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What I Know about TLJ
  • There is a space ball/gala ???
    • Canto Bight casino?
      • Casino city/planet?
  • A giant horse thing?
  • Space puffins??
  • Rose Tico is a mechanic and spends her time on a mission behind enemy lines with Finn
  • Leia slaps Poe
  • Finn starts in a bacta suit
  • Rey trains with Luke
    • training element but not exactly what you expect?
  • Benicio Del Toro is a shady character whose name is DJ (for a clear reason later on)
    • He is DJ at the ball??????
  • Laura Dern plays Admiral Holdo of the resistance (and appears to be in Gala attire but I could be wrong) 
  • Rose has a sister (possibly) named Paige who spends time with Poe
    • She’s a gunner and an xwing pilot
  • Kylo flies an X-Wing
  • Kylo has a scar and so does Finn
  • All the characters story arcs are more devastating
    • Rian Johnson literally made a list of what would fuck up the characters
      • Luke was at the top of the list?
  • Luke is the front of this movie like Han was Ep 7
  • Luke lives on Ach-To, the island with the jedi temple with a caretaker race
    • Listen, im not saying space puffins but space puffins

Rian Johnson has a way with symbolism and foreshadowing so definitely pay attention to that because I bet a lot of money on something briefly mentioned in passing at the beginning of the movie to take names at the end. 

The Kanadovs Part 3

Summary: In order to retrieve some important documents, Y/N has to pretend to be the wife of the person she hates the most; namely Pietro Maximoff.

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Part Three

You arrived at their house half an hour later, and a butler showed you into their main room. You had to force yourself to conceal your gasps as you took in the sight before you. Their house was tremendously huge, and you were astonished by the beautiful ornaments and sculptures that were displayed in every room. Pietro had to nudge you in the side in order to pull your attention back to the present, and you reluctantly obeyed.

The butler opened a pair of unnecessarily huge doors, and a man stood up to greet you. He was a handsome man in his forties, with rich, dark hair and a goatee that complimented his jawline to a tee. His wife followed him, and she was even more stunning. She, too, had chocolate brown hair, and my, oh my, did she have the eyes to go with it. You suddenly felt a tad insecure about yourself, as appearance seemed to be very important to the both of them.

Pietro was annoying as hell, and he made you sick to your stomach, but he was a handsome fella. Credit is to be given where credit was due. He also had an amazing body, and these things combined were the root of his constant arrogance. But even with both of these things in one man, you did not want to be anywhere near him if you could help it. The constant feeling that you were seen as no more than a sexual object, the sexist jokes, the flirting that only existed so he could get you into bed. You had no intention of letting him get away with it whatsoever.

“Ah, Mr. Kanadov,” the man said, shaking Pietro’s hand. Pietro smiled and relaxed into the calm atmosphere.

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lyla-lycoris  asked:

Challenge: Xira Arien is a refined lady of refined tastes. She's hosting a get-together that is said to be the most important event of the year. Cards in this deck cannot show overt violence or horrible monsters. Some thematic suggestions include Masked Admirers and Olivia Voldaren.

Holy hell, this is an amazing theme. Let’s get started.

Xira’s Guests

Anyone who’s anyone is going to be at this party, and Xira has gone out of her way to make sure that all sorts of nobility, aristocrats, artists, clergymen, and entrepreneurs are represented.

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