galactic heart

Galactic Nova Nucleus!

Technically not a character, but rather just Nova’s heart. It’s a boss battle though, so that counts to me. A large pink heart with three blue crystals that circle around it. Kirby uses his Starship not to fight the heart face to face, but rather the strange columns found around the heart. Just like Nova, the heart reappears as Star Dream, the heart being the last phase of Star Dream Soul OS in the True Arena.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Lizzie Devine might actually be Numbuh Vine and might be an alien and might've dated and broken up with Nigel as a test I WAS JUST STARTING TO TRUST HER HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO US-
A Squirrelly Rebel?

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Far from the Polaris Galaxy, there was a problem, as the Solana Government was dealing with a bit of a pest control problem, or so they put it, and called the Polaris Galaxy for any help they might be able to provide in dealing with these vermin. 

Of course, the wording would forget to mention that the thefts that were growing ever more bold were conducted by sentient and poor citizens rather than some dangerous organisms.

At this very moment, another raid was underway as a weapons storehouse was being attacked. The gang members were keeping their faces hidden as this place had more cameras than other marks. They were fleeing the scene using smoke as cover for their escape. 

This specific storehouse was home to various new Gadgetron prototypes and classics such as the hologuise, a very dangerous tool in the hands of miscreants. Among them was a smaller brown-furred gal, who seemed to be the leader.

Asari dialects?

Thessia being described as the “crown jewel of the galaxy,” “apex of democracy,” or even “beating heart of galactic love”, foreigners to the asari homeworld expect the planet to be populated with accepting inhabitants donning overt confidence and more than satisfactory social standing. But it’s more than a world where everybody is equal, far from that actually.

People at the highest level of the social ladder will speak the more ‘decent’ accent, deemed Standard Thessian (ST) or High Thessian (HT) as an analogy with the people who hold the ‘best manners’ and inherently belongs to the richest parts of the planet (families who owned business for centuries, has successfully decentralised companies without dramatic consequences and even contributed to lower unemployment rates in other cities etc). Non-native speakers/foreigners of any other species seeking to live in this planet for professional or personal purposes will then be introduced and educated with the accent of the higher classes as in terms of image, Standard Thessian is the accent to speak in any case.

However, Thessia does have lower categories. And these are larger in scale and have obviously more inhabitants belonging to these categories. Two or three different categories may emerge from the lower parts, but of course it can vary according to the classes (working class, middle class etc..). Those categories having more representation means there will be more accents.. and more dialects! Asari with Krogan father speaking half-Thessian and half-Krogan could lead to interesting dialects nobody had ever created before, same for asari with Salarian, Turian or Batarian parents! Asari are more than inhabitants speaking Low-Thessian or Middle Thessian and yet, these accents are tossed aside for the sake of High/Standard Thessian because asari homeworlds want to keep on conveying the image of asari homeworlds rhyming with success.

An interesting point to notice is that the ‘new generations’ of asari/ non-pure bloods debunk this image of social standing where everyone is categorised according to their revenues and accents. Indeed, not only an accent can vary according to the parents but the alien parent brings another view on social standing. Maybe it explains why some aliens find the asari so condescending? Furthermore, the creation of militarised institutions such as the Eclipse which starts to hire more alien recruits adds more weight to the process of debunking this intricate social pyramid, even though one of its main goals remain to continue to spread the stereotypes of powerful and scary asari CEOs.

Even though baby steps are made towards more acceptance and ackowledgment of those different social classes, I believe asari tend to change their native accent and forget their daily dialect in order to fit in the mold even if some natural expressions are hard to leave behind.


You know, one thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is how, in-game, the fact that the current cycle finally bested the reapers is more or less explained with ‘Shepard and her crew are just that awesome’.  Which, fair, Shepard is perhaps the most badass person in recent history - but this reasoning has never seemed satisfying to me, because Shepard is still just one person out of idk trillions. She did a lot, but it seems implausible that she was the deciding factor. Exceptional people must have existed in every cycle, but that did not ultimately save them. It probably helped that they reaped (heh) the benefits of thousands of cycles’ work on the Crucible as well, but I’m still not quite convinced.

So! I have been working on a different, systemic theory: the influence of the asari and the volus on galactic life. Hear me out here: both of these cultures primarily choose diplomacy and compromise over violent confrontation if they can. Hell, the volus have pretty much done away with warfare altogether and solve their conflicts with trade. Asari are notorious for their striving for political consensus and focus on communal matters before they make a decision (something that likely drives the shorter-lived species to distraction, but hey, if you’ve got two thousand years to work things out you probably don’t feel the need to stumble headlong into anything). They are also considered the ‘heart’ of galactic politics; their practices and world view have a central role.  

What I’m saying is that these two races have facilitated a galaxy that could stand united against an outer threat. The volus keep the galactic economy relatively stable, the asari uphold (or sometimes enforce) a balanced and cooperative political scene. It’s not a perfect system, of course, but it might have afforded this cycle benefits that previous ones didn’t.

What made the protheans fail? Javik hints that it might be their relentless imperialism and the uniformity of their culture; they conquered other races and then forced them to either give up their own ways or be crushed underfoot.The asari culturally prefer co-operation without assimilation, which brings the unity of the protheans without their crippling lack of diversity. (You could of course argue that the asari just take a more insidious, less confrontational route to galactic domination - after all their form of reproduction is semi-parasitic and they do overrule other races when pressed. I still think they’re overall much more benevolent than the protheans, though.)

I just… it’s constantly underestimated how much the asari run things, I think? They don’t get enough credit for how much of a political powerhouse they are and how interesting they are as a culture if you start to really look into it beyond ‘they’re obviously only designed as hot blue space babes’. (Also I always feel bad for the volus being elbowed out of the way by the entitled fuckboy of the galaxy that is humanity. These guys keep your fucking economy afloat, okay, let them have a say in how things are run) 

infinite density, infinite gravity

having a black hole
for a heart
is hell.
every day
it eats a little more of you
until you’re a shell.
you can never get warm
teeth chatter
on a summer day.
you love too much
but you need love
so the entropy hurts less.
i am young
yet this singularity
caught within my frail
porcelain ribcage
has aged me too much.
it feeds on wishes
gorges itself on dreams
and kicks back with a platter
of fantasies.
it hurts.
i need someone
one with a galactic heart
but i know
i am taking from them
maybe it’s best
to let this black hole decay
to nothing.