galactic emperor


It may appear to some that the enactment of universal laws and the widespread deployment of a heavily armed military are steps toward galactic domination, but these actions are taken merely to protect us from those who would invade, enslave, exploit, or foment political dissent, and to punish accordingly any who engage in such acts. Look on our new military not as trespassers or interlopers, but as gatekeepers, here to shore up the Emperor’s vision of a pacified and prosperous galaxy.


He [The Emperor] looks like a walking corpse, Xizor thought.  Like a mummified body dead a thousand years.  Amazing he is still alive, much less the most powerful man in the galaxy.  He isn’t even that old; it is more as if something is slowly eating him.

The Emperor: “There is a great disturbance in the Force”

Darth Vader:  “I have felt it.”

The Emperor: “We have a new enemy.  Luke Skywalker”.

Skywalker?  That had been Vader’s name, a long time ago.  Who was this person with the same name, someone so powerful as to be worth a conversation between the Emperor and his most loathsome creation?

-Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry

When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.

Evilness level in the Empire
  • Darth Vader: still good in him. Not a complete monster.
  • The Emperor: pure evil. Still had a sense of humor.
  • Thrawn: not evil, just smart, but on the bad side.
  • Kallus: actually has a heart of gold. Not evil.
  • Krennic: Evil. But mostly very ambitious. Doesn't care for anybody.

If I see one more OT fool complain and spazz about the political focus of the Prequals i’m gonna cobber someone. Episodes 1-3 were ONLY meant to show Palpatine’s rise to power. The Sith hammered away at the Republic for thousands of years, Palpatine conquered it in just a FEW years by climbing the political ladder to the top and manipulated the senate into giving him Emergency Powers effectively allowing him to LEGALLY become a dictator. Simultaneously he weeded out the planets that would immediately oppose the Empire by crafting the Separatist Alliance as Darth Sidious. Not only did he accomplish his goals, he did it pretty much by himself. War most often begins and ends with politics and don’t forget that the struggle between the Jedi and Sith is a religious one, Palpatine sought to not only undo the Jedi but also the trust the Republic had in them as protectors and saviors. Politics is an essential part of structured civilization, it is not something you can escape, it is just a fact. The only people who say that the Senate scenes are boring or either children or even worse, ignorant adults, but either way, the magic of Palpatine’s manipulations in those scenes is a waste on you.


So I was talking with @hapfish on Instagram about all these Clone Shiro™ theories with Operation Kuron and we pointed out that the Black Lion probably didn’t open up to Shiro because it wasn’t Shiro.

In season three, “Shiro” was rescued almost as soon as he started reminiscing about everyone and the team/family bonding they shared. This is most likely what Black picked up on, since the lions have a tendency of rescuing their paladins in moments of imminent danger. Shiro also has been having trouble recalling memories ever since the Kerberos Mission. This could likely be due to PTSD, but Shiro practically doesn’t talk about anything before Kerberos. The Galra could just be planting certain memories and information into Shiro(s?)


Remember in the very first episode of season one when the ship crashed near the Garrison?

Shiro was the only living organism they found on that ship.

He could’ve been a clone easily sent to Earth when they discovered the location of the Blue lion, hoping he could fly it and find the rest of Voltron for Zarkon. They probably caught Pidge’s “Primitive Earth” equipment tapping into their communications system. Once being chosen as the paladin of the Black Lion, Shiro’s Loyalty compass suddenly changes direction, and by season two Zarkon and Haggar decide that-

They had to get rid of Shiro. Then they make another Shiro clone, one even more determined to find Voltron (and eventually get it into the hands of the Galra Empire).

Okay but enough of this subject because a good friend of mine sent me a link to another post they just found that talks even more about the Shiro Cloning Theory here.

This leads to my great epiphany. Have I ever mentioned that I have about 10+ drafts on here about quintessence? It’s basically one of my favorite things to think about when I come across various theories, so S3 (episode seven) pleased me very much!!

In mentioned conversation, Hap asked if “Kuron!Shiro has some Zarkon mixed in”? Then it hit me:

Shiro could have some of Zarkon’s quintessence in him.

At this point, we know that in the series, quintessence is practically a life force and what makes up the universe. It’s also what bonds a paladin to its lion. Allura mentions that the paladins reflect the quintessence of the lions. We have also seen how powerful quintessence actually is, especially in S3. Haggar and the Druids even refine it to power the Empire’s weapons (remember Shiro’s robot arm??????) and Zarkon’s robeasts.

