galactica knight

Follower spotlight

Here are my favorite ideas from the other blogs listed in my Brothers in Arms page.


Simon Belmont from Castlevania as a 3rd Party playable character

Galactica Knight from Kirby as a Boss fight

Kracko from Kirby as an Assist Trophy

Nightmare from Metroid Fusion as an Assist Trophy

Project Smash:

Shake King from Wario Land: Shake it! as a playable character (I wish I had thought of this one!)

Shulk from Xenoblade as a playable character

Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask as a playable character

Clock Town from Majora’s Mask as a stage

Dinosaur Planet from Starfox Adventures as a stage (Way better than the one I did)

Alternate colors for Ridley from Metroid (I think the white color scheme looks awesome)

Smash Bros Ideas:

Sheriff from Sheriff as a playable character 

Castelia City from Pokemon Black and White as a stage

Aeropolis from F-Zero GX as a stage (I almost did this stage myself!)