Guided Meditation for ET contact- Peaceful telepathic Interactions with star races

Guided meditation for forming contact with extraterrestrial visitors.Dr Steven Greer- Founder of CSETI/Disclosure project.Peaceful Connections with our Star familyHave a glass of water, sit down in meditation and form yourself into the omnipresent resonance of Source.Open your heart, increase the vibration in your energy field, and attune yourself to the collective consciousness of the galactic civilizations observing Earth and operating in space.
.::6::. The Psychic Barrier.

I hear about shielding in articles about hypersensitivity, psychic empathy, and psychic/psionic attack, but I still feel that the volume of information on the subject of psychic protections is slightly inadequate. I personally think that shielding is extremely important, and extremely effective. It just is. And I’ve seen different shielding articles with different opinions.

Ive been shielding ever since May 2012, and Jesus, did it ever come naturally! i found myself following less of what the sites were telling me, and more of my own intuition. It was like remembering a skill I’ve mastered before.

Let me give you the complete answer to how to protect yourself, and how it works.

Your biological brain is where your consciousness rests for as long as you inhabit your body. The environment and its inhabitants usually dictate to you what the world actually is.

But the undeniable fact is that you’re a soul inhabiting a human body to have the experience. What you are on a soul level is very much intact while in your human body. You yourself are the product of thought of a mastermind. Made in his image, you. Seeing that you’re borne of the thought of a creator, shouldn’t you yourself be able to move and create? Yes you can, and yes you do. Though you tend to express this creativity on physical canvases. But the amazing thing is that you can express your creativity to do so much more. You can use the power of thought to influence your human experience. You can use it to communicate with others using telepathy. Expand your senses. Move things with your mind. Influence the weather. Read minds. Sense future events. Recover past events you didn’t have the honor of being present for. And, more importantly, protect yourself.

All it takes is thought. Visualize and create protection with your thoughts. Perhaps envision knights running circles around your house for protection. Even imagine angels standing guard. They’ll respond to thoughts of protection. Though its always nice to be courteous and to ask. :)

No one needs to tell you what the shield should look like, or what it should do. All of those things you may decide for yourself. :)

Imagine a barrier around you.. your home.. Maybe your friends.

It works because when you imagine these things with thoughts of protection, you’re programming them to do just that. And it works, because energy follows thought.

Try it. No matter what you need protection from, this works. But it does indeed depend on your willpower. The stronger the willpower factor, and the more time you put into thinking the shield into existence, the more powerful it becomes.

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” ~Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

“Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.” ~Robert Anthony

“The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” ~Eden Phillpotts

Mike Quinsey Channeling His Higher Self, April 8, 2016

“Your Universe is teeming with life at levels mostly in advance of your own. You will therefore be given a great welcome for your achievements, and will meet many different civilisations. It means that you will need to develop a completely different mind-set to your present one, and be ready to acknowledge the many changes needed for your understanding of Life. The sooner you can open your mind to a different way of seeing things the quicker you will spiritually progress and evolve. Many souls have been brainwashed to believe teachings that have deliberately held you back, using fear and chaos as their tools.”

Chaos continues to happen all around you, yet it would have been so much worse had it not been for the Galactic Forces. The dark Ones are in disarray and losing their power to dictate the way your lives are working out, and If they had their way you would have been plunged into global wars to which there would be no end. However, they have been stopped in their tracks and a world war has been prevented. In time a halt will be called to such atrocities and eventually there will be no armed confrontations at all. Peace is approaching and it will be of a lasting nature, allowing the Earth to eventually be fully restored to its pristine beauty. This period will be one of great growth in your evolution as the new Earth emerges, and a great Galactic Age begins destined to speedily carry you forward giving you many exciting opportunities.

Many souls still have closed minds and will be unable to grasp the many opportunities coming their way. Naturally there will be a degree of waking up, but to go forward at this time requires that souls have made suitable preparations. However, at all times help is given to you and is always available, so remember to call upon the higher forces when you need it. By doing so it allows your Guides to ensure that you are following your Life Plan that is important to your evolution. Many souls have come to the Earth for this special occasion that will not be repeated again for a very long time. As it becomes safe new inventions will be introduced that will lift up the quality of your life, and you will find that the changes come faster than ever.