So how come the Black lion wouldn’t respond to Shiro in S3 like in S1 and S2?

Shiro lacks Zarkon’s quintessence.

Don’t get me wrong - I love Shiro and he probably can control the Black Lion without the assistance of Zarkon’s quintessence, but in season two, we watch Shiro struggle for control of the Black lion. Zarkon’s bond (and quintessence) with Black was obviously stronger. At the end of S3, our lovely paladins put our favorite galactic emperor into a coma. Haggar wouldn’t dare risk Zarkon’s life by extracting some of his quintessence in such a physical state. Without Zarkon’s quintessence, Shiro’s bond with the Black lion wasn’t as intense as the bond it has with Keith, despite having little experience piloting it. With Zarkon lacking a presence, Keith should have no problem with control over the head of Voltron, and Prince Lotor seems interested in traveling between realities and finding a way to destroy Voltron rather than control it.

So that’s all I got on this so far and it’s almost 11pm here. Stay tuned for more of my quintessence posts, featuring an Altean!Lance theory! You can also follow my shitposting on Instagram (@)dignified_paladin. Most of those memes/edits I make usually get posted there first before they come here to your lovely dash.

alkja  asked:

I You know, I believe I have read a vignette/ficlet or something where Obi-Wan killed/helped kill Palpatine, saved the galaxy, ended up in a coma for a week or so and when he woke up Bail was "Soooo, you're not gonna like this but... the Senate is kinda useless, nobody knew what to do except bicker and we needed someone in charge but nobody could be trusted and everyone was panicking so... you broke it you bought it: we made you the new Emperor. Congratulations?" [cont]

Imagine: dramatic battle between SC!Kenobi and Palpatine (and assorted allies). Palpy dies, Obi-Wan is wounded and at the first safe chance collapses and goes in a coma. He wakes up, remembers the Sith Lord is dead, the Galaxy is safe, the war is probably gonna end soon, he did his duty. Blessed Force, he did his duty. He’s free. They don’t need him anymore. He can go back to be just a Jedi among Jedi. But why is everyone so weird around him? [cont] 

And then up pops a delegations of Senators and surely they’re there to tell him he’s no longer need as SC but no. No, they’re not. They tell some incredible tale of Senate disarray, failsafes of Palpatine’s going off and state of emergency and… some obscure law (!!!) and a vote (!!!) and… “Galactic Emperor”? The Senators are booted out by the medical staff when they burst in to stop Obi-Wan from tearing everything apart trying to escape.

sdfghjkl! Obi-Wan would lose it if they tried it, lmao.

Evil Ultramen

One of my favorite fictional tropes is the evil duplicate.  You know, the dark reflection of a hero or group of heroes.  Like the Nejirangers from Denji Sentai Megaranger

Or the Shocker Riders from Kamen Rider

It should come as no surprise that there would also be evil Ultraman villains that resemble the heroes in some way.  Some might be fakes or robot copies but some are actual evil version of our heroes.  Here are a few in all those categories!

5. Fake Ultraman/Alien Zarab

The very first evil version of Ultraman is from the original 1966 series.  Episode 18 “The Brother From Another World” introduced us to the seemingly benign Alien Zarab. However, as with most aliens in the series, his intentions were secretly sinister and included discrediting Ultraman.  To this end, he transformed himself into a faux-Ultraman and attacked the city.  In his Ultra-Form his eyes were much more slanted, his features pinched and sharper and he has curled toes.  He was defeated when the actual Ultraman showed up to put an end to him.

4. Robot Ultraseven

The first robot duplicate on our list, this robotic version of the hero of 1967′s entry in the Ultra Hero franchise was created by the Salome Aliens.  They wanted to use the power of Ultraseven to attack the world and conquer it for themselves. To this end, they kidnapped Dan Moroboshi and forced him to reveal the secret of his beam attack so they could install it in their copy. The robot worked as planned but Dan escaped from their intended deathtrap, transformed into the real Ultraseven and made short work of his mechanical doppelganger. It was featured in episode 46 “The Duel: Dan vs. Seven”.

