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Just Plance Things

Some headcanons and random Pidge/Lance thoughts, because i cant get enough of this ship

-Lance has an incredible voice, angelic (i mean, we already know that lol) and loves to sing. He’s always humming like 24/7.  He tends to hum the same tunes so much that Pidge has actually managed to memorize some of them, and if she’s in the same room as him, she’ll hum along until he notices.  He’ll whirl around, and she’ll just keep doing whatever she’s doing, pretending like she’s not paying attention, and he get’s so confused.  “Pidge…? are you–is that…. umm… ah never mind.”  It’s her favorite thing to do when she’s bored.

-Now Pidge can’t sing.  Like at all.  But she can rap like no one’s business.  Her favorite song to rap is Rap God by Eminem, and Lance gets dizzy listening to her spit out so many words in such a short time, but he loves it.  He tries to lay down a ‘sick beat’ for her but just ends up spitting all over cause he cant beatbox for shit.  If they’re ever just chilling in the castle together, he’ll give her a topic off the top of his head, and Pidge has to freestyle about it.  One time she rapped about chicken nuggets for a solid twenty minutes.  It helps her code better for some reason.    

-When Lance and Pidge went to the space mall and bought that video game together, they were given a single gak coin back as change.  Pidge keeps it in her pocket all the time as a keepsake and likes to fiddle with it when she’s bored or stressed.

-Lance goes to Kaltenecker for all his girl problems.  He brushes her and talks for hours about Allura and occasionally Plaxum, and always ends up talking about Pidge sooner or later.  He asks Kaltenecker why Pidge always gets really quiet or testy when he talk about about other girls.  “You think maybe she thinks im too good for them? Moo once for yes, and twice for no”

-When Pidge introduced her two garbage poofs to Lance, he jokingly suggested to name them Plance and Lidge and she spent the whole night a blushing squealing mess.

-Lance is a terrible sleeper, and always wakes up at least three a night times if not more, whether it be from anxiety or bad dreams.  He tries to remember one of Pidge’s raps to lull him back to sleep, only for his eyes to pop back open as he wonders why Pidge is always the first person on his mind when he wakes up.