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This AU was 90% created just for the purpose of memes and angst, it’s not meant to be anything serious and is entirely not canon whatsoever. Yet here I am, drawing and writing shit for it anyway.

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Name: Foreteller (formerly Nat Sko’dal)
Occupation: Inquisitor, Adviser to Vader and Palpatine
Height: 5’8”
Age: Physically, about 40
Pronouns: They/Them
Special Abilities: Foreteller has a cyborg eye where their blind eye once was. It’s not good for helping them see like a normal human eye, but it can detect temperature signatures and electromagnetic waves. They can also access Imperial databases with facial recognition technology.
Foreteller has a unique ability to see constant and absolute visions of the future rather than premonitions that can be changed or prevented, and sometimes they are able to see flashes of other people’s pasts. They could see visions for specific people if they came into physical contact with said person, as in holding their hand and such. This being said, while they may know much of what the future holds, they are helpless to change what fate has in store. So for everyone’s sake, they usually keep their thoughts and visions to themself. 

Personality: At first, they may appear cold and distant to most, Foreteller’s general atmosphere demands attention and respect. But they’re notorious for their uncharacteristically relaxed and casual attitude toward figures of authority, including Vader himself. If there is anyone who can badmouth the Sith Lord to his face and live to tell the tale, it’s Foreteller. They’re an invaluable resource, and they know it, so they often push their limits.

How this junk would have happened: The majority of Nat’s origins remain the same, only a few key differences in choices would cause them to go down this path. Throughout the Clone War, Nat would have become disillusioned to the Jedi Order, believing them to have become corrupt in this age. Upon receiving the vision of Order 66, instead of working to save however many Jedi they could, they would decide to join Palpatine in his plot of galactic domination. When the Inquisitors were created, Nat joined their ranks and was renamed “The Foreteller,” effectively shedding their past self and falling to the dark side. Nat has worked as an adviser to Palpatine and Vader, telling them of force visions they receive.

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I made a new blog, @swtorfamilyandfriends .. It’s very lonely and boring right now, but maybe we can share it up! Lets live up the ToR story together!

creepy-sinner  asked:

What songs would you associate with the sith villains and high class imperials (and aresko and grint)

I’m only going by stuff I currently listen to, but here goes - I’m sure others have way better ideas!

Some of these songs I associate due to the lyrics, others just due to the mood of the piece or for amusement. They are beneath the cut, as it is a mini playlist of first associations for each: I have Darth Plagueis, Palpatine, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Kylo Ren, Tarkin, Piett, Needa, Pau’an Inquisitor, Tua, Kallus, Rudor, Aresko and Grint.

For all the Sith:  Honor For All, Illuminated by Hurts, Heritage of the Wolf, Into the Darkness by The Phantoms, No One’s Here to Sleep by Bastille

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