3. Ultraman Shadow

Ultraman Shadow was another evil Ultraman robot copy.  This time, it was created by the evil Alien Lady Benzene in the 1997 movie Ultraman Zearth 2 to defeat Ultraman Zearth who had thwarted the ambitions of her race previously. Though incredibly powerful, it was eventually destroyed in battle with the titular hero. It bears a slight resemblance in the face, eyes and ears to the Fake Ultraman/Alien Zarab but has a dark blue and yellow color scheme.

2. Evil Tiga

Evil Tiga appeared in episode 44 of Ultraman Tiga “The One Who Inherits the Shadows”.  He was a fusion of one of the ancient Ultra Warriors (much like Tiga himself) and a human being, Keigo Masaki. His intentions were not to protect humanity but to use the powers of the Ultra Warrior to guide humanity to a new, brighter future under his leadership.  However, he was not able to control the power once fused on went out of control, leading to a confrontation with Ultraman Tiga.

1. Ultraman Belial

Once, Belial was a young and powerful Ultraman but he tried to steal energy from the Ultra Spark that gives all Ultramen their powers and keeps the Land of Light alive. He was also infused with evil Reionyx energy, giving him the power to control monsters and twisting him entirely to evil. After a massive battle, he was imprisoned but released years later to carry out his revenge.  He was defeated by Ultraman Zero but escaped into another universe where he set himself up as a Galactic Emperor, Kaiser Belial and began conquering planet after planet until once more stopped by Ultraman Zero, this time backed by a group of allies he collected known as Ultimate Force Zero.

