galactic rim

0007 The War of the Week

Durandal, our ship, is taking us on some interstellar scavenger hunt on the galactic rim.  We drop out of drift next to a tiny green world with a wobbly axis that does a great job of bathing the entire planet in sun & rain.  Whole rock is one big forest.

Ship heads straight for it, System 1401, planet C. Even picks a landing zone. There’s one clearing in a sea of green canopy and a collection of hundreds of huge flattened stones in the shape of a ship, very close to the shape of OUR ship.

We land in a fog and start to pickup life readings. A few dozen medium (bipedal, larger than human, closer to vesk dimensions) sized creatures at first, but then swarms appear out of the mist. The ship touches down in a crowd of hundreds.

Durandal, still not telling us a thing, turns on every floodlight the ship has, all directions, lighting up the forest like a christmas tree. The ramp lowers and we step out to a thundering chorus of these beings chanting, singing, or praying - we can’t be sure.

We call them bearmen, as they’re clearly carnivorous with their huge jaws & teeth. They’re covered in various colors & combinations of colors of fur. Powerfully built upper bodies standing on huge lower legs and clawed feet. They wear jewelry and some armor made from local sources. For weapons, they carry what a human would call a “tree trunk with a handle on it.” Huge weapons that surely weigh 150lbs or more, hefted over their shoulders.

End of the ramp: there’s an old one. He’s got more jewelry than the rest. His once black fur is salt & pepper faded. He’s got scars head to toe and one arm is tied to his chest in some kind of permanent splint. 

We waltz down the ramp wondering what the hell Keema’s going to say to these people. They’re clearly sentient (they carry tools and there’s hundreds in one place) but I don’t dare reach out to them with my mind, might scare them.

Before we can decide what to do, the old one speaks. He roars once, a short but powerful blast that silences them all. Then he steps forward and speaks good ole pact world common. Something to the effect of “We lost it. The sacred site is taken by the enemy.”

Apparently their enemy is another humanoid species, at a similarly primitive stage of development living on this planet. No accident, I’d bet. Naturally they’re at war and it doesn’t look good for the bears. So whatever the previous crew of our ship gave them is now in the hands of the cannibal frog men. We’re smack dab in the middle of someone’s experiment. 

The others fuss a bit about messing with alien politics but before long they realize they’re so far from anyone’s jurisdiction it’s not gonna matter. If we’re going to take back whatever “we” left here, we’re going to need to help the bears retake some territory. So we teach them how to make gun powder. 

We find the right minerals, teach the bears how to combine things with fire to make an explosion. They’re amazed of course, their war-hardened brains instantly dreaming up a thousand applications to a 3′ diameter ball of rocks, metals, glue, and explosives that we nickname “frag-wads.” 

We teach them how to light and throw them. We even load a few of the smarter-than-average-bears (in Earth language oddly enough has a term for this which is “Yogi”) into our cargo bay to drop from the air.

The team leads an all-out assault on a stone pyramid the bears built against a force of thousands of frogmen. It looks bad for us until we start throwing our i.e.d.’s at them. We make one pass over the frogs with the ship, firing the turret and dropping bombs out the back. One bear nearly incinerates the ship but our engineer is there to guide them.

It’s a bad day in frog-town.

Once the battle’s over, we march in with the bears and they move several tons of stone to reveal a crate in the stone pyramid. We load it up on the ship, say our thanks, and take off.

Turns out, it’s a stealth attachment for a shield generator, lowers the energy signature of active shield barriers to 30% of normal. Makes the ship harder to pickup on active and passive scans. We install it and Durandal’s already got a new heading in the drift computer for us.

Headcanons for 'Galactic Rim"

For some reason tumblr decided to remove this from the galctic rim tag, so I’m gonna repost this with some additions/changes.

Jaeger Names

Ion Mogo-Kilowog and Hal

Butcher Shard-Atrocitus and Zillius Zox

Crystal Predator-Aga’po and Ghia’ta (later Galia)

Death Mark-Scar

Adara Blue-Saint Walker (credit: chicken-sketchies)

Volkreg Ionus-Aya and Razer (credit: isaia)

Crowned Vaccination-Iolande and Soranik Natu (technically Soranik never appeared but there were plans dammit so it counts)

Taker Ophidian-Larfleeze and the Orange Lanterns

Archaic Clockwork-Gil Broome (and the Starheart)

Fear Infatuation-Galia and Norm

Shatterdome Locations







Alternates Between Betrassus and Korugar


Steam Planet

Yellow Aurrem Planet


The Hand of The Universe serves as the Rift

Guardians can pilot Jaegers one at a time with no reprocussions but their connection with their Jaeger is so complete that if a limb is ripped off of their Jaeger it will be physically impossible for them to use that limb again even if the Jaeger is repaired

Drusa serves as the GLTAS crew’s Shatterdome Technician

Lady Catherine and Nigel Fortenberry serve as the head scientists in the K-Labs