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A/N: Hey everyone! this was a request made a long time ago by @bianww and seemed very fitting for this year’s gajevy day ❤ hope you enjoy it! haha sorry Bian for taking forever to do it! As usual huge shout out to @ranunculusfox for beta reading this! thank you dear!

Modern AU

Request: Gajevy blind date

Word count: 3.7k


Gajeel hated his current situation. More so, he hated Natsu the most. It wasn’t enough that his pink haired cousin decided to finally propose to his girlfriend, but Natsu had gone full groomzilla mode, much to everyone’s surprise and dismay, bugging all his cousins to have someone decent as their partners for the wedding.

And of course, the only one fucked by that demand was Gajeel.

Sting and Rogue had their respective partners for a long time now. Everyone was surprised that Natsu jumped the boat first than them but no one was really pressuring the two brothers as they were the younger from the cousins after Wendy. Laxus dared to make a joke that he was going to take one or two of his one night stands to the wedding for fun. Natsu about chewed his head off until he promised he would take Mira, his oldest friend. Then there was Wendy but she could have avoided the bullet as she’s the favorite out of all the cousins. Nonetheless, she pleased Natsu by telling him she would take Romeo to the wedding. The poor boy swore on his life that he had no ill intentions with Wendy and that he would be the best gentleman he could be after all the cousins rounded on him one afternoon after classes. And finally, Cobra had surprised everyone when he revealed he had been dating this nice girl for about 3 years already and that he would take her to the wedding.

So, all the cousins were set with their partners but Gajeel. He tried to escape Natsu’s wrath by saying Lily would go with him but the groom-to-be had already gotten the confirmation from Lily that he would go to the wedding with a plus one.

Fucking traitor.

So, to ease Natsu, because he was honestly driving everyone crazy at the home and at work, Gajeel agreed to the stupidest shit he had ever done in his life.

A blind date.

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Person B: *makes a love potion* *gives it to person A*

Person A: *drinks it* oh B… you look so handsome tonight…

Person B: *gulps* re-really?

Person A: NO

Person A: I saw you doing the love potion yesterday, I just pretended to drink it


OTP Wing

Person C: *wraps arm around A’s sholders* Hey A.

Person A: What’s up?

Person C: *points at B* You see B over there?

Person A: Yeah?.. What about B?

Person C: B thinks you’re really cute.

Person A: I would hope so! We’re married.

  • Person A: The next song is dedicated to B, the love of my life
  • Audience: *in expectation*
  • Person A: *Starts singing the entire Shrek soundtrack completely serious*
  • Person C: Omg he is so lame, [to B] you must feel so embarrassed...
  • Person B: *touched to tears*
  • Person C: What the fuck

Thank you for bringing JOY to my heart, BEAUTY to my world and LOVE to my life

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