  • Revan: What exactly do you wanna know?
  • The Exile: Simple: what have you all been doing since the Star Forge?
  • Revan: Everyone adjusted to the peace and quiet different. Some of us were naturals.
  • Jolee: Don't hate the player.
  • Carth: Canderous got hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge!
  • Canderous: Usen'ye! Baseless slander!
  • Carth: But you said—
  • Canderous: I am hopelessly depressed after not dying heroically on the Star Forge! We need a new enemy! Something to fight...where are you all going?
  • Revan: Canderous wasn't the only one having a hard time adjusting to inaction...
  • Bastila: ...What?
  • Carth: Fortunately, we found a tutor.
  • Bastila: Help me, Jolee. Help me be the best at being lazy.
  • Jolee: You're not ready, padawan.
  • Bastila: I can try!
  • Jolee: No. There is no try.
  • Juhani: The peaceful times did not last too long. Turns out this planet has some native lifeforms.
  • Mission: AAAAHHH, RUUUUN!
  • Zaalbar: <I CAN'T DIE AS FOOD! OH, THE IRONY!>
  • Bastila: While everyone debated if dying as food was technically ironic, T3 went and made friends with the dinosaurs.
  • HK-47: Annoyance: Because of course he did.
  • T3-M4: <Aw, who's a good boy? Aw, you are, good boy!>
  • Revan: T3, get down!
  • Canderous: Tell him to fight me!
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy!
  • Carth: Oh-ho, why, oh-why-oh-why?!
  • Mission: I told you! It was a simple mishap with my vanilla-satin scented candles! Sheesh!
  • Canderous: We lost eighty-percent of our rations in the fire, so fuzzy over here started going around and eating native plants!
  • Zaalbar: *walks up to a mushroom* <Oh, hey there, sexy.>
  • Carth: Oh, and as it turns out? The mushrooms are basically glitterstim ON GLITTERSTIM.
  • Zaalbar: *untranslatable, coked-up roaring*
  • Revan: Yeah? Well at least I didn't spend my summer learning Lehonese!
  • Bastila: I thought "Lehonese" was Rakatan for "Rakatan".
  • Revan: And now we're the only two people in the universe who speak a dead language! How appropriate!
  • Bastila: Yehone kuriba. (I'm so alone.)
  • Jolee: That's right around when we tried to raise some money for new bases by selling off our movie rights.
  • Carth: Lucasfilm really screwed the pooch on that one.
  • Mission: Oh, we were rich!
  • Revan: And then we realized water parks were way more awesome than bases!
  • Bastila: So we built the galaxy's greatest...water park.
  • Non-Bastilas: Yay!
  • Bastila: Yay.
  • Canderous: AND THEN MISSION—
  • Mission: Whoopsy-daisy.
  • Mission: I didn't burn down the whole water park! Just the "park" part!
  • T3-M4: <And then we formed the best band ever!>
  • Bastila: Juhani thought it might attract...chicks.
  • Juhani: Which worked.
  • Carth: Godspeed! You Galactic Emperor!
  • Juhani: AeroSith!
  • Carth: How about deadg1zka?
  • Revan: Hey, I heard you're looking for a singer.
  • Juhani: Um, yes! Chick singers are awesome!
  • Carth: Can you sing, though?
  • Revan: Can I sing?
  • Juhani: Revan sings. So good.
  • Revan: Thank you.
  • Carth: Oh, and we're definitely not just saying that because she could kill us.
  • HK-47: Strained: So. Good.
  • Mission: HK decided to make his own enemy, so he built an evil droid army to invade our valley!
  • Jolee: But the droids malfunctioned and attacked the dinosaurs.
  • *offscreen dinosaur-droid battle occurs*
  • Carth: I have seen some amazing things in my life, but this...this takes the cake.
  • Revan: Candy found a new enemy. One that would keep him busy for the rest of our time here.
  • Canderous: For far too long our people have been oppressed, crushed, under the weight of ourselves! If we don't start standing up to our mortal foe gravity, by Mandalore, who will?
  • Bastila: Are we really going to let this play out?
  • Carth: Why not see where it goes?
  • Canderous: Buckle up, Wookiee! It's time we take this fight to the enemy!
  • Zaalbar: <Please no.>
  • Canderous: Chaaaarge! *drives swoop bike off a cliff*
  • Juhani: But that just meant the light side had one more swoop bike than the dark side.
  • Canderous: Gentlemen, we simply cannot let the light side have tactical superiority over the canyon! This means war! Light. VS. Dark!
  • Zaalbar: <Shit.>
  • Revan: That helped us realize just how outdated this whole light side-dark side thing really is.
  • Carth: So we had a meeting to debate a new form of government.
  • Jolee: I vote anarchy.
  • Canderous: You can't vote anarchy, old man!
  • Bastila: Monarchy. Whoever holds the yellow double-bladed saber shall rule.
  • Canderous: Military dictatorship!
  • Revan: Matriarchy.
  • Mission: Oh! How about malarkey?
  • Carth: Mission, that's not a type of government. It just means meaningless talk and nonsense!
  • Everyone: ...
  • Carth: Malarkey won.
  • T3-M4: <Hey, you haven't mentioned the dark place!>
  • Mission: Oh yeah! Somehow T3 got stuck in another dimension!
  • T3-M4: <Hello? Anyone there? THIS IS AWESOME!>
  • *looking at the "Stranger Things" Christmas light wall*
  • Carth: "Beep". He just...keeps saying "Beep".
  • Revan: Oh, and we found Candy dead!
  • Mission: Sweet.
  • Juhani: We decided to bury him in a shallow, unmarked grave.
  • Canderous: Aw, dammit! I can't find my armor!
  • Revan: Turns out he was just...skinny-dipping.
  • Canderous: Guess I'm going au natural! Nice and breezy!
  • Bastila: AAAAAHHHH, RUN!
  • Carth: OH, THE IRONY!
  • Bastila: But that wasn't even the weirdest thing that happened! Canderous. Grew. A beard...
  • Canderous: It's kind of...itchy.
  • Mission: And then this morning Revan spiked Bastila's couscous with her spice-spice shrooms!
  • Revan: You know, for the lulz.
  • Bastila: Ochina wumma conbithki!
  • Canderous: Anyone seen my tanning oil?
  • Revan: Dammit Canderous, we have guests! Put some clothes on!
  • Carth: Oh ho, Cheap Jedi Mind Trick!
  • Juhani: Pink Droid!
  • Canderous: SUCK IT, FORCE!
  • Revan: It's been AWFUL! Instead of a peaceful retirement, it's been the same damn shit, with the same damn idiots!

“That Anakin had built C-3P0 from spare parts was not known when the original trilogy was first released. But the events in The Phantom Menace suggested new possibilities for a moment on Cloud City that was not revealed in The Empire Strikes Back.”
-Star Wars, Panel to Panel, pp. 68-69

So, Dragon Ball Super recently hit it’s 100th episode milestone...

I was watching it yesterday with my younger brother and somewhere halfway through the episode he told me:

I’m bored. DBS is boring.”

