Chapter Five of Shrimps Secret WARNING MATURE

A/N: So this is smut. I’ve written smut maybe 3 times… now 4? But it’s been a while. I feel terribly uncomfortable. So it’s a really hard scene for me to write because for me to write it, I have to get in tune to my sexual side and I’m not at all really comfortable with that at all. Plus it’s hard when I have to work and everything like… Now I have to go to work and I just can’t sit in the break room on my breaks and write smut, can I? Anyways, it may be bad it may be good. There is honestly no way to tell– 

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Chapter Five:

It wasn’t that Gajeel wasn’t happy or mad about the news, he was more so shocked. Surely if they were in a relationship he’d be more thrilled. But he didn’t really have a choice. So here Levy was, asleep next to him on his couch, carrying his child. If someone told him that night would of lead to this he probably would’ve stopped himself from drinking so much or just not have gone around her. He leaned over her sleeping body and admired her face, she was beautiful and smart. He always liked those qualities about Levy. Especially on that night…

xxx flash back xxx

Gajeel pushed Levy against the wall outside of his apartment, the two have been going at it since they left Natsu’s and Lucy’s wedding it was practically a miracle that they managed to get to his place fully clothed. But the iron dragon slayer growled when he had to part with her lips and unlock his door. Fumbling with his keys in his pocket, Levy reached into his pocket and he groaned. “Come on.” He was eager to get this night started. Finally Levy grasped his keys and pulled them out.

“Here.” She looked into his blood red eyes.
He grabbed the keys and turned to unlock the door, his arm wrapped around her waist to make sure she wasn’t leaving him anytime soon. He needed to have her. He held the door open, stretching his arm over her so she could go ahead and walk in and he followed her. As soon as he closed and locked the door he picked her up and kissed her hungrily. Yes, he definitely needed her. Gajeel pressed himself into her, himself having already grown hard from their previous foreplay up to his apartment he was desperately trying to get into her pants. Not that Levy was objecting, with the