Gajeel was found with folded arms, breathing deeply and looking for the battle that his teammate did. Everything was normal until the perception of the Iron Dragon Slayer complained that someone was watching him. Twisting his lips turned to the ‘boy’ in the other group.

Lost something?

It was just what he was talking, after all he was interested in the battle.


You know she almost died for what I did, and the Master said will never forget it. I’m trying to redeem myself for what I did. I even left Jet, Droy and Laxus hit me, I try not anything against it.. I’m just trying to redeem myself… a little... And when I did a partnership with it to try to help her get the “S” rank, I notice that I left I really wanted to fight. Geehee… But in the end, appears those two, so I had to save my Namaka.


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