Your Universe is teeming with life at levels mostly in advance of your own. You will therefore be given a great welcome for your achievements, and will meet many different civilisations. It means that you will need to develop a completely different mind-set to your present one, and be ready to acknowledge the many changes needed for your understanding of Life. The sooner you can open your mind to a different way of seeing things the quicker you will spiritually progress and evolve. Many souls have been brainwashed to believe teachings that have deliberately held you back, using fear and chaos as their tools. However, the truth will come out as nothing can hold it back indefinitely, and by being discerning will “feel” what is right and can be believed. Find a source of Light and stick with it so that it can be used as a measure of any information that you receive. Usually a soul will instinctively know what is truthful and your feelings can in this way be relied upon. Most of you will have progressed sufficiently to go all the way to experience Ascension. It is certainly worth whatever effort you make to ensure you keep on the right path.

There is a time approaching when you will be able to openly converse with your Guides, so do not forget that in the meantime you can mentally contact them. They oversee your activities and try to you keep you on your spiritual path. They can help ensure that you follow your life plan and keep you out of trouble, even to the point of saving your life when it is not part of it. So do not forget your Guides are willing and loving Beings that serve the Light. They probably know you better than you know yourself which is why you are well advised to follow their promptings. Listen to the voice inside your head that often warns of the dangers in actions you are about to take.

This particular time you are in is a most important period, as you of the Light are now sufficiently empowered to be able to prevent interference in the process of enlightenment, and the introduction of changes that have long been promised. So it is now only a matter of a final period of tying up loose ends and everything should be ready for the next stage. This year is still looked upon as one of many revelations and changes that will truly signal the arrival of the New Age. You the Light Workers are undoubtedly fully prepared having lived with your expectations for quite a long time. Delays have been unavoidable as the emphasis has been on ensuring that the right time is chosen to bring the changes in.

The vibrations are as ever continuing to speed up and more souls are sensing an awakening within. It means that they will be more receptive to the changes that are coming out. Once the truth is known of the benefits to be made, even more souls will respond. After many lives on Earth you are somewhat conditioned where your expectations are concerned, and the promise of far reaching benefits that lift you out of poverty and lack, will change your outlook. They are for Humanity as a whole and will bring all up to a level that assures you happy and fulfilling lives free from want.

In your present circumstances you are not yet expected to be able to grasp the full significance of what is happening, but in the near future you will be enlightened to the truth about your journey through the lower dimension. Most importantly you need to remember that you volunteered for such experiences in the lower vibrations, knowing that they would speed up your evolution. You will not remember it at present but will do so when your vibrations are uplifted again. Then all will become clear and you will be grateful that you were able to have the opportunity to evolve more quickly.
Regardless of what people may think their purpose is for being on Earth, life is infinite and you are ever seeking growth and your return to the Light.

At times it must in fact seem that there is no purpose to life, but that is largely down to the dark Ones who have continually confused the truth and kept you in a state of “lack”. It includes the truth of your being from a spiritual perspective, as even that has been distorted to keep you under their control. All that will change in the near future and eventually only the truth will remain. So keep calm and know that each one of you is playing a crucial part in the changes taking place that are all important to the whole.

The events that are waiting to manifest are so important to your future that the Earth is being monitored and guarded by Galactic Forces that are far more evolved than those of you on Earth. You can therefore live without fear as to the outcome of present events both on and off Earth. The future has already been written and the Light is victorious and the dark Ones removed to ensure that there is no further interference with your lives. You may feel that matters are so out of control that there will be no end to the worldwide problems, but be assured that they are fully monitored. Chaotic times will gradually cease as their actions are curtailed and total peace will return to Earth.

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Galactic Federation Of light. Update From September 5, 2011.

Pleadian High Council of Nine.

Much is spoken of clearing and shielding YOUr energy system but many humans across the planet are unaware that this needs to be done regularly. We guide ALL to be mindful of their own energy systems and the need to clear and shield regularly. We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we come to guide and support ALL at this time.

