Fairy Tail Ships as Parents


honestly i have a huge head-canon that if natsu had a daughter he would be SO protective of her when it comes to boys omogmogmgomgog


bonus because this is actually gray fullbuster okay bye



i could totally see gajeel reading the baby a book bc he knows that levy really likes it when they read to the kids and stuff((:



Here u are my favorite couple :3


Lu:“ I agreed to take a bath together, but you do not look me that pervert way!

Na:”I look at you like a guy who looks at his sexy girlfriend hihi! It’s not my fault you’re wonderful <3!“

Lu.” >////<“



Ju."Who knows what Gray-sama is doing now…I miss him so much…”


*Gray-sama : Look above u >_>*

JU.“ hmm? °_° ….. O/////O G-Gray-sama!”

Gr:“ Surprise >///>…”



Le:“Finally home! I can not wait to wash from all this dust and earth! Then I also have to medicate you those ugly wounds … ”

Ga:“ Ghihi  I have to admit that today, were it not been for you, I would view me really bad … after all You’re helpful shrimp! ”

Le:“ What? Only today? !I hope you are joking! Well then you think to the bandages and the rest! *sgrunt*”

Ga:“Ghihihi! Thank you very much shrimp ^^”

Le:“ >////>”



Er.“What are we doing out here gerard?”

Ge:“I want to see the stars, especially the brightest and my favorite…”

Er:“ oh…And what is this star?”

Ge:“ You…You, Erza, are my favorite star ”-

Er:“ O//////O G-Gerard!”

I’m quite into genderbending right now so sorry if you saw two consecutive posts that are genderbent v_v. (promises that next time will be a normal Gajevy…)

Anyways! I think you guys still remember the 24 hour endurance race episode where as punishment Makarov (almost) made them crossdress. So if you see Gajeel is wearing that maid costume from that episode *v*. 

I also have a video process (Gajeel only since I just added Levy after I finished the video D:) later or tomorrow ;D