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Giveaway time!

As an apology for my inactivity and a thank you to everyone who continues to support everything I’m working on, I’m doing a giveaway!

I picked up these Clexa funkos a few weeks ago and I’d like to send them out–as a pair– to someone. Somewhat (incredibly) hilariously, the guest star is the only popular pop from the show, and hers is the only one still in production, so this Clarke pop just got a lot more rare.

Like or reblog this post and on Halloween, I’ll be randomly selecting a winner!

I’ll ship anywhere in the world, and to anyone. 

(but I would prefer if the winner is someone who doesn’t have either of the Pops yet. I know some of us would love six Lexas, but it would be pretty cool if you’d spread the love. Of course, I have no way of knowing so I’m not going to call you on it, but it would just be a cool thing.)

Nonetheless, go ahead and like/reblog for a boost or a chance to win. No limit on entries, I’ll be using one of those random selector things to pick a winner on Halloween, October 31st.

While we’re here, I’m also going to take a second to shamelessly boost my current in progress fics:

in love and war and politics - in progress. 132k words, rated m.  Here!
“It’s the most watched Senate race around the country, and Clarke Griffin is running one hell of an underdog campaign against the favored Cage Wallace. But she has a secret weapon that might save the campaign–and a secret that might ruin it. And both are named Lexa Ward.” 

six shooter - in progress. 7.7k words, rated m. Here!
“Lexa prefers contract killer. Brutally precise and efficient. Blood for money—no other attachments. 

Clarke prefers hitwoman. More force, more room for improvisation. 

Neither of them prefer crossing paths with each other. In fact, they openly loathe it: crossing paths usually results in threats, violence, gunfire, the occasional chase and at least one instance of bondage. 

But when Clarke and Lexa are hired by different clients to kill the same target, their paths won’t only cross, but converge. Explosively.”

green like american money - coming soon. rated m.
Heir apparent to billionaire CEO Titus Woods, Lexa Woods has one perfect Hamptons summer before she is granted control of one of the wealthiest corporations in the world. Gliding through galas and yacht parties and country club dinners with effortless ease, Lexa is a darling of East Coast high society. She has the world at her feet.

Enter Clarke Griffin. The wealthy and irreverent daughter of west coast tech boom entrepreneurs, she is the one girl who can threaten Lexa’s perfect summer.

And the only one she can’t resist.

Untitled S3 Canon Fixit - coming soon. rated m.
In which Lexa and Clarke find themselves at the center of a conspiracy. Playing out the way I envisioned S3, with civil war, coups, assassination attempts, betrayals, alliances, exploration, travel, training, and healing. 

So that’s what’s coming soon! Whether you read my fics or not, you’re still welcome to reblog the post for the giveaway! Thanks again for all the patience and support.

Namjoon x Reader - Arranged

Summary: Childhood friends turned arranged marriage. You’ve always had feelings for Namjoon, but he’s never once looked your way. 

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Arranged marriage, smut

Author: Pilot

Creative direction: Moxie

“Anything interesting planned today?” You ask him. 

Namjoon is sitting at the other end of the table, newspaper in hand. He adjusts the papers and cocks his brow at you. “The usual.” He replies curtly. 

He was always like this. Namjoon didn’t see you as anything but a business arrangement, a merger of two companies. You had been married for four months now. The first month was a big adjustment for you. By the third month you had gotten used to the separate lives you led. The shell of a house that you shared was in no way a home. You had made a point of having breakfast with each other, but everything else was so disconnected. 

He did things because they were strategic, in his best interests. Accepting an arranged marriage with you was a good thing for him. It kept his father off his back and allowed him to monopolise your father’s company. Your father had always liked him, ever since you were kids. 

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