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[Random] [Prompt] Alternate Universe

Read Time: 9 mins | Set in: post-Konoha Gakuen Den-verse

Twenty-year-old Tenten has always been an early sleeper and riser— borne of her lot as the sole proprietor of one of the oldest karate dojos in the prefecture. Her father (bless his soul) used to deem two-hour conditioning exercises as an acceptable morning ritual, after-school activity, and evening family bonding… even for school-aged children.

So hearing urgent knocks on her door at ten PM was equivalent to a midnight emergency of kaiju invasion proportions. Hence, she was a tiny bit disappointed when she peeked into the peephole and saw a decidedly normal, non-kaiju Rock Lee.

“Go away,” she grumbled, sliding the hole cover shut.

“Oh, did I disturb your sleep?”

“Do you honestly expect me to say, ‘Oh no, don’t worry about it! Come in and have tea and cookies with me?’ Because if you do, I’d have to break your heart. Like, literally. With an elbow strike.”

 “Ahahaha, Tenten, you’re such a joker!”

Grumpily, she finally managed to undo the fussy double locks and proceeded to throw the door open. “Okay, Lee, this better be good.”

“I brought Neji with me.” Lee then pointed to the long-haired male crumpled against the railing, face red. His head was bowed, causing his hair to partially cover his beautifully rare eyes. His usually crisp, starched long-sleeved dress shirt and necktie were disheveled, but she had no doubt that it was, indeed, Hyuuga Neji.

“K-Kaichou!” Tenten rushed outside worriedly and knelt before the male. “Kaichou, wake up! What happened to you?” She had to slap his cheek a couple of times before he responded with a breathing grunt.

She turned to Lee. “What happened to him?”

Lee shook his head. “I’m not sure. We attended one of his family business dinners earlier this evening. Then as usual, a bunch of women— daughters of his family friends, I guess— ganged up on him. And the next thing I know, Neji was dragging me back into the car looking like that and was asking me to take him away from the party because he isn’t safe.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Hired killers?” Their former school council president, along with his cousins Hinata and Hanabi, had always been targets of kidnappers and hired guns mainly due to the prominent family name they carried.

“I don’t think so. Uchiha Itachi’s agency is handling the security details of this evening’s affairs.”

“But he looks bad!” she cried, eyeing the state of her barely responsive friend.

 “Tenten, how rude!” Lee frowned disapprovingly.

 A vein popped on her head. “No, I mean, he looks really ill! Why did you bring him here instead of a hospital?!”

 The bowl-haired male shrugged sheepishly. “Well, I was about to, but while googling which hospital had the most impressive cuisine, I heard Neji calling your name so I figured he wanted to say hi to you or something.”

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『青春奇人伝! 240学園』
“Seishun Kijin-den! 240 Gakuen” announced

Nisio’s crossover gag manga debuts in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine on 2/9 for their March issue

So, new mashup manga with characters from nisio’s series??? I don’t know if it’s just a one-shot 4 koma but holy shit nisio what are you doing to my heart. Jun looks like a teacher I’m dying