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14 please!

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14. “Just please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”

Chloe rides the elevator up to Lux full of heartache and no where else to go.

Lucifer is standing near his piano when the doors part and he turns, surprised.

“Detective.” he says, puzzled. “I thought you were out this evening.”

“I - I was.” she says and then he must catch sight of the silvery tracks streaked down her face and he stalks abruptly forward.

“What happened?” he demands with concern and that simmering protective anger that always seems to be just under the surface. 

“It’s fine, I’m fine.” she says.

“Clearly.” he remarks, hand coming up to cup her jaw, thumb smoothing over her cheek. 

“I… realized Marcus wasn’t who I wanted. That it wasn’t fair to him to continue on when my feelings for him weren’t - ” she halts abruptly to swallow. “That I couldn’t be in a relationship with him because I love you.” she says, voice shaking.

“Chloe.” he says like the syllables of her name were wrenched from his chest. Her name falling from his lips is a sweeter sound than a thousand from Marcus. His hold tightens briefly before falling away.  

“And I think he knew it, too. So he broke up with me.” Chloe gives a self-conscious shrug, shoulders rolled inwards.

Lucifer’s eyes flash red. “He dares?”

“No, it’s fine. There’s no need to go all Devil on his ass. We’re both adults, it happens.” She waves it off. “But Maze is gone on a bounty hunt and Ella is working late and Linda is on vacation and I have no one to talk to.” A tear spills from her cheek and she quickly wipes it away with a humorless laugh. “Just, please be my best friend right now, not the guy I just confessed my love to.”

His whole frame softens. “Of course.” he says, voice gentle. “Shall we engage in the post-breakup rituals of eating pints of ice cream and watching romcoms? I think we have a few cartons of rocky road in the freezer.”

And he completely means it. She just stood before him and said she couldn’t be with another man because she was in love with him, asked him to ignore that revelation, and he’s fully willing to do so.

“And alcohol.” Chloe says around a hiccuping laugh that’s almost more teary than her actual crying. “Don’t forget the alcohol.”

He looks affronted. “I would never.” and he pulls out her favorite wine from under the bar counter. She walks over to him and doesn’t slow, almost barreling into him until she’s burrowed against his chest. There’s a faint clink as he sets the bottle down on the counter and then his arms are enveloping her, holding her close and tight.  

He presses a kiss to the top of her head and lets her soak in comfort. She pulls away and swipes under her eyes.

It turns out that his bedroom has an ultra-thin flat screen hidden behind a sliding bookshelf. He offers her a spare set of pajamas, one of his own and not left behind from a guest. They’re big on her, so she rolls up the pant legs and tucks the sleeves back. It smells like him. Lucifer dresses down to his boxers and robe, but keeps it tied. 

He fetches the ice cream and spoons while she pops the bottle of wine. They sit up together on his dark sheets and watch Legally Blonde, followed by Dirty Dancing.

He never makes any overtures and actually seems to get invested in the plot of the films, particularly Legally Blonde, gasping with shock at the big reveal. Slowly, organically, they curl up together, until Chloe is dozing against his chest. He brings a hand up and she can feel him hesitate before he tangles her hair around his fingers. He strokes through, brings his hand up and does it again, the repetition lulling her.

She falls asleep like that, listening to the steady beat of his heart below her ear, feeling more loved and cherished than she ever has before.