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I am new to your blog but your art is so cute I couldn't resist to ask! I was wondering if you could draw 2p! Fem! America?

This was actually my first time ever drawing her. I hope this makes the job!

YouTube Spotlight: Claire Marshall

YouTube Spotlight: Claire Marshall - left-side

She’s a makeup artist turned vlogger, but to throw her into the general YouTube beauty domain would be an injustice to her work.

Claire is a real artist. Every aspect of her channel, from the edits and cuts to tutorials and personal style, carry a common theme of creativity. Believe me, you’ll be inspired.

With a grungy, casual look and tons of gorgeous tattoos, Claire’s personality shines through each of her fierce creations. (246K subscribers)


I’m a Vintage Girl. One of the reasons I’m been working out and eating healthy is to loose weight so I can once again wear my wardrobe of Vintage dresses. I absolutely love wearing these dresses. The red full skirt dress was my first vintage dress, which has grown over the years. They are so beautiful and glamorous. I can tell I’m loosing weight, but I have a ways to go. Looking at my vintage collection gives me motivation.