Please God, let me meet a second ship. All I want to is to find that perfect captured fighter I know exists. It’s sweet and shy and my age and lets me shoot four missiles at once, perhaps even is being held by the Boss Galaga itself. The ship who won’t secretly think I’m a loser, the girl I can form up next to with (even if only possible in the Challenging stage) and spent nights shooting with and moving side by side and sharing points. Someone who can reciprocate the quarter I put in, the ship who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally and can fill this gaping, empty void in the bottom of the screen. Please, just let me find this ship. I’ll change everything about my playstyle if that’s what it takes. Please, I just can’t take the loneliness anymore.


“What about everyone else?”
“They’d all end up with Galaga Ship.”
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My friend who’s never watched Kamen Rider comments on Final Forms from Kuuga Ultimate Form to Drive Type Tridoron

His comments on Main Riders from Kuuga to Drive

His comments on Secondary Riders from G3 to Mach

Kuuga Ultimate Form: Holy SHIT oh man. He looks like he’s come back from like fucking death or something and he like beat the shit out of the devil and he’s back now in real life and he’s here to fuck you. He’s so nice I love this one.

Agito Shining Form: The pose he’s making looks like he’s in a high school play of Romeo and Juliet, trying to awkwardly wave his hands around a lot. Are his eyes gushers. 

Ryuki Survive: This guy looks like he’s in college and he’s trying to be all badass and shit and be all stand-offish because he’s watched movies all his life and girls always like the bad boys so he can’t show his true natural soft side.  Like he writes poetry and small novels.

Faiz Blaster Form: Are those things on his shoulders tiny guns. "Hey boss I think we’re done with the design for the final form this season.“ "Oh yeah, bring it here.” “Do you like it sir?” “Get the fuck out of my office, McGillyCrackenstand. There’s no FUCKING. TINY. GUNS." That’s boss Snappyerbob and he really likes tiny guns. 

Blade King Form: This dude be showing up at the club like this with his bling to attract them ladies and it works. I also like how his name is Blade King and he can use his own head or shoulders as a blade to fucking stab people with. 

Armed Hibiki: The friend of a weaboo who’s always trying cheering him on while at the same time always wishing he would just drop dead because he thinks he’s picking up all the "nerd chicks” and leaving him with none. 

Kabuto Hyper Form: “halo my name is richard von kraggelstein and i am a famoose bug collectar from germane and i raely like callipieters and booterflies would u like to see my coleectsion of dead insexts i keep several in mein pocket” (that’s how he talks now). 

Den-O Liner Form: This is the kind of guy you’d see as a 45 year old dad. Your kid would come up to you and beg you get this guy for his 6th birthday party, so you save up for a year and get him and he show sup drunk off his ass and cursing at the kids because he’s been to so many birthday parties he can’t fucking stand it anymore so he’s going to go out with a bang. He’s a clown.

Kiva Emperor Form: This guy is that kid who was really pretentious in like freshman year because he came to a really rich family and whenever he was made fun of his ego would just bounce back and grow even stronger out of spite so he just start wearing aggressively flamboyant clothes more and more and eventually he shows up in homeroom looking like this with a little underpaid kid playing the trumpet next to him.

Decade Complete Form: I kind of like how his mask is just like a George Forman grill with some like .35 cent neon pink shades over it. are those Yugioh cards again. 

W CycloneJokerXtreme: This asshole from before is back and since no one called him out for wearing two different pairs of socks or whatever he’s seeing just how far he can push it can he’s wearing clashing shirt, pants, and shoes just to piss people like me off. I hate this guy.

OOO PuToTyra Combo: Holy shit he’s purple and he has fucking dinosaurs on him he’s like everything I could ever want in a man. can he even move in an outfit that cluttered. It doesn’t even matter he’s perfect.

Fourze Cosmic States: What the fucking hell. He looks like the Galaga ship mixed with the iceburg that sank the ffucking titanic.

Wizard Infinity Style: Look man, he messed up before okay. He thought his date for the prom would like wizards, but she was actually fucking allergic to them. He gets that. Now it’s his chance to make it right. He spent exactly $5,604,094 making this suit out of solid diamond and molding his coat out pure silver to impress her. He’s a different man now. And he’s ready to win over his love’s heart. (Here’s where a song would go in the movie version).

Gaim Kiwami Arms: I want to imagine he painted that fruit on his armor himself. Like it was just going to be normal armor but he was like “no dude I gotta get festive in this bitch” so he slaved over it for like 2 whole days to make it look pretty. 

Drive Type Tridoron: This dude is always and forever the best one. His fashion sense is impeccable and he just wants to have fun and like drive his shitty car, that’s all he wants. wait are those fucking like heelys. Those tires on his heels. Oh my fuckign god. Thank you tireman. 

comments from munchywearstinyhats


-Galaga Ship
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