Pulled Pork Carne Asada and Cheddar Polenta Tamales Wrapped in Banana Leaves with Chipotle Salsa

I know this dish might confuse Mexicans, Italians and Asians but I tried combining elements borrowed from all 3 cuisines and I came up with this dish.

Back home in the Philippines we also have tamales, and the version we have is totally different at the same time similar to the Mexican tamales. Tamale in the Philippines is made with rice dough (finely ground soaked rice that resembles a dough called “galapong”), the rice dough coloured red orange with atchiote oil flavoured with coconut cream, is then filled with pulled chicken or pork, sliced hard boiled eggs and boiled peanuts. The tamale is wrapped in layers of banana leaves and steamed. As most of us know, Mexican tamale is made with corn masa, filled with pulled pork or chicken and wrapped in corn husks, steamed and served with green or red chili sauce.

I didn’t have corn husks in the pantry but I did have pre-cut frozen banana leaves in the freezer. I also did not have corn masa harina nor rice dough or “galapong”. What I did have however, are leftover pulled pork Carne Asada in the fridge and corn meal which I cooked with chicken stock and Cheddar cheese and made into cheesy polenta, so to end this long story short, I came up with this and it ended up “very good”,said my husband.

Project 366, #22


Ito ang galapong at dito galing ang URL ko sa paborito kong merienda. Kaya din naging malagkitnagalapong ang URL ko ay gawa ng ex ko dahil nung mga panahong wala akong maisip na URL eh ayun ang na-isuggest niya at natuwa naman ako kaya ayun. Gusto ko kasi ng URL na Pilipinong-Pilipino ang dating.

Handa nga pala nila boyps ito para sa Chinese New Year, makikisalo nanaman ako. Tengene, palamuning baboy ako dito sa kanila. 

Kung Hei Ba Boy!