gala fans


Didn’t realize I had one more video from Skate Canada to upload and share.

This is during the skaters final lap around the rink at the closing of the gala. You can see Yuzuru stop as he was about to exit since the photographers were trying to tell him something. Supposedly this was Noto-san and Tanaka-san asking him to pose for a photo, but because everyone was pretty much off the ice already he apologized and hurried away, but not before doing the pistol pose before he left :)

Will update my master post of videos with this one too.

I’m back sweet friends!! ❤ And here’s the sketch of Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 104: With Melissa Errico at the Transport Group Benefit Gala for Mary-Mitchell Campbell 💞 The night of my life.

Also coming up:
Barson from SVU 400
Raúl and Delaney Willams
And Raúl at the SVU400 screening with Orfeh and Andy Karl.

Many drawing plans and lots of wonderful photos to catch up on. 😊
I miss NYC so very much, it almost breaks my heart… but I am so happy to be able to draw again.

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 102 was a suggestion from Melissa Errico ❤ Loved these two in Sunday in the Park with George. Can’t wait to witness their reunion on Monday!! I am already so excited. My first time seeing Raúl live. Hope my poor heart can take it 😍❤💞
I hope so much to be able to provide you guys with lots of wonderful pics of my trip to NYC 😘

And when I come back I finish SVU 400 Barba! ❤