It cannot be underestimated the need for the cleansing, clearing and shielding of the human energy system at this time. As more human BEings are awakening the human consciousness begins to rise and that which may be experienced by humans is expanding. It is this expansion that may cause many to fall back into illusion if they have not cleared, cleansed and shielded their energy system. While many are in awe of the “new” they are not yet fully conversant with how this impacts on their human life experience, we watch as many struggle to work out what is happening to them when they begin to experience the telepathy which is a normal way of BEing. Many are struggling with trying to sort out the emotions that seem to engulf them when they interact with those around them. We guide that this is a part of the process of expansion. That ALL human BEings are able to be telepathic, it is a way of BEing that will slowly come into BEing for many across the planet as many are now raising their vibration to the level needed. However many are then falling in vibration as the frustration and emotions swamp them.

We guide ALL to move through the process of ascension slowly, it serves no one to rush ahead as the “rushing” is the teaching of illusion. To progress at a pace that is comfortable with YOU is the key to absorbing and processing TRUTH. The telepathic state of BEing is one which many are now experiencing. This is where YOU can pick up the FEELings and emotions of those around YOU. Whilst this is an exciting step forward for many it also causes much frustration as many are oblivious to the need to shield and clear. It is vital that YOU understand when this happens to YOU so that YOU can separate the FEELings that YOU are picking up and the FEELings that belong to YOU. Many times this is not obvious and many are absorbing the FEELings of those around YOU, this serves no one and we guide ALL to be aware of this.

Places of high numbers of human BEings may see many fall into frustration or FEEL overwhelmed as the emotions of those who are still asleep may rush into YOUr BEing. Know that it is not YOUr emotions it is those around YOU that YOU pick up. Those asleep will have intense negative emotions that may swamp YOU when this happens. It is important that YOU clear YOUr energy when this happens or the residue from these FEELings may begin to seep into YOUr energy system. We do not guide this to instil FEAR but to make YOU aware so that steps can be taken. When venturing into areas of mass population it is advisable to shield YOUr energy system so that this does not happen. It is entirely possible to be able to FEEL the emotions of those around YOU and not absorb them. This takes practice. We guide ALL to be mindful when “new” ways of BEing present themselves.

The human life experience is about expansion and growth, when something occurs that is outside the “old” then please take time to absorb and accept TRUTH. It will become harder to disguise illusion as the telepathy increases over the planet earth as more and more will be able to tune into the FEELings that those they communicate and interactive with harbour. It will become easier for those of a higher vibration to FEEL TRUTH and illusion. Once more we guide ALL to have love and compassion when dealing with those of a lower vibration or those who are deeply asleep. Those deeply asleep are ruled by illusion, it is illusion that sways their actions and their words, realise this and absorb this TRUTH. It serves no one to dismiss those who are asleep or not to interact with them. To do this is to dance with illusion. Separation is the teaching of illusion and we guide ALL to be mindful of this.

Clearing and shielding of the human energy system should be akin to breathing and we guide ALL to practice this until they are fully comfortable with how it is done. Illusion uses various methods of teaching and much smoke and mirrors are used. When living from the heart the illusion is obvious but we realise and accept that many human BEings are struggling with heart centred life experience and more practice is required.

Illusion teaches that failure is the default setting for the human life experience and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. Many are beginning to move into the heart centred life experience but on experiencing some difficulty are resorting once more to mind centred life experience. We fully accept and acknowledge that practice is required and guide ALL to keep practicing BEing in heart centred life experience. YOU will know when YOU have moved between the two for life will present frustration, strain and stress when YOU move back in the mind. We guide that failure is a teaching of illusion and for ALL to detach from this teaching. There is no failure in this the human life experience, for it is experience and growth and expansion, there is no failure, only learning. Illusion teaches that learning is not the option and that failure is the result of not following rules that are created by illusion. Detach from this teaching as this will create spirals of negative emotions that keep YOU in illusion. It is what illusion uses to prevent TRUTH from being revealed.

