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Okay so I’m doing a little thingie.

I like doing voices and stuff.. kinda like voice acting maybe..

I am told I do a perfect Golum voice so.. here we go..

Here are a few random voices.  Send me an ask or some kind of 

message if you want to request me saying something in my Golum voice, or trying to do a different voice or something.. ^^;

((Also I do not know how to set album art.. >~>))

Bad Dragon donation thingie..?

I kinda really want a bad dragon toy.. but… I don’t have the money..

I had a small Idea, if I started a paypal donation thing for getting a Bad Dragon toy.. would anyone donate..? is this a good idea..?

Please leave an answer to this thing if you think I should do that.. or if there is any other feedback.. ^-^;


So here is what a healthy dose of lag does to a Galaxy.


Send this to your crush with no context.