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Darth Maul comic series coming in 2017

A Darth Maul comic book is being unleashed on Star Wars fans in the new year, though the fan-favorite Sith apprentice is more leashed than they’ve ever seen him.

Written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Luke Ross, the five-issue Marvel Comics miniseries Star Wars: Darth Maul (to debut in February) takes a look at the tattooed villain’s younger days before his short-lived appearance in the 1999 prequel film Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace. On tap for the antagonistic warrior: lots of rage, a need to take revenge against the Jedi, and problems taking orders.

The comic finds Maul an untested warrior under the training of Darth Sidious, who would later become the Galactic Emperor. Told to stand down from engaging with Jedi yet, Maul hunts down the worst of the worst in the cosmic underworld to vent his frustration.

After learning a young Jedi Padawan named Eldra Kaitis has fallen into the hands of a crime lord, Maul seizes an opportunity to test his skills against a real Jedi but also maybe turn someone else to the dark side.

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An Inappropriate Use of the Official Imperial Channel (Incident 002)

So this is a preview of the second installment in this chat log/humor/porn fic verse where Hux is the Galactic Emperor and Ren is his Enforcer. It will have an accompanying regular prose story that follows the action of this exchange. (Trying to decide if I’ll post that within this series or as a standalone thing, so people who aren’t into chat logs will have interest, hmm)

There is some explicit dirty talk in this, so it’s nsfw text for sure!



Hux: Ren, are you available to report?

Hux: I haven’t from you in two standard cycles.

Hux: Please advise regarding your situation as soon as possible.


Hux: I’m going to send a search squad out if I don’t hear from you in the next two hours.

Hux: So you had better be in real trouble and not just dicking around.


Hux: Ren

Hux: I’m sorry

Hux: I’m concerned

Hux: I’m going a bit mad here

Hux: I never realized how much I depended upon the idea that you’re invincible.

Hux: And now to think

Hux: You might not be

Hux: I don’t know why I’m sending these messages

Hux: Clearly you’re not receiving them.

Hux: As I said, going mad here

Hux: Talking to myself.





Hux: Typing in all caps doesn’t increase the volume of your messages, Ren.

Hux: Feel free to communicate your urgency in a civilized manner.

Ren: hux

Ren: shut up

Hux: Fuck you. Where have you been?

Hux: I nearly wasted valuable resources on recovering you.

Hux: Are you injured? In some kind of trouble?

Ren: like I just said I’m fine

Ren: also fuck you too

Ren: you dick

Ren: you were just crying that you were going mad without me so maybe don’t try to act all haughty now

Hux: There was no mention of crying, that’s solely your delusion.

Hux: Of course I was concerned.

Hux: You’re my companion.

Hux: Now tell me what is going on immediately.

Ren: companion

Ren: ha

Hux: Your Emperor just gave you a command, Ren. Obey, or face real punishment. Why have you been out of contact?

Ren: real punishment

Hux: Excuse me?

Ren: I choose real punishment that’s fine

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Darth Vader: I did not summon him. His spies followed you here. What is thy bidding, my Master?

Darth Sidious: You have forgotten your place, Lord Vader. By taking this boy as your apprentice, you have betrayed me. Now you will kill him, or I will destroy you both!

Starkiller: Master… We can defeat him together… 

Darth Sidious: Do it now, Lord Vader! Strike him down and prove your loyalty to me!

-”The Force Unleashed”

Phasma wore armor coated in chromium salvaged from a Naboo yacht once owned by the Galactic Empire’s Emperor Palpatine. Its polished finish helped reflect harmful radiation, although the chromium served primarily as a symbol of past power
—  Phasma’s wookieepedia article. Guys how dope is it that Phasma is wearing armor crafted out of Palpatine’s ship?! that is the coolest thing ever. We thought Hux and Kylo were the ultimate Galactic Empire fanboys with their death stars and melted helmets. Here Phasma had her armor forged out of Palpatine’s old car. That is a level of nerd I will never reach. 

