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you've probably already seen it .... but there's an instagram that does NOTHING but post your art ((with full credit !!!)) and yeah so you might have to get an instagram to fix all the chaos related to this account that has been happening there ... mm anyway the acc is called "galacti.bun" they post the commissions and call you "squiggles" for some reason ?? aaaA

i dont care as long as theres credit :U

300 Follower Milestone (Part 1)

Oh my god.

I’m in disbelief.

I actually reached 300 followers. I never really thought that I’d…get this far.

I really don’t know what to say, you guys.

Just…thank you. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for being here since 2015, for supporting me, being here no matter what happen. I really couldn’t do it without you guys, and I hope I can give something back to you.

There will be a raffle, yes, but that will be in a separate post.

I love you all.

Some absolutely amazing people:

@boyishlydogsled @wooprdoopr @hacks-the-trash @moonhawk147 @circustears @greentae-kookies @wanderingpancakequeen @galactiic-daydreams @shancers @thirdsphinx @woofless @yourboijackk @sapphiresplash @yes-asil @nms-manga-and-other-stuff @draconiiclorekeeper @bonsai-bear @flowerrbun @thefilipino-idiot @patheticteenagewriter @userl4me @kikiyo41 @xxxclevernamexxx @origummy @pineappleoracle @thelovelydragon4475 @vitsumatsu @rossome-kid @omppu34 @edgeloaf @commie-with-a-passion and much, much more.

All of you are such great people. You guys are the best.

I love you guys <3


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Hey galacti :) I'm not sure if you've answered this before but I was wondering who was your favorite schuylar sister? Mine is Angelica :)

eliZAAAA!!! as you guys can see crie s i love her

This is a little late, since I hit 1k about a week ago, but IT’S HAPPENING NOW. I honestly never thought I’d get more than 100 followers on Fred. But here I am, three months later, with over a thousand of you, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not about the numbers. I know that. But for someone like me who struggles with a lot of self-confidence issues and insecurities, the fact that over a thousand people like my writing enough to follow me and my golden boy on our wacky adventures means nothing short of the world. So, I figured it was high time to show you guys some appreciation.

                                           THE GANG.

                                 (  without whom this blog would cease to exist.
                                    my best friends and closest companions.  )

fashionsleuth, trademarksweater, hungrybait, scoobyisms

                                       SUPER SLEUTHS.

                              (  people that adore from the bottom of my heart.  )

90superboy,  achromatic-colress,  ambiitiiously,  arendelian,  awesomegaydar,  bellumnati,  bewiitch,  booiisms,  bowandarrxw,  brookesmxrt,  bupagentkent,  bxddypine,  bxmboozled,  carryabarricade,  claamor,  combatsituation,  cosmicveined,  criminalcoded,  criminalroyalty,  crxella,  curiiosus,  cxrrera,  d-d-disgusting,  damnsella,  dawscn,  desbearer,  deviiouslycharming,  devotxd,  drowniism,  drxgordon,  dxntcallmesmall,  familyheart,  fatehaschosen,  flcxible,  flightlessgothamite,  foodchaiining,  gildhart,  goldenbcy,  hxlloteacup,  hxneylemon,  iinquisitivesoul,  incrediviolet,  influencedbyfear,  inprosperus,  ironhorns,  jixnchi,  keikibofetada,  ladywiife,  legacycaptain,  lunarhearted,  magicxecustos,  midnightriider,  miiserably,  mistresscffear,  mxdam,  mxstergenkai,  notapriize,  notdanita,  nxnkurunaisa,  optimistiics,  part-time-justice-leaguer,  pcmegranates,  pcmeranian,  perfectxvictim,  purrsuasion,  raxcity,  riigormortiis,  scootxr,  scrapyardbeatnik,  silentiio,  slqhv,  snaremaker,  solliciiti,  spacerangcr,  subordinxte,  taichounokame,  telepathyandoreos,  thingamabcbs,  thundcrs,  toparadiise,  toshootfirst,  tribbicni,  txtteredcape,  undeterredbyreality,  undevelopedisms,  veilled,  veriforman,  viinter,  vvielded,  weaselkiing,  weestley,  whatsthesiitch,  whoistommyelliot,  wxrshiiped,  wxththorns,  xaedificare,  xlodge,  xmarksthescott,  xmrsaddams 