If YOU find that the human life experience is a struggle then go within to the silence and ask the questions of the heart, for the heart knows TRUTH. Many are following rules created by illusion that have them turning in circles, know that this is done deliberately by illusion to lead YOU out of TRUTH and keep YOUr vibration low. We guide once more that the heart is the only place where TRUTH resides and is found. If YOU are unsure, if YOU experience vast frustrations then go within and reveal TRUTH to YOU. It is not found in the pages of books, it is not found by following others, for it was seeded within YOU on incarnation. It is WITHIN YOU. Many are still bound by the illusion of hierarchy and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching.

The expert in YOUr life experience is YOU, do not allow illusion to teach that another human knows more about YOU than YOU do. This is created by illusion to teach that power is something external and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching, the power is within and it is seeded within each human BEing alive across the planet earth. Personal power cannot be taken from YOU, illusion teaches that it can under the guise of YOU giving it away, be mindful of this teaching and detach where possible. Be aware of the scenarios that exist where YOU give the power that is YOU away to another human BEing. Illusion will teach that at every opportunity. For power is always given, illusion will teach that YOU are at the mercy of the life experience around YOU and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. Many humans across the planet give away their power as they are not connected from the heart, the heart knows TRUTH and knows the illusion and the teachings of illusion, only by being in the heart centred life experience and FEELing the world around YOU will regain the power that is YOU. Do our words resonate with YOU?

Many are still in the role of “victim”, fully immersed in the illusion of being powerless, allowing humans who are still asleep to show them the way forward and we guide ALL to be aware of this teaching and detach. Those who are asleep are guided at all times through illusion, illusion teaches from within them, be aware of this at all times. The more depth of illusion a human BEing lives within the more they will be triggered by the higher vibrations around them. This will result in the human who is asleep becoming agitated or aggressive, many will experience this as they move through the higher vibrations. Detach from this teaching and clear and shield YOUr energy. It is not YOUr responsibility to educate those asleep, it is dicing with illusion to try to awaken a deeply asleep human.

As the energies increase across the planet earth there will be those who are deeply asleep who will seek out those who are slightly awake and attempt to pull them back into the illusion that they live through, be aware of this and detach from this. This is important as we watch many who walk in a light worker role being sidetracked trying to wake up those who are sleepwalking. Many will sleep walk through this human life experience and it is not possible for another human to know whether they will awaken or not. Illusion will use those asleep to further teach and contain, be aware of this and detach from this.

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we come to guide and support ALL at this time. Know that the walk into TRUTH is always led by the heart and never the head, it is not possible to merely think YOUr way to ascension for illusion will pull YOU from the path if the mind alone is used. We guide and support with ALL realms, for ALL ARE ONE.

✧ ✦ Galactic Federation Member Profile: Andromedans ✦ ✧

Member Name: Andromedan Star Nations.

Accepted into the Galactic Federation: Approximately 3.5 million years ago.

Location: The Constellation of Andromeda.

Distance From Earth: Approximately 150 to over 4,000 Light Years.

Life Form Type: Humanoid.

Physical Appearance: Humanoids similar in appearance to Earth humans. They usually wear the traditional multicolored Galactic Federation jump suits. Andromedans consist of two basic Earth human types:

The first is a Caucasian that ranges from a so-called “Nordic” type (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin), to a “Mediterranean” type (light to dark brown hair, gray to brown eyes, tanned-looking skin).

The second is a typical Oriental, with dark hair, dark Asian eyes and a skin color that varies from very pale brown to a dark shade of brown.

The eyes of all Andromedans are slightly larger than those of Earth humans. The lips are thin and colored almost a light pink, while the ears are fitted slightly lower on the side of the head and are slightly smaller in size. The hands and the feet are delicate in appearance with long fingers and toes.

The men vary in height from 5 feet, 7 inches to almost 7 feet (1.7 to 2.12 meters). The women range from 5 feet, 4 inches to almost 6 feet, 4 inches (1.63 to 1.93 meters) high. Andromedan women are noted for their alluring energies and their quite buxom figures.

Special Traits and Abilities: Andromedans are noted in the Galactic Federation for their mastery of all forms of scientific endeavor.

