Galad DOES break his rules for his family. He starts a war to get his friends out of a dangerous city, he fights the leader of the Children for mistreating the only mother he ever knew, he fights to get to Gawyn, he fights one of the Forsaken for his brothers - one of whom he didn’t even know about until that moment! He does love his family. He alters his own personal beliefs in order to protect them because it is ‘right’ - protecting your famliy is, above all, right before everything. Sometimes that means protecting them from themselves COUGHELAYNECOUGHCOUGH.

Fics that should exist; Galad and Gawyn both discovering they can channel, going to the Black Tower and Taim just being like ‘fuuuuuck’ and getting Rand because he refuses to deal with these cranky and weirdly intense princlings. And Rand then taking them back with him because he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to leave Galad or Gawyn there/he wants to get to know his older brother (well, that and he’s convinced Gawyn would attempt a mutiny of the Black Tower within a month).

Back when I was reading The Wheel of Time for the very first time....

Meeting Gawyn and and Galad for the first time:

Me: Oh yeah. I can see it right now. Gawyn is going to be the cool laid back fan favorite that will help everybody and Galad is going to be the asshole we have to tolerate because technically he will still be a good guy

Me now: I was wrong. I was so so wrong

AAWFC: Day 6

A female character you see as aromantic:

WoT isn’t good for aromantic female characters because they all get flipping paired off and we’re left with either the old ladies or obscure minor characters.

I wanted to say Berelain, but then Galad happened. Well. I’ll still say Berelain, actually. Her and Galad’s thing was never explored in detail in the books and almost played as comic relief (two of the prettiest people in the universe making pretty babies~) so yeah.

In fact now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see Galad as aro, too. They could have a perfectly happy aromantic union and live happily ever after without any pressure to perform romantic affection towards each other. Yes. This is good.


dickyledford-blog  asked:

Since their romance began in ToM, I don't consider it a spoiler for me to post the following thought that occurred to me today... But DAMN, are Berelain and Galad's children not going to be the most utterly beautiful human beings ever??

Ahaha, yes, they certainly are. x)

And you didn’t ask this but I really wish we’d seen more of how their relationship progressed, because there were bound to be some very interesting moments along the line, considering their personalities and backgrounds…

“You can do it, then?” Elayne asked. “Kill women?”

“Perhaps once I would have hesitated,” Galad said, “but that would have been the wrong choice. Women are as fully capable of being evil as men. Why should one hesitate to kill one, but not the other? The Light does not judge one based on gender, but on the merit of the heart.”

–Galad Damodred, A Memory of Light, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, 685.

Because Galad knows what he’s talking about.