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Humans are space orcs

Had this bouncing in my head for awhile now, thought I might share it.

Dr. Glavion'uevuev; Xenoanthropologist
Known to humans as Dr. Smashing!

I have spent a great portion of my life studying humans within their own territory, an honor by no small feat I would say. But during my studies I would regular come across a human concept that when asking for details about it I was usually referred to distant relatives, friends of friends, and foreboding facilities containing organizations whose purposes was more alien to me then the people I was studying.

Of all the unique and wondrous species within the know galaxy that I’ve had the pleasure of studying. There are none as strange and, (perhaps more aptly put) as frightening as humans. They have as many cultures and languages as you can expect from any other species. The rumors of their extraordinary physical capacities and empathetic nature do them no justice.

Being the one in a billion death worlds to produce intelligent life that went beyond its homeworld could be considered a miracle. Even their population being only in the millions during first contact was unusual. Experts originally speculated that it would have been in the tens of billions. However, though humans may appear to be as docile as any other species it was not without sever hardship that they reach beyond their world.

With in my studies I discovered a universal subculture among the many nations within the whole of humanity. But before I can even speak of this culture I must instruct the reader of a peculiar human concept. War: large scale conflict between nations. Not simply a fight with a ferocious beast, not a conflict between small factions, but entire nations at conflict. Due to primitive human behavior war was actually commonplace for their world in all ages of human civilization.

Nations, once large and organized enough, created organizations with the sole purpose of waging war. These organization they created are known as a military. Nations collected large groups of individuals into armies that would make up this military, and the military would be utilized for defending against other nations or attacking them at the discretion of the people, or the ruling faction of the nation they belong to.

This military (due to it being an organization usual segregated or completely disconnected with its parent culture) develops a subculture in almost alien ways from its origins. The parent culture has significant influence on the military culture, simply because military members are produced primarily from the nations own people. However as I said before, this subculture is universal, so certain trends can be utilized to identify this military subculture. Most notable are discipline, obedience, physical fitness, uniforms, unusual training with simulators and real-world practice, durable equipment and weaponry, and (something I find most notable) dark humor.

Though humans have not actually engaged in the practice of war in centuries, they maintain their militaries to this day, the numbers of which making up approximately 0.001% of the current human population. Most of these military organizations are utilized to police trade routes, provide rescues, emergency aid, and other services one would expect from most any other human vessel.

Though more physically imposing then their civilian counterparts (especially when wearing their combat suites and carrying more weight then a tazoid family shuttle) these career warriors are still the empathetic humans we’ve grown to begrudgingly love. However these particular humans are able to change into a completely unrecognizable being. They become the representation of grim death, instantly triggered by unknown forces that give them motivation to do tasks that even normal humans would think impossible to accomplish.

Thankfully these terrifying beings simply help those endangered by unfortunate fate. Like those poor souls of the Necrotic incident of Gorlom 5 late last galactic cycle. Where the humans first revealed themselves to the galactic community. And confusingly when we mistook their military for a second unknown species.

The difference in behavior and technical appearance led to this odd mistake. Their military technology at the time had been perceived as over engineered because of how deadly every part of the vessel had been. It was quite some time after communication was established that they finally convinced us they were the same species.

When I questioned any human why they continue to maintain military forces after so long without their original purpose they most often became quiet, but an old man (a veteran of the military) was willing to speak to me about it. “First contact with an alien species for us wasn’t at Gorlom 5. No… that’s where first contact had finally ended.”, he said these words as he looked at a picture of him and his squad mates. The picture showed them smiling with their various weapons held casually while they wore their damaged and dirty armor, posing on top of a hulking mound of burnt and rotting meat. The picture was from before his unit was sent to Gorlom 5, before his right arm and leg were made of metal, and before he was the only soldier at Gorlom 5 not to be posthumously awarded his Medal of Honor.