Average Amount of Sleep Needed: About 2 hours per day.

Language: Andromedans speak a language whose dialects vary from a Spanish- or Italian-like sound, to one that is more tonal and gutteral in its intonation.

Mother Ship and Other Craft: Andromedan ships range in shape from their traditional sombrero- shaped scout ships that measure some 50 to 65 feet (15 to 20 meters) across, to lens-shaped small atmospheric command ships that are up to a half mile (805 meters) in length.

Galactic Federation of Light: Organized and Political Enlightenment?
  • I just want to share a conversation I was having on fb about the Galactic Federation of Light. we'll just leave it all anon to make it simple.
  • anon:Does anyone else look at the Galactic federation of Light or other groups and think, "I don't really care for organized enlightenment."? Or is it just the indigo part of me that doesn't like being put in boxes..
  • Me:they're more political and frou frou, there is some of them that have legit info but a lot of it is wishful thinking. No one is going to save you, not the aliens, not the ashtarcommand, not jesus, except yourself. The more you look for home outside of yourself the less you will ever find it and be thinking in future. I do believe some channelings are real because there are definitely others out there but a lot of the GFOL crap is simply crap lol
  • anon:I get that, but did anyone take a good long look and realize that maybe we are supposed to be okay with ego AND oneness? I mean we did after decide to live a life of singular identity and abandoning that just seems to defeat the purpose. At some point enlightenment just tells you to be okay with it all and fall for the reality an when we keep telling ourselves to stop feeding and ego and remember oneness is like saying you did but not really doing it. Yes we are one but we are God, we are all and everything, that means even the all encompassing thoughts that dwell within us. So I try and become alright with it all, being what I am in so many forms and identities. SO, I don't like confinement. So there must be nothing wrong with me accepting that, right?
  • In so many ways you are right, although in some form or another they do help us understand different perspectives. That is yours, and it is others to be okay, for now, that they feel safe. I always try to remember, Expanding consciousness is evolution as well. We will evolve past it all anyway.
  • Me:In my personal experience, Ego is served as a catalyst and a teacher. I'm not against the Ego perspective, i think it serves as an excellent way to understand more about yourself. The more we ignore the ego, we are essentially ignoring ourselves, when we question our ego and cognitive dissonance within ourselves, we are opening up the door to looking behind our ego thoughts which always leads to the truth. I think it's about observing the balance, internally and externally. We need the ego as much as the soul, just like we need the material world as muchas the spiritual world, the left hemisphere combined withint he right hemisphere creates the kundalini serpent to operate at higher intelligence. We can't have one without the other. It creates a paradox, we are separate but we are also one. We have the polarities but the polarities unify into one whole collective mind.
  • There is nothing wrong with you accepting that, people who are like " boo hiss he has an ego, ignore your ego, don't go near that person he's just full of ego" are entirely missing the oportunity for soul growth. Awakening is not all sunshine and daisies its the death of our old soul into the new evolved consciousness. So people who experience congnitive dissonance are not letting go of the resistance inside of them. Once you're able to fully let go, by questioning the ego and releasing the thought, you find you are already free to begin with. Fear is the mind killer, but fear is also the best teacher for soul growth. It's about balance
  • that is true, it's really all about perspective, different angles of the same staircase. One path is different than another but we're all still on the same path. If the GFOL helps you, go for it. I personally rarely listen to these channelings anymore or fear mongering articles, instead i listen to my own consciousness and higher mind. It's your reality, i find it best to be careful who i let in my psychic circles and what influences my consciousness, i rather listen to my own heart rather than let articles and channelings tell me what to think and feel about myself and my personal reality. It's your world, you are the one in control, you create your own reality by the power of your thoughts, when you feed into this type of infomation, you are limiting yourself by thinking something outside of your self is influencing your reality. Our world is very backwards and laced in paradoxes. You manipulate the symbols, the symbols don't manipulate you

