Gakuranquest Character Concepts

Because I keep hearing about Gakuranquest. I would update that one Gakuranquest picture I made, but I don’t really feel like it. So it won’t be updating for awhile just like .flow.

  • Gakuran: As I said, he would probably have average stats and wield swords in battle.
  • Provost-San: She has a low speed, but frightening accuracy and uses revolvers in battle.
  • The Commando: Not a playable character. He offers his submarine services to Gakuran during his quest. If Gakuran finds a body of water in an area, the submarine could be summoned and you can travel to any other bodies of water you discovered.
  • Yukata: Has a low attack, however, his high speed and critical hit rate (does RPG Maker have this?) easily makes up for it. He can also equip swords in battle.
  • Japanese Town People: NPCs. The one that sits behind a counter is a shopkeeper. People that look similar to him will show up in other places.
  • Kamen: He acts similarly to Adeline from the Kirby games. His attack is pretty much non-existent, but he has a large amount of MP. He can paint pictures that act like summons. For example, he can paint Uboa, who gives all enemies low damage and paralysis. He can equip paintbrushes, which only increases his magical attack.
  • Tako Otoko: Has a high attack power and decent speed, but his defense is frighteningly low. He doesn’t have too many skills, so he would pretty much be an attacker.
  • Megane: A NPC that gives advice and will tell you what to do if you’re lost.
  • Signpost Guys: Recurring NPCs that tells you which direction to go.
  • Mushroom Vendor: A shopkeeper that sells you special mushrooms that increases stats.
  • Ookami: A wolf boy who is unfortunately affiliated with Urotsuki. In a boss battle, he’ll attack you quickly and brutally, but sometimes he’ll waste a turn to howl.
  • Shimofuri-tan: A boss that eats cake off her head to heal in the middle of battle. Halfway through the battle she summons the Sweets Girl and bribes her with cake to join the battle.
  • Sweets Girl: Actually a pretty swell person. Unfortunately, she is easily bribed by Urotsuki’s side and will attack you. She has a high speed and she eats cake to heal. Paired up with Shimofuri-tan in her boss battle. After the battle, she joins your side as a playable character and acts as a healer.

To summarize, why isn’t Gakuranquest real yet.


me in 2012: haha wouldn’t it be great if gakuranquest was actually a real game because gakuran is the most important character whom i love

me in 2013, upon finding out about hyper light drifter: holy shit