“That Anakin had built C-3P0 from spare parts was not known when the original trilogy was first released. But the events in The Phantom Menace suggested new possibilities for a moment on Cloud City that was not revealed in The Empire Strikes Back.”
-Star Wars, Panel to Panel, pp. 68-69

A Largely Uniformed Theory of Kylo Ren’s Aspirations

Disclaimer: I have resisted a great deal of temptation to learn anything about The Force Awakens.  My weakness revealed itself when I couldn’t get Kylo Ren’s quote about finishing what Darth Vader started out of my head.  This disclaimer is to inform you that I know little to nothing of the plot of The Force Awakens.  Everything I say is conjecture and largely based on the trailer (being a trailer, we can’t say for certain that Ren’s address is to the half-melted mask of Darth Vader).  Just wanted to show my unreliability early.

Still, I was driven to think about what this address to the Vader mask meant.  We know Darth Vader became a Sith lord before his substantial physical impairment, even though he didn’t reach the full potential that Palpatine had so wished for.  

We were sort of privy to the Emperor’s desire before the prequels came out as Palpatine was more eager to turn Luke to the Dark Side even more so than protecting his new super-weapon (that’s just my reading, but I stick by it).  

Palpatine, the first galactic politician and esoteric force user to succeed to dominating the galaxy under an imperial order, found in the mutilated Vader a powerful symbol for the new empire.  The support suit by which Vader is commonly identified was a moment that represented an apparent irrevocable political change from republic to empire.  

Darth Vader himself was the ultimate embodiment of the Galactic Empire’s two-fold form of totalitarianism: he existed as both a political metaphor the denoted the ruthless, Machiavellian philosophy that Palpatine idealized but his misleading robotic facade cleverly hid his largely unmatched force abilities unless they were necessary means.

This master and apprentice combo preferred to act through political venues, but they didn’t hide their knowledge of and skill with the force.  Their Sith practices were a looming specter that reminded those few who remembered the take-over of how only two men with force abilities were able to take down a fruitful, extremely well-organized, and ancient order devoted to force studies.  

Palpatine reminded many of that past and his history as the universe’s grandest deceiver, so Darth Vader was instrumental in making sure that the face of the Galactic Empire drifted less from the Dark Lord who actually controlled it to the enforcer who could make sure all imperial law was upheld, whether by political action or demonstrations of the increasingly unknowable powers provided by the dark side of the force, or any force knowledge for that matter.

I find it very interesting that Ren shows a devotion to Vader’s ideals rather than the Emperor’s, though both thought-lines of the earlier pair overlapped substantially.  Darth Vader, had he been the galactic overlord, would have achieved a certain mythological status that could easily be backed up through his malefic methods: producing a pretty indisputable, and quite literal, reign of terror.  Of Vader and Palpatine, Vader represented a more complete union of galactic dominance and Sith philosophies.  

Yes, this politics/force faction union was achieved by Palpatine, but the Emperor’s notable absence endowed Vader, in the eyes of those who had dealing with the newer Sith lord, with looming and dreadful thought that he could easily occupy the the Emperor’s position were any harm to befall the most shadowy of puppet masters.  Though it is way too early to make grand assumptions, Kylo Ren’s idolizing of Vader appears to be indicative of a new stage in the political movement of the Sith order.  Palpatine brought this cult out of the shadows and into the seat of central power.  

Vader preserved this order through real acts and a great deal of intimidation.  Ren seems to have moved past the designs of Palpatine: they worked so now it is time to revisit and elaborate on what Vader accomplished.  

I think that Ren is fully aware of the symbolic power that always followed Darth Vader.  In order to regain the dream of a political system that is operated by the Sith, Ren’s goals are very likely to re-create and further the implications Vader’s presence had on effective governance.  Instead of having one person be the face of the empire, Ren’s ambition–again, from what little I can surmise–is to spread a massive Vader-esque atmosphere to ensure that galactic order and Sith principles never separate again.