Sananda and The Dolphins through Kathryn March 10th 2016
All Intentional and Inadvertent Generation of Dark Energies Must Stop - We Are Here to Help
Yes, dear family, everything really is changing in your world. We have persevered, and we have triumphed on every front. All the systems we have worked to change have entered a new phase: financial systems have switched over to new asset-backed currencies and transparent banking practices. Governments are reforming in dramatic ways, and in the U.S. there is a new Interim President who will make announcements within 24 hours, if the schedule remains firm. As we have previously confirmed, Grandfather has truly “pushed the button,” and the tsunami of wealth has begun to flow. Like a river gaining depth and energy as it flows downstream, this river picks up momentum from tributaries along the way. The River of Goodness is now completely unstoppable. It is now just a matter of how quickly or slowly the changes will become publicly apparent. You will be thunderstruck when you hear of the monumental shifts that have already been accomplished.

Now I must warn you not to leap to panicky conclusions. You are not going to starve or be subjected to some tyrannical or despotic rule. This is not a coup - just the opposite. In the U.S., which was a hotbed and major financial power center of global criminal behavior, you will shortly hear of the official surrender of the cabal. These criminal controllers made all-out attempts to stop the RV (revaluation of currencies) because they knew it would be the death knell of their power structure, allowing the rise of a new class of Lightworkers who can no longer be threatened or controlled by them. They have lost their teeth (Isn’t that a humorous image?), and they know it.
The dark hats attempt s in recent weeks to cause false flag devastation of the enormity of 9/11 in major cities across the U.S. has been thwarted with help from your Galactic Federation Brothers and Sisters. The dispensation allowing such assistance to be possible was granted because of the intensive efforts on your parts as individuals and groups to clear away the dark energies they feed on and gain strength from. There is literally a direct correlation between the creation of dark energies - generated by the cabal shadows within each individual on the planet - and the strengthening of the Matrix that imprisons all on Earth. In other words, although there has been a well-organized Illuminati/cabal organization operating to enslave the planet, the greater population has played a powerfully influential role - energetically - as the slaves whose lives were intricately interwoven with the cabal structures, therefore causing humanity to became vessels for the damage and density the system imposed.

All of you, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, have unwittingly participated in and supported the dark agendas. This is why we stress that no one should be blamed or punished, yet all intentional and inadvertent generation of dark energies must be stopped. This is why we introduced Operation Heave-Ho. ( New Earth Times Edition #48) As distasteful as it may seem to search for and root out the cabal programming within yourself, this is the route to freedom - the key to dismantling the Matrix. We are very aware of how challenging it is to maintain a loving and compassionate heart, especially toward yourself, in the face of thousands of years of abuse.

One of the most ingenious Annunaki teachings, epidemic in your cultures today, is the use of guilt and shame to stop a person in their tracks whenever they began to question their own actions or beliefs. The idea that it is shameful to find any hint of programmed darkness in oneself was a booby-trap for anyone trying to develop self-awareness and mindfulness. Such self-examination and the natural emotions that follow – like forgiveness and the desire to apologize and make good on your promises – was mocked as “weakness.” Thus, the deep search to eliminate all negativity, fear and deep anger from millennia of abuse then becomes a plunge into shame and the automatic (programmed) reflex: denial. You come face to face with your own inner brick wall without realizing it was the result of implanted ideas.

Shame Is Not a “Normal” Emotion
Laughter at one’s foibles and slip-ups is. Do not allow yourself to be caught in the downward spiral of self-revelation > shame > denial. Instead, take every small personal discovery as a triumph of Light and a loving expression of God’s will. Self-awareness, mindfulness and Faith that Light and Love are real are the greatest tools for Mastery we have available to us. We were made to be happy and free, not beaten down by shame and guilt.
It has been difficult for you, because of your intense programming, to perceive the vivid energy patterns that create either positive change or deepen conflict, destruction, war and suffering. From our position in higher dimensions, these energies are obvious and easily identifiable. They will become more and more apparent to you as your planet’s vibration rises. As that happens, the choice to be grumpy or cranky or belittling of others becomes as attractive as wearing egg on your face, and just as obvious.
You are beginning to see the immediate Co-creative effects of lifting your eyes to Mother and Father and holding fast to their Love. It is creating the miracles of courage, joy and compassion you have longed to see in your world and thought could only come as a massive intervention from Above. It could not be done that way; it would have created chaos and death to the planet. It truly had to come from Earth humans.

