Teen Wolf characters as Greek Gods ~ Derek Hale as Ares

Ares is the god of physical war. He’s a tough fighter, and even other gods considered him dangerous, as he is known for being more than a little volatile.  Ares is known for his many conquests, but was protective of those he loved. Many times, Ares has been defeated, but he continues on. He’s a lonely god, but it doesn’t seem to mind that, as long as he has a purpose.

Teen Wolf characters as Greek Gods ~ Stiles Stilinski as Hermes 

Hermes is traditionally known as the messenger of the gods, but Hermes is also known as the protector of wit and orators. He is also the god of transitions and boundaries. He’s quick and cunning, and moves with ease between the human world and the godly world. Hermes tends to outwit the higher gods, whether out of his own interests or for the interests of humankind. The most important job Hermes has is the job of communicating between humankind and the gods, in order to try and make compromises between the two groups.

Teen Wolf Characters as Greek Gods ~ Jackson Whittemore as Zelus

Zelus is the god of rivalry, envy, emulation, and zeal. He is extremely ambitious, and does not like the idea of anyone–god or human–being better than himself. Many fear him, though he is also favored by some. When he wants something, he will do anything to get it, including hurt others, no matter who they are. He isn’t patient at all, preferring to live in the moment than to think about the road ahead. He wants power, and he’s difficult to stop.

Teen Wolf Characters as Greek Gods ~ Peter Hale as Hades

Hades is traditionally seen as angry, but that is actually not always the case. Though he is always pleased to see more people on his side, he did not usually antagonize people–unless he is antagonized first. He isn’t particularly kind either. He does what he needs to, but he is not afraid to play with others in order to get what he wants. He rarely does much himself, preferring to stay in the Underworld and have others do his work, unless he really wants something. He considers himself above others, including other gods. Of course, among the humans, Hades is the most hated and feared of all the gods.