galapagos giant tortoises


My Top 3 Favorite Tumblr Artists:

@frostedworld - the one and only Finnish 17 year old who fangirls about Jacksepticeye just as much as me. She draws amazingly cute stuff and was one of the first art people I followed. AAAAHH HELP ME! Her art is to cute for my life! She is and will forever be such a huge inspiration to me. You deserve some fan art girl! Keep fangirling and being you no matter what!
@cheapcookiez - le French cookie who is sweeter than honey and super talented. This cookie is extra super involved with its community of cookies and makes everyone smile. Its art style will be the death of me AND its making Subscibe and Punch?! *dies happy because it’s too good for life* Keep your gif and Youtuber ship game strong French cookie!
@laplios - last but not least, my husband who is always there for me when I need her. She is a bird, lizard, and Galapagos giant tortoise who has shown me true friendship along with my other husbands (who don’t draw). I thank her very much for being a huge part of my inspiration for even trying to post my art here on Tumblr. Hope we stay married until death do us part again….. Heh.

¡¡¡Love you guys!!!


Lisa Edelstein becomes friends with a living dinosaur at the Turtle Conservancy! She supports turtle and tortoise conservation, you should too!