galadriel's speech


Kir, Lord of Trinkets, Archfey patron of brandi’s new character 

very flamboyant, knits, has pointy teeth, 420 blaze it, collects everything imaginable, pretty much just demands his warlocks that they bring him baubles, knick knacks, and other random shit for funsies

goes from 0 to galadriel-dark-queen-speech really quick

his mantle/cloak has the ability to transform into actual butterfly wings


At some point Magnus asks Hearth about the language in Alfheim and Hearth responds by teaching him a “traditional elvish greeting”, which is actually Galadriel’s opening speech from the lord of the rings movie cause he’s a huge nerd.

Everyone knows they speak a variant of Dutch in Alfheim, but it takes Magnus a few days to catch on to the joke.