galactic dust bunnies

sorry for the lack of art updates! I started reading Stephen King’s Firestarter and it’s consumed my free time! I’ve got some more coming soon. Just need to put the book down long enough to scan things!

But enough of that! Because nothing will be worked on tonight (unless I stay up later than my husband) FOR IT IS MY 4th ANNIVERSARY!! Four years ago today I was finishing up brunch with my brides maids and getting ready to be married!!

So have a photo of me in my wedding dress … it’s the only online one I can find. XD

(that is my happy smile btw. I have a stubborn overbite that’s defied corrections, so if it’s a posed Photo it’s very rare for me to smile with my teeth showing. there more personal info. XD)

With August coming to a close I’ve kicked con convention prep into high gear (and still doing commissions).

Here are the first 17 bookmarks inked and ready to be painted :)

We have  Harry, Ron, Hermione/ Harry/ 2 Wonder Woman/ Poison Ivy/ Batman and Robin/ 3 BBC Sherlock/ Minions/ Fluttershy/ Sailor Moon/ Jack and Ianto/ 11/ Daleks/ Silence/ Kirk and Spock

Still looking to do some Elementary, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Adventure Time, some more DC and Marvel and a few more.

Galactic Dust Bunnies (that’s me) will be at the Dallas Comic Con this May 19-20.
I’ll get more info on what I’ll have for sale at my art table ASAP, but as all way 10.00 watercolor sketch portriats of you as a superhero/Jedi/whatever you’d like will be avaiallble. 

Also stickers which will include DC, Marvel, SPN, Alien, Dr. Who, Firefly and more. 
And some old a new print favorites, yay! And as always book marks, both pre-made and custom while you wait :)  

I’m very much  hope to see some of you there :)

And seriously, you should come to this convention, it’s rapidly growing into a large scale fully awesome con experience.

There will be a great dealers room, fun panel and LOOK AT THESE AWESOME GUESTS!

Stan Lee is back (yay!) 
Patrick Stewart
Val Kilmer
Adam West AND Burt Ward
John De Lancie
Kevin Conroy
And more

And for artist we get:
Neal Adams
George Perez
Brian Stelfreeze
Mitch Breitweiser (he gets all my money)
Elizabeth Breitweiser (So does she)

and of course many many more.