And you know what? I have to agree with him. I’m also bored with this arc of Super.

So that made me wonder: Why is that so?

 and if that’s the case,

 Why am I still watching this anime?

The answer to the second question is pretty simple: It’s for my beloved characters. Because more Super means more Dragon Ball content and more Dragon Ball means more character interactions.

Now that I think about it, the parts of DBS that I‘ve enjoyed the most are those slice-of-life/filler episodes, with their more light-hearted, DB-esque plots and loads of character development (with my absolute favourites, episodes 1,2,43, 69 and 70). They have this quasi-fanfiction/fanservice vibe to them that I absolutely don’t mind.

This partially answers the first question: Why am I bored with this arc?

With the “preperation arc” behind us and with the actual tournament started a few weeks ago, I’ve thought that I’d be on the hype train with everybody by now. But that didn’t happen. Because for me this current arc has even more flaws than the Future Trunks one, which I’d like to point out:

1. The Lack of tension and threat

With all canon debates aside, let’s be honest here: Dragon Ball Super is basically a filler that takes place between the Buu Saga and the EoZ. So whatever happens in Super we will still know the outcome, that in the end everybody will be daijobu for the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai.

As for the other universes and their fate, it doesn’t really matter to me. Because I’m  mostly concerned for our uni 7 and our cast, not a load of freshly introduced guys with whom I have no emotional connection. So why should I give a doodle about them? Well, I don’t. And that even is the case for the universe 6. I simply didn’t have enough time to get aquainted with that characters, get to care about them. I see them on the screen for just a brief moment, often not even knowing their names until they are shown on the end credits or Toei’s webside.

2. Power scaling doesn’t make sense anymore

Power scaling in Dragon Ball Super is a mess at it seems to bother a lot of people. When the problem started earlier in the series (eg. Future Trunks’ preposterous power-ups/feats), recently, it has reached a whole new level of absurdity, with characters being as strong as the plot requires them to be. (With Krillin and now Kale being the prime examples.)

This uncertainty about characters’ power also affects the way I experience the battles in this arc. I simply don’t know if the fighters are going all out of if they are holding back.

The holding back itself bothers me a lot. Not only it is a failed attempt to create artifitial tension but for me it even lowers the stakes of that tournament: if the characters are not giving everything to survive maybe the threat is not that great?

Also the fights I’ve seen so far were pretty mediocre for me with few above-average moments. I’ve seen better choreographed fights in the series.

3. “The Preparations saga”

I’ll say this right of the bat: I didn’t really enjoy that segment of the story where Goku was scouting fighters for the universe 10 team. First of all, most of that episodes had the same plot:

 Goku asks X to join the team -> X initially refuses -> Goku spars/helps X and bribes him with a fake promise about the prize money -> X agrees to join the team.

 And because we already knew the roster it was no surprise to us that a character would eventually join the team so there was no point in creating artifitial suspence weather or not a certain character would join the team, because in the end it was know he would! Therefore, I didn’t feel any progression to the plot, the whole thing felt dragged out and piontless. So I got bored even before the tournament started. It successfully kept me from getting on the hype train. Secondly, with the whole Frieza thing: on one hand I’m kinda glad it happened, because it creates opportunities for the galactic emperor to have unique interactions with other teammates and with Frost and it actually gives the Resurrection F arc some meaning but at the same time it feels like it was done just for the sake of making a change, whatever it would be. (And I don’t even want to mention that cheap way they got rid of Buu… I’m still salty about it.)

It also angers me that in that time we were hinted/told of the importance of teamwork at that it may pay a major role in the tournament, but as of now with the whole introduction of Frieza contradicting this idea (he it the walking opposite of teamwork) it also seems that in the end cooperation won’t matter at all.

I’m sorry if this post seems chaotic, I was writing stuff from the top of my head and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of issuses I have with DBS. But that’s all for now. I’m sorry, I just had to vent it somewhere.

Darth Vader: I did not summon him. His spies followed you here. What is thy bidding, my Master?

Darth Sidious: You have forgotten your place, Lord Vader. By taking this boy as your apprentice, you have betrayed me. Now you will kill him, or I will destroy you both!

Starkiller: Master… We can defeat him together… 

Darth Sidious: Do it now, Lord Vader! Strike him down and prove your loyalty to me!

-”The Force Unleashed”