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Calling all fanfic writers:

It recently came to my attention that a lot of third party spamming websites came into the limelight, stealing our fanfics right off of fanfiction.net (as in doing a livestream of the website and updates when fanfic updates). It got me scared and concerned over this not only for myself but my fellow writers.

I was planning to take a break next week anyway to catch up on stuff but with this situation coming to light, I want to ask all my fellow writers if they wish to take a break this week from writing fanfiction for our safety? It’s an optional decision and I feel it’s recommended considering the seriousness of it all. It gives us a chance to calm things down (I am planning to post on Valentine’s Day if things are resolved by then) but otherwise I’m refusing to post any new chapters this week because of the third party websites. (We should let the fan base know though)

Reblog if you wish to take a break this week to keep our stories safe!!!!!

Lady In the Garden -- Part 2

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Adventure/Angst

Summary: She was a falling star; an angel speaking in stardust dialects.  She was madness and wonder, and she asked him to come with her.

Note: Okay I can’t stop.  I love this AU so much so I am going to be juggling it on the side with other things. I don’t know where I’m going with it, I have scattered ideas, and I have no prospective timeline on how long this will take and whether I’ll ever finish it anywhere.  But for now, I’m getting my kicks crossing over my favorite things and writing something that is going to be really angsty/pining/adventurous.  ENJOY

Thanks always to @amaranth121 for being my lovely beta C:

Part 1

For the second time that night, Gajeel found himself on the floor.  Except this time, his back was on a cold metal grate and he had the roiling of motion sickness deep in his gut. With a groan, the large man rolled over and peeked down at what was below him.  The pulse of lights remained constant, and a steady flow of steam rose up around him from the belly of the machine.  

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Fairy Tail Workshop

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Levy, Gajeel, and Team Natsu

Summary: Levy’s father left her a library of books when he died. That library was where she spent all her time and that’s dangerous in the world she lives in. When she is found with her books, the tyrannical Queen sentences her to something awful- life in Fairy Tail Workshop. -rated M for language and torture-

Fanfiction.net           (Chapter 1)

Chapter 28: Lives Lived in the Dark

Levy and Gajeel came out of the maze garden and went to the meeting place. It was a clearing in the woods with some logs here and there. Gray and Juvia were already there. Gray was holding Juvia and she was looking up at him like a god.

“Eh-humm,” Gajeel grumbled. He startled the two of them and Juvia jumped away from Gray.

“Damnit, Redfox,” Gray said and Gajeel laughed.

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The guy is dead and needs the girl to kiss him so he can come back to life
  • Natsu:*is dead*
  • Lucy:No, Natsu! Please come back to me *kisses him*
  • Natsu:Geez Lucy what did you eat?! Your breath is worse than Happy's.
  • Lucy:Why you! I can't believe I was sad because of you!
  • ***
  • Jellal:*is dead*
  • Erza:Jellal! No! *about to kiss him*
  • Jellal:*pushes Erza away* I can't, I have a fiancee.
  • ***
  • Gajeel:*Is dead*
  • Levy:Are you pretending to be dead so I can kiss you like the others?
  • Gajeel:*sweat runs over his face*
  • ***
  • Juvia:Gray-sama! Juvia will kiss Gray-sama so he can come back to her!
  • Gray:But Juvia, I'm perfectly fine!
  • Juvia:No! Juvia must!