) - beautiful

बड़ा (bada) - big

गहरा (gahara) - deep

लम्बा (lamba)  -  long

संकीर्ण (sankeern) - narrow

कम (kam) - short

छोटा (chhota) - small

लंबा (lanba) - tall

गाढ़ा (gadha) - thick

पतला (patala) - thin

चौड़ा (chauda) - wide 

कड़वा (kadava) - bitter 

ताज़ा (taza) - fresh

नमकीन (namakeen) - salty 

खट्टा (khatta) - sour

मसालेदार (masaledaar) - spicy 

मीठा (meetha) - sweet 

बुरा (bura) - bad 

स्वच्छ (svachh) - clean 

अंधेरा (andhera) - dark 

कठिन (kathin) - difficult 

गंदा (ganda) - dirty

सूखा (sookha) - dry 

आसान (aasaan) - easy 

रिक्त (rikt) - empty

महंगा (mahanga) - expensive 

उपवास (upavaas) - fast

विदेशी (videshi) - foreign 

पूर्ण (poorn) - full 

अच्छा (achchha) - good   

कठिन (kathin) - hard 

भारी (bhari) - heavy 

सस्ता (sasta) - inexpensive

प्रकाश (prakash) - light 

स्थानीय (sthaneeya) - local 

नया (naya) - new

शोर (shor) - noisy

पुराना (purana) - old

शक्तिशाली (shaktishali) - powerful

शांत (shaant) - quiet

सही (sahi) - correct

धीमा (dheema) - slow

मुलायम (mulayam) - soft

कमज़ोर (kamazaor) - weak

गीला (geela) - wet

ग़लत (galat) - wrong

युवा (yuva) - young

a Voltron legendary defenders character summary
  • Lance: "fake it till you make it" is probably not the best world saving strategy, or even the best flirting strategy for what it's worth, but heck, it's all I've got. It works, sometimes.
  • Keith: My only communication tools are swords and spaceships. It's called a fight or flight response.
  • Pidge: I saved all of your lives three times this week so please shut up about my "attitude".
  • Hunk: I will be aggressively an aggressively positive force for love and selflessness in this world whether it involves baking space cookies or shooting a giant bazooka.
  • Shiro: I wonder what it would be like to have one single good day in my life.
  • Allura: I am a simple woman. All I want from life is: 1. shiny things and 2. To take down a millenium facist galatic empire with an army of six people, half of whom are teenagers, a handful of mice and cat shaped spaceships.
  • Coran: The only thing better than my mustache is my ego, and the only thing bigger than my ego is my loyalty. Now let's kick some Galra Buttocks.