galactic adventures of jack & stella

Jack & Stella COMPLETE!

That’s it! I’m DONE with “Book 1” (cough) of The Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella (aka Ad Astra Road Trip)! 

WOOHOO! One down, two to go!

For those of you who don’t know me professionally, this is the young-adult science-fiction series that’s consumed my free time for as long as I can remember. It’s been three years since I began writing in earnest, two since I started over. This year has seen about 80,000 new words, plus revision of almost all the rest.

More numbers: It’s approximately 181,000 words total. Which is pretty long for the first book in a YA series. SO… 

I’m thinking I’ll cut part-way through, at about 56,000 for the first volume, which leaves about 115,000 for the second volume, plus about 10k for world-building math & history appendixes and an afterword. Do-able?

Ready for my beta-readers! (If that’s you and you don’t hear from me today, drop me a line so i can send it to you!)