gakuen hungary

More v4 gakuen au art! n_n

Finally I got around to draw something – and it’s the whole gang together! <33

Feliks thought it would be fab to wear pink on wednesdays, so they went with it :D (since they have school uniforms, they can only wear pink accessories) – but they are wayyyy better friends than mean girls :D

(and Haily and I decided their theme song is Break the Rules from Charli XCX :D)

(( We used to have a classmate who does that almost every time we do an introduction of ourselves in class. But he doesn’t bring a guitar, he like, gives a sample of his singing voice, then one of his friends will play the guitar. XD ))

(( And yeh, he calls the girls ‘chikabebes’ during the introduction.. XD ))

Happy Holidays from the v4 gang! <3333

(Feliks, the hipster he is, owns an instax mini polaroid – in pink, and loves to take photos!!)

Awww, I was so happy to draw my kids again!!! Even though it’s just a quick drawing! I should draw a proper one after my exams are done!

And if you’re wondering why Czechy has a carp on her sweater… it’s a Czech thing to eat fried carp on Christmas Eve… (I don’t particularly like it though… :D)