wow!! so, somehow in just a little over 2 weeks, I managed to get 100 followers. that’s crazy!! since I’ve made this blog I’ve interacted with absolutely amazing people & followed some amazing rpers as well, so I’m just gonna slap some of them into this bias list so you all can love them as much as I do.<3

++ people I rp with/absolutely adore

leading–men, francisalberts, piietrosass, jacksoniisms, kinglxki/ fullmetalwarricr (because I have to throw my irl sister in here), immortxltrickstxr, crimeinchorus

++ people I would kill to interact with but won’t talk to b/c they’re so quality & i’m trash

straxrdinario, insominatate, aranearum, thedcrkness, motherofasgard, slytherrus, gluttcny, mynameistate, galactiically, ofglamcur, outlawiism, capnrum, cruentusxx, thetruthhasacost, violentlyimpulsive, blackandredequaldead, greascd, patriotiism, bringerofthestorm, hawcaine, horrormedsandclaws, darkgeniious, darkpatriotism, ofbigotry, ravhrafn, youkilledmyfxther, owenalpha, traitorking, taintedsadist, raptcrpapa, embodimentoftrickery, abductcd, qxill, dabraxasmalfoy, iincorruptible, xhermyx, vermillus, aquietlifeyouknowme, scorpiiius, white-peacocks, elderwandskeeper, strongandsiilent, irxnheart, schvdenfrevde, astoriasm, gamekeepcr, pugfacedpansy, kcdavra, silverspeedsterpietro, silfursvik, weaselkiing, hrmionc, incapableofremorse, booksmarting, pretentiicus, ourbrokencrowns, onewholived, watchdcg, pxmfrey, fireburnsflowers, bloodtraiitor, bedeviil, hxgoweasley, purebloodisms, hunterofpie, ancorarum, lavendxr, expclled, drxmeda, mastereddeath, quiiteunusual, notpoisonous

anonymous asked:

artists, bands, whatever

G-eazy, chain smokers, skizzy mars, Larry fisherman, logic, Bob seger, Danny brown, blankets, Drake, Tyler the creator, Earl sweatshirt, odd future, Frank ocean, the weeknd, DJ carnage, pryde, Kyle, galactis, the yacht club, Parker, action Bronson, Drake, hoodie Allen, panic at the disco, twentyonepilots, john bellion, keys n krates, Keith ape, kanye west, flatbush zombies, Jay ant, Travis Scott, childish gambino, LA dispute, rage against the machine, brand new, jcole, bon iver, Witt Lowry, big Sean, idk etc? Everything