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Naruto is really good at p.a., since he likes to compete with others. He is currently in the soccer club which is supervised by Gai-sensei. Though he doesn’t really hate the other subjects, he has trouble learning. Sometimes he is tutored by Shikamaru (even though it’s a pain), Sasuke or Sakura.

Sasuke’s favorite subject is biology, which is thaught by Orochimaru-sensei. In middle school he was in the soccer club together with Naruto.He ended the club when they entered high school. Lee and Naruto always try to convince him to enter again. He is also good at politics and history.

Sakura is, compared to Naruto and Sasuke, an all-arounder. She is at least average in every subject. Her favorite subject though is math, which is thaught by Kakashi-sensei. In the last year of middle school she won an math-turnament. Ino makes fun of her because that, but she’s proud anyway.


Samezuka Gakuen 4/4: Icons for you and your squad or just for you.

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