Kill the Messenger, or Fuel the Freedom Train?
“Love is my fuel and Faith my engine.” - Jaques 3/10/16

Why we have worked with you so closely - all of us in the Company of Heaven - by incarnating among you and by using our incarnated twins and loved ones as channels to bring you our messages? Because we believe in you, and we love our beautiful Terra. Never before has there been such a massive cooperative venture to rescue a planet that had gone dark. Never before has it been so difficult to win the hearts and minds of the very people who asked for our help.

Because of religious teachings and dooms day beliefs (used to keep humankind controlled and in fear), it has been seen as “practical” and “rational” to cynically question, discredit and attack anyone who brings a story of hope and good news. This fear and cynicism has increased and become even more dangerous to Lightworkers than it was in the Jesus lifetime. Yes, humankind under the influence of mind-control had become quite a cynical lot, as you know. It took quite a lot of encouragement and loving care to reassure even a small portion of the human collective that change, freedom, and loving, gentle, measured intervention from Above is real.

Once we began to really work together in harmony, you on the ground and us in Higher Dimensions, things began to shift on a massive scale. It has taken years, but we can truly say we have turned a corner. Our Operation Heave-Ho is really working. You have caught fire! The upshift of Light has been dramatic in just the past few days!

You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, have your collective foot on the accelerator. The higher you raise your vibration, by lifting yourselves out of all doubt, disgruntlement, cynicism, criticism and frustration, the faster we move toward higher dimensional experience, and all the joy and goodness that goes with it.

Your rising Light has brought even more enthusiastic help from your admiring Galactic friends. In fact, a very special group has asked to bring you a message through Kathryn: The Dolphins! They are very excited to meet with you, and will speak as one to represent their Deva and all of their species. They would like to offer their help at this most important juncture in your planetary shift.

I will pass the talking stick now to our beloved friends, the Dolphins.

In Love, Your Sananda.
Mother’s Love Tickles

The Dolphins:
Dearest Human Friends, we come to offer you a special gift from our hearts. We know it has been a long and difficult climb for all of you to transcend the dreadfully poisonous energies and ideas that proliferated across Earth. We have a lighthearted image and a playful opportunity to offer you, to lift your hearts. We dolphins are well known for our humor and playfulness. We believe it is the essence of Life to be creative in our jokes, pranks and joyful celebrations of Life. We take great pleasure in our swimming and leaping abilities, our special flair for the great splash, and our shared laughter.
We offer to you, Humankind, the possibility that you might find our laughter and pranks contagious and that laughter will help you greatly in the next phase of your Ascension, as it has with our evolution when we have faced difficult challenges. You see, we are a very good-humored group of souls; we have cultivated that quality in ourselves over millions of years and thousands of lifetimes across the Cosmos. Now, we are concentrating our energies in this galaxy to help with the great transition taking place. It is truly where the action is, even if it is demanding at times. We always answer the call when Mother and Father ask for our help.

Dolphins Communicate Across Dimensions
The most difficult assignment we have ever taken on has been this incarnation on Earth, withstanding the toxins, the dense energies and sonar attacks that have taken the lives of many of our numbers. We do not complain about loss of life the way you humans do, however. We have deep and everlasting spiritual connections with our beloved soul group members, so our communication continues telepathically between and among all of us, whether incarnated or in spirit form. It is our pleasure to communicate across dimensions with ease and to share our loving energy with all our species, whether in a body or not, and with our far-flung friends of many species. We are never separated from the great and generous love of Mother and Father God, and so we are always happy.

Here is what it feels like to us: Mother’s love tickles. She loves to stroke and pet us with her sweet and tender energy streams. It makes us laugh and leap for joy. Father’s love is comforting and strong. It reassures us to be held in his loving arms, and they both help us to glide through difficult times without ever losing our ability to laugh.