                                      (  people that i shyly admire from afar.  )

abouttiime,  aecoria,  agcntarcher,  allonsyalone,  ambiivalxnt,  andalasian,  archaeologize,  artonecy,  battlewrought,  bccster,  beyondbirthdxy,  bishopeye,  blackyellowandread,  bogisms,  boydetextive,  bxldmountain,  bxrdbrain,  catnxir,  chaotiiics,  chasingjustiice,  cleverindeed,  cliinical,  coccinellc,  consvltant,  coolerthanwally,  crrant,  deadlything,  decayedcare,  dechue,  demiigoddess,  dogisms,  draicon,  drxmeda,  eastxrnsea,  edhelhernil,  elextrospeed,  endlcss,  erudiitus,  eventyrer,  fastcst,  frostveined,  fuckingwon,  fuschiiiafighter,  fuxrza,  galactiically,  geiisterjager,  getcveriiit,  gluttcny,  harpsenal,  heartofahiro,  heisyouth,  heroiques,  hisimmortality,   ichxgo,  iinvulnerable,  ijounakame,  ilhuicac,  inhumanistic,  johnnybcool,  jxckspxcer,  jxxvas,  katanaiism,  katnappc,  kcyboardist,  keepers-of-the-tor,  kikiisms,  lcthargia,  leavesnrides, lightpaved,  livelyblur,  lumberjackprvncess,  lumennox,  mostwickedest,  mundanix,  mxgnetrix,  mxrgo, mxsterpink,  notonabreak,  ofaffinity,  ofalvxrez,  ofdukeiisms,  ofhumaniity,  ofironflesh,  ofmelodies,  ofsnells,  oftheniight,   ofwood,  ostraciized,  pippinxtook,  prettypryde,  prodigem,  puriisms,  queenxcersei,  rdxwson,  scrveuse,  shepherd-two,  shieldsofdaybreak,  shiined,  siegeln,  snowveined,  soccermcm,  sollucem,  spectersandscotch,  spiidering,  spiiritualism,  spiritxgun,  stordiito,  suckiestlungs,  talentforlying,  tctally,  terraefil,  theagentlooker,  thebarainblue,  tigressb07,  toempathize,  toxmap,  triumphantiisms,  ttiitaniium,  tygrc,  ultimatesayin,  uselessreptiile,  vaskrsal,  velocitiist,  viewtokill,  vivimortuus,  voskreshenii,  wednesdcy,  whatsinthewind,  whoopeecapped,  wirecuttxr,  witherbelle,  xbornyesterday,  zimmeruski,  zimtec

If I forgot anyone, I’m really sorry! I love you all.

                                    - Cole and Fred  ❤

         [ wrecking ball plays in the bg ] - finn 2k15

{ insert super long depressing heart warming speech shit thing }

lmao im not a speech person s o

OKIE dokie artichokie well here we are again. i dont even remember when i put out my 300+ follow forever but lmao who cares FOUR HUNDRED BABY!!! goin strong. trunks has probably been my favourite muse so far and honestly i shouldve taken him up years ago. but anyhow!! heres the thingy dingy. im a gay meme.

【#/A - Z (no specific order)

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                           *HOLY SHIT PLAYS IN THE BG*

Out of all the milestones I have reached, this one is the MOST important one ever. I honestly would have never though I’d get THIS far and become apart of the 1K club! This blog has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I’m so glad I came back to Heather after a year of not writing for her. In all honesty, it’s really my followers who make my blog as great as it is. All of you just add your own special touch to each of our threads and all of you are so special to me that I can’t thank you ENOUGH for sticking with me this long.

please know that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being my roleplay partner and my friend. Heathers and Heather Chandler are just so important to me, and I’m just still amazed by the love and support I receive. Now, onto the Bias List!

The Heathers

These are some of my closest friends here on Tumblr! I adore them greatly and I honestly cannot thank them enough for sticking with me this long. If you’ve been here from the beginning or followed me just over a month ago, I wanted to let you nerds know that I love you and think the world of all of you! you guys are the Dukes and McNamaras to my Chandler <3

liickitup / chaotiiics / upchuckfactor / mcgabiitch / ofdukeiisms / cherryslushiie / orangeascot / scoobyisms / wantstofuckehawke ( and all of your blogs holy shit ) / unearnedluck / rdxwson / whatsthesiitch / tiiniestlifeboat / floatinaboat / galactiically / fiiredup / lapetitegxry / vexulumloup / abouttiime / goofisms / sloaneing ( and all of your blogs ) / tctaldark ( oftheniight ) / theatriciisms / lovefoole / drivenashell / suckiestlungs / blondecurled / breakcr ( warsounds + bcgus ) / bogisms / dawscn / xanodite / jacksoniisms / thcriddler / raptxrsquad / obciscr / demonveined

The JDs and Veronicas

These are people that I don’t RP with much or talk to much, but, I stalk their blogs constantly and cry over how beautiful and perfect they are. They make my dash 100% brighter and just make my day with their beautiful blogs!

voskreshenii / lavahearted / foodchaiining / forsakcn / ofanimalsweaters / gluttcny / notapriize / thiievery ( gothooky ) / bossiisms / tctally / lightpaved / greascd / medjackisms / fabulousisms / mxstergenkai / sighncmore / orlcndo / mysteriousignals / steelblooded / scndra / pseudonymized / cornelia-hxle / combatsituation / warriorhearted / mistressmxleficent / blocm / ashiidanza / demonqxeen / unblunting / drxgordon  / showmaxter / brookesmxrt / xmrsaddams

I wanted to keep it short and sweet, but please know that if you didn’t make it to the list it doesn’t mean I hate you! I love ALL of my followers and I think you’re all simply wonderful! thank you so much for getting me to 1k!