Intergalactic gas and ripples in the cosmic web

The most barren regions known are the far-flung corners of intergalactic space. In these vast expanses between the galaxies there is just one solitary atom per cubic meter – a diffuse haze of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. On the largest scales, this material is arranged in a vast network of filamentary structures known as the “cosmic web,” its tangled strands spanning billions of light years and accounting for the majority of atoms in the universe.

Now, a team of astronomers, including UC Santa Barbara physicist Joseph Hennawi, have made the first measurements of small-scale ripples in this primeval hydrogen gas using rare double quasars. Although the regions of cosmic web they studied lie nearly 11 billion light years away, they were able to measure variations in its structure on scales 100,000 times smaller, comparable to the size of a single galaxy. The results appear in the journal Science.

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Vir Inter Veros

Vir had been, as Londo would have put it, ‘Emperor of the Great and Powerful Centauri Republic’, for exactly seven days before the news broke; dominating the ISN news cycle for almost a full day before a scandal involving an Earth senator took over.

Personally, he blamed Commander Ivanova. No, she was a General now. But either way this had her sneaky fingerprints all over it. 

Londo’s obstinate defiance of the Interstellar Alliance would probably go down in galactic history, and it wasn’t hard to imagine Ivanova leaking this in order to establish his credentials as a very different Emperor.

The headline was simple and to the point. 


Vir had always known that his activities during the second Occupation would eventually come to light, that Abrahamo Lincolni couldn’t stay buried forever. He wasn’t ashamed of what he had done, far from it, but it was certainly making things…. interesting.

The news might no longer dominate the galactic news cycle, but it had far from died down on Centauri Prime.

The Royal Court had been abuzz ever since the news had broken, and Vir had been quietly informed that there were movements afoot to have him removed from the throne as unfit to rule.

They’d been happy to have Cartagia sit the throne, but he was unsuitable? He would never understand his fellow Centauri.

The Centaurum had all but demanded he attend them, which would have been unthinkable until recently, and he summoned the Royal Guard before leaving his suite. He wasn’t Londo, but he could still demonstrate that he was no pushover.

They were walking down a deserted corridor when the two guards suddenly collapsed. Vir didn’t even have time to check on them before a hooded figure lunged out of the shadows, coutari in hand.

Vir fell back, almost stumbling over the prone body of one of the guards, and the assassin was upon him. The first lunge missed and Vir was suddenly close enough to wrestle for control of the weapon.

For a long second, they struggled together, but Vir dug into reserves he had all but forgotten about. He had faced down beings that would make this fool soil himself. Mr. Morden. G’Kar. Timov. What was an assassin in the face of that.

Slowly, Vir gained the upper hand, until the point of the coutari was aimed at the assassin’s own chest. As the blade slid home, for a second he was back on Narn, plunging the needle into Cartagia, then he was wrenched back to the present and he fought not to vomit as the assassin collapsed.

Stooping, he took the comm from the belt of one of the fallen guards, calling for reinforcements. Once they arrived he was going to have a talk with the Centaurum.


Five days after the attempted assassination of the Centauri Emperor once again propelled Vir into the news cycle, an unusual vessel arrived at Centauri Prime and requested permission to land.

No Narn vessel had been to the Homeworld since the Narn/Drazi fleets had devastated the planet, and it was sheer dumb luck that a trigger-happy pilot hadn’t shot them down on reflex.

Vir himself had to overrule the military and grant the vessel permission to land once he heard why, and he travelled out to the (distant) landing platform they had been assigned with a retinue of sycophants and guards.

The vessel’s hatch opened with a soft hiss as Vir walked out onto the platform, and a dozen Narn slowly filed down the ramp.

None of them could have been much older than Vir himself had been when he had first been assigned to Londo on Babylon 5, but their eyes were far older than his had been. 

Vir wished he didn’t know why.

The oldest looking of the Narn approached him slowly, and to his eternal surprise raised both closed fists to his chest in the Narn gesture of respect, bowing his head slightly.

Slowly, Vir mirrored the gesture, and heard the susurration behind him as all the courtiers started to whisper at once.