Play the Bubbles Game
Let us tell you our secret. It is bubbles! We love to spray and leap and create great clouds of bubbles. Perceive what we are telling you with more than just your mind… We use bubbles as protection if we need to, but mostly we love to make bubbles for the fun of it, the way we have seen your human children do with soap bubbles. Of course, you do not have the advantage of being underwater a large part of the time, but there are many ways to make bubbles. You have the same ability we have, but you haven’t practiced it yet. You can make energy bubbles. Have you ever tried? Just focus and concentrate your energy, the way you do when you build your Pillar of Light. Reach up to Mother and Father God and anchor into dear Terra, and then you can fill your pillar with colors and shapes and dancing bubbles of Light!
You are made of Light, just as we are! You can teach others of your species to perceive and play the Bubbles game with you. It is great fun. You will probably have to introduce it at first as a sort of pretend game - children will love it - and they will learn right away to see and feel the bubbles you create for their pleasure and laughter.

We also want to offer to help you with creating clear and shiny channels or portals, however you think of it, to send your telepathic messages to your loved ones. You only need to call on us, and we will help to carry your messages along, just like a clear river flowing between you, and we will clean your channels of all detritus or interference, just as we do for you in our service to your oceans and your air. You see, we are also skilled Energy Scrubbers and Transmuters, among other things.
Dolphins Are Bright Spirits of the Great Seas

We would be delighted to help you learn to communicate more clearly with each other and with us. We are very social and love to sing and chatter amongst ourselves because we love to be close together and admire each other’s songs and dances and capers and pranks. We are very athletic, as you may have noticed, and we admire graceful movement enormously. We are always practicing our Olympic prowess for the sheer joy of it. We laugh and cheer for the outstanding abilities we see and celebrate in others. You might say we spend much of our time putting on a kind of circus for our own entertainment and for yours, if you wish to join in. It makes our work very joyful, and we are very good at it. Because we create so much high Light energy when we do it, our work goes very, well, swimmingly. You could say we always whistle while we work.

We look forward to your messages and your friendship. Of course, if you have a chance to come to any of the places we enjoy in the world’s oceans, we would be delighted to swim and make bubbles of freedom, protection, Light and delight with you. Just call to us, in the water or not, and we will come to join you and help you strengthen and polish your natural telepathic skills. It would be our pleasure.

With joyful anticipation of our close friendship with you,

The Dolphins
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/10/16)

My Sirian Experience... [Amazing meditation... My knee feels so much better...]

I met the guy… I don’t what he is… Sirian? I believe so, possibly a hybrid of Sirian/Nommo… OMG… He was feeling me with this thing… I can’t explain, like we have these 3-points on our hands that glow when we hold each other’s hands. And when we I heard the dolphin make noise (I was doing a dolphin/whale sound meditation) I had the most crazy sensation in my knee, it felt SO good.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done anything with him. I got introduced to him during my first meditation to find my cosmic origins… I couldn’t see his face, but he spoke telepathically to me, and in a different language, almost through sounds. But I understood him, I can’t explain what he said, but I just knew…

The second time I saw him, I did a Sirian meditation (which by now I’m pretty positive I have Sirian origin, because of my intuition and the meditations, and him, who I also think is Sirian, or a Sirian hybrid)… But that’s when he took me to Sirius B, and we held hands, and oh god… I mean, I felt like I had an orgasm, it wasn’t sexual, but the feeling, was nothing I felt before, I thought I was literally going to fall of my chair in a seizure, the energy was amazing.

This time, I saw his face, and it was the most beautifulest thing ever, he didn’t resemble a human, he had bigger eye-brow bones, and his eyes were huge, his hair was long like mine… He kinda reminded me of Pan from Pan’s Labyrinth (but with huge eyes and no horns). But we held hands again, the sensation wasn’t as strong, but boy did it feel good on my knee…

I did see the eye of a Reptilian, which did kind of scared me… But he insured me not to worry and don’t make my fear obvious. The meditation ended and I hugged him and walked out the door (it’s the door I always open to see him… Well, depends on how I meet him…) and I opened my eyes… I was so calm…

Anyways, I thought I shared this… I can’t wait to meditate again… Or maybe he or other Sirians will visit me in my sleep. :)