galant girl

100 films in 2017

26. Boy Meets Girl (2014)

Director: Eric Schaeffer

Rating: 7.5/10

I usually space out my movie posts but I’m rushing this one because it’s leaving US Netflix TODAY (5/28)! I really wish I’d watched Boy Meets Girl earlier.

Yes, it’s a romcom as you can tell from the poster. The fact that the romantic female lead is transgender kind of gives the story a bit of a twist! Boy Meets Girl still goes through the motions of a typically satisfying romantic comedy, but it explores gender, sexuality, and humanity while doing so. It’s honestly so heartwarming to see a transgender woman on screen who is treated with so much kindness and respect by her family and friends. Hopefully someday in the near future that actually becomes the norm and I won’t have to praise media for reaching the bottom line.

Until that lovely day, cheer yourself up by watching this movie. Yes, Boy Meets Girl still acknowledges the sometimes brutal reality that many transgender women face in the United States every day, but it also acknowledges that happiness is real and very possible.

The only qualms I have about the film are about the editing (inconsistent color correction was the biggest annoyance) and the way the acting seemed to lull in a few parts. The way the relationships played out wasn’t entirely believable to me but I still enjoyed them a lot; though I didn’t get the ending I was dreaming of, everyone ends up happy and in love.