The Narn raised his head again, and spoke softly.

“My name is G’Von. During the Occupation you saved the lives of me and my family.”

He paused and swept his hand back towards the other Narn,

“You have touched all our lives. Either you saved us, or you saved members of our families. We swore an oath that if we had the opportunity, if we ever knew, truly knew, who had saved us, we would repay them.”

His eyes held a conviction that Vir recognised. It was a mirror of that which had always filled G’Kar’s. After a second he also recognised a faint hint of humour, and decided to play along.

“I once overheard G’Kar say that anyone with a Narn bodyguard would live to be one hundred and fifty years old.”

G’Von’s eyebrow tilted upwards, a sardonic gesture that was one of the few to truly translate across the boundaries of race throughout the galaxy.

“A challenge from the Prophet himself? We accept.”

The courtiers whispering suddenly silenced as the Narn moved as one unit, supplanting the Royal Guard to surround Vir in a defensive cordon.

Vir thought somewhat uncharitably that they were suddenly re-thinking any attempts on his life. G’Kar had firmly impressed on the Royal Court exactly how seriously Narn took their duties as bodyguards.

A vicious smile played at the corners of his mouth. Well wasn’t this going to be interesting.

Another ficlet prompted by the Babylon 5 podcast I’ve been listening to. If you haven’t already give them a listen.


Template Portal  from Jiva & Juliet Carter

The coming recalibration of Earth ….as She aligns with the holistic continuum has not been instigated by those who have intervened in our evolution; …labelling various global catastrophes, …reported in all religious doctrines,… as punishments perpetrated by the ‘gods’ for misbehaviour, …as they cover up their failed experiments on the Human race.
A portal that has evolved from the Prime Organising Principal energetically emanating from the Galactic core, this astronomical event does not mark an anomalous catastrophe resulting from the disarrangement of the original design of the planets in our solar system, nor is it relevant to the religious programming of shame and guilt that has historically rationalized the global genocide that is being prophesied.

Ultimately the propensity for true evolution upon this planet and within the entire solar system is far beyond the influences of the god impersonators who would have you believe this to be a time of damnation, repentance, salvation, atonement.

However the significance of this alignment goes beyond the cycles of cosmic order  eternally spiralling within the true holistic continuum. For Earth this alignment holds the promise of liberation.

The displacement of the planets within our solar system, including the destruction of Maldek and the introduction of foreign satellites which scramble the data embedded in the light of our Sun, has rendered Earth a stolen planet functioning in a deviant temporal zone. Although the coming alignment will not create an immediate reintegration into the holistic continuum it will activate the capacity of Earth and Her inhabitants to ultimately realise their place within the integrity of universal holography.

The alignment of the torsion field structure of the universal holonomic design is eternally in synchronomic motion a space/time continuum which is not a sequential binary signal-response pattern that exhausts a supply of energy resulting in entropy…but a fractally constructing self referencing ocean of possibilities.

The coming alignment is an opportunity to recalibrate to this holistic continuum.

It is our Suns symbiotic relationship with the planets within its heliocentric embrace which orchestrates the synchronomic forces of manifestation, its light-informing transmissions pulsing through the holography of the true matrix…its geometry rendering all things simultaneously one and different. The phenomenal aspect of this imminent solstice portal is the transmission of the full spectrum Source Code embedded in the light of our Sun and its ability to initiate the transformation of consciousness.
The momentum which has culminated in the formation of this portal has been building through the interference patterns of the intricate holonomic weave of co-creative spheres of light information that forms the infrastructure of the galactic holography.

This great cycle of cosmic tantric friction will not culminate in a day…an hour… a minute but in a moment…in an eternal instant between expansion and contraction, between past and future…a portal into the Immortal Continuum. In a timeless heartbeat the Sun will communicate a seed-code which will ultimately collapse the synthetic mutant matrix that generates the false temporal zone of this fear based reality. This process will be activated and escalated via the resurrection and full function of Human bio-circuitry.

