gajeelxlevy week

GajeelxLevy week: Gift

Aaand with me the sad draw will never end ^^!!

Mhuauaua I’m so evil!!! 

I hope you can read the gajeel’s letter, gower I write it here too:

To Levy

was indescribable the despair I felt when I saw that dragon hit you in front of my eyes without me being able to do anything to save u…

For me it was a torture continues to see you everyday on the bed, helpless and in constant danger of life…just for my own fault.

Icouldn’t live without those your amber eyes that made me melt with your every look and those your beautiful smiles which turned my horrible days in the most beautiful of my life…

When I knew it was possible to save you with an immediate heart transplant I volunteered as a donor…

You must not blame yourself for this…I gave you my heart gladly because , in reality, it was already yours…

My only wish is that you continue to LIVE, that you become a strong and an excellent magician ( to me you’re already) and that you don’t ever feel inferior to anyone, both for beauty and strength ( You are able to fall in love with you a Dragon Slayer).

Remember that I’ll love you forever. Thanks for making me spend a lifetime full of love in your company.

Ps. Do you remember the quarrel some days ago: you were angry with me because I’ve never done you a romantic gift?

I’m sorry…And I hope that this GIFT is romantic enough to make me forgive…


GajeelxLevyweek : GAME

this is the first draw I made for the week ^^ and also the first with this new graphic tablet and manga studio >_>

So I wanted to use all these manga effects *^* 

I like thinking that Levy and Lily are the more excited than Gajeel when they play with games on tv xD I know that this is strange, but there are a lot of girls who love playing with videogmaes more than boys ( for example….ME!) <3

I hope u like it :D


Gajeel x Levy week : Demons

Hi everybody!

As always I preferred to draw a dramatic scene *0*

My favorite! <3

I hope you manage to read and understand the final baloons invented by me! I can not wait to read it in the manga, the battle between Fairy Tail and Tartaros! 

And I hope that time Mashima sensei designs Gajeel during the fight! >_>

I sincerely hope that you enjoy it, because I’ve spent many days to color it and everything else.  :D