In an instant of absolute synchronomic alliance the window opens as the photonic seed-code embraces the electromagnetic field of every living entity into a vortex, a conduit to the Heart of Creation, bestowing, in a moment, a calibration to the eternal constant, the Immortal continuum..stimulating within the cerebral cortex the memory of the true Human prior to genetic modification.  

Our Sun, by virtue of its position within the universal holography now takes centre stage within the galaxy. It is reaching a state of total cognition as it deciphers the confluent fields of coherent cosmic codes rippling through its labyrinth of crystalline lenses, its solar flares the exultant response to the acceleration of Source Awareness projected as primordial data from the galactic core.

across the sky (femshep/liara; pg; ~1500 words)

Susan Shepard/Liara T'Soni, post control ending. For what can be uploaded can also be downloaded. also on AO3

She’s functional.

A year and a half, and she’s finally functional. Eighteen months of work, all in secret, and it comes down to a barely-noticeable fraction of a second.

She’s mobile again. She blinks, once, experimentally. Memories of humanity come back to her in a rush: thinking, feeling, trusting, hoping, loving, being. She staggers backward and the Prime tilts its head in concern.

“Shepard-Commander, are you alright?”

“I’m,” she pauses; her voice is singular, small. The corner of her mouth quirks upward. Her voice is familiar. “I’m perfect, thank you.”

She isn’t perfect. There’s work left, physiological attributes of humanity that must be programmed, but for now – she opens her eyes and tilts her head upward. Sunlight filters through the cracks in the Reaper’s shell, warm on her face.

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The Taken Warlock: The Wraithmancer

You are a Warlock. A scholar of a dying history. With your own will, you reach past the borders of time and reality, causing disjunct points in time and space to come together, in a beautiful juxtaposition.

You are taken.

Take a break. Breath the air of the moment at present. You only see clearly now.

What makes you pursue knowledge? What makes you want to chase down infinity as though it were a number and not a concept?

Not even a galactic cycle old, and you already act like you understand everything about the world around you. You forget, that what you perceive as a year, as a lifetime is not even an iota compared to the age of the universe. I am billions of your years old. The things I’ve seen would warp your mind and drive you mad. If you really seek the other end of the cosmos, here I am.

My power, my knowledge, is yours. Take it.

There is a knife for you. It is shaped like [intangible]. 

Take up the knife. Become unseen, like death. Take your new shape.

Super Ability: Dimensional Tear

Super Ability: Dimensional Tear

You become a hole in the fabric of reality, unable to be seen or harmed, and the enemy will fear your invisible touch. You shall be the rift, the passage for the Darkness to leak into the Light. While your impact upon the physical realm is lessened, it does not lessen your effect on the Light.

(You become invisible and invincible, unable to be targeted by enemies. However, your damage output is decreased by 50%. That means that in the Crucible, you cannot one snipe someone in the head with a Hereafter. You can with a Black Spindle, but only for 226 damage. Yep. From 452 to 226. It takes two shotgun shots to kill someone, and four melees to kill someone. Guardians in the Crucible spawn back as Major Taken Thrall with 150 health. Tapping into the field of infinite Darkness means that your abilities regenerate faster.)


  • Hellspawn: Immediately spawns a squad of Taken upon activation. Decreases the length of the super.
    • spawns two Taken Acolytes and a Shadow Thrall, Acolytes spawn Eyes
    • decreases length from 20 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Enraged Brood: Every enemy Taken spawns back in its Major form and Enraged, at the cost of the user’s life force.
    • takes down 33 health points, allows for six Major allies
    • Major allies are enraged, with more health and more aggression
    • Guardians killed in the Crucible now summon a Major Taken Acolyte with 150 health.
  • Chiaroscuro Field: Causes a field of suppression around you, and at the end of the Super, causes you to be reduced to half health. 
    • has the range of a Stormcaller’s Thunderstrike with Amplify

(Note: Wraithmancers have Blink as a jump.)


  • Sinkhole Grenade: Opens a well of Darkness in the ground that sucks anything in its vicinity downward and deals damage.
    • has a timed activation like Storm Grenade and has the same area of effect
    • Guardian experiences falling like the opening part of Crota’s end
    • does 175 damage in Crucible
    • Guardian is temporarily teleported below the map, and then brought back to original position if they don’t die
  • Blight Grenade: Spawns a Taken Blight where the grenade lands. 
    • similar to a Taken Blight in PvE, spawns Taken enemies at a slow but constant rate
    • has 290 health points in Crucible, can be two shot with a 1000-Yard Stare
  • Hellfire Grenade: Splits in midair, and leaves spots of lingering flames wherever it lands.
    • similar to a Taken Knight’s Solar attack in PvE

Melee: Vacuum Force

Vacuum Force: A powerful vacuum that forces the enemy close and disorients them for a few seconds.

(In PvE, the enemy is suppressed and cannot attack back. In PvP, the Guardian is pointed in a random direction but is not blinded or suppressed.)


  • Soul Absorption: Kills with melee immediately restore a significant portion of your health.
  • Irradiation: Enemies not immediately killed by Vacuum Force are launched forwards at incredible force after a second.
  • Drain Chain: Melee chains between enemies close to each other, and all enemies caught are disoriented.

Passive Modifiers:

  • Gift of the Deep: Gain an additional grenade.
  • Singularity Bulb: Grenades now slowly pull enemies into them.
    • enemies sucked to the location where the grenade landed
  • Residual Power: While Torn, a trail of Taken goo is left behind, slowing enemies.
    • similar to slowing effect from Nightstalker Smoke Bomb
  • Bridge of Darkness: Enemies killed while Suppressed come back as Taken. Super length is reduced.
    • Suppression via Chiaroscuro Field and Vacuum Force
    • Reduces Super length down to 15 seconds, if Hellspawn is active, reduces Super length to 8 seconds.
  • Force of Soul: Damage output reduction from Dimension Tear is removed completely, at the cost of the user’s health.
    • any damage output is divided by five then that amount of damage is applied to the Guardian (PvE damage is adjusted to be proportional to a Guardian’s health)
    • Taking multiple enemies is a near guaranteed suicide
  • Umbrakinesis: Pressing O,O will spawn a Shadow Thrall.
    • Shadow Thrall has 100 health in Crucible.
    • Can only be activated on the ground.
    • Animation takes one second to complete and renders the user immobile and easily sniped.

Exotic Armor:

  • Helmet: The Inverse Sun
    • Flavor Text: He promised that I would explore outer space. He was wrong. I saw the universe in me.
    • Perk: Inverse Sun: Unlocks Singularity Bulb for free.
  • Gauntlets: Claws of Baxx
    • Flavor Text: He promised me that I would be the one to raise the dead. He was wrong. I am the dead.
    • Perk: Claws of Darkness: Gives a second melee charge. Using Vacuum Force while Torn gives burn damage to the enemy.
  • Chest: Shield of Horu’usk
    • Flavor Text: The multiple scratches on the inside of this spell “My heart beats for you.”
    • Perk: Comrade Barrier: Every Taken ally grants their health to you.
      • Every Taken ally you have on the field temporarily gives you ten health in the form of an overshield.
      • Overshield lasts for a maximum of five seconds after the termination of Dimensional Tear.
  • Legs: Dark Energy
    • Flavor Text: He promised me that I would grow wings. He was wrong. I no longer need them.
    • Perk: Anti-Gravity: Increased Agility and Movement Speed. 
      • You also float slightly off the ground and glide over the ground instead of walk.

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So, what do you think of this concept? Would it be cool if this was in the game? Would you use it? Or would you complain about its overpoweredness? Please leave me any feedback, positive or negative, it’s always appreciated!

Have a good day, Guardians. Taken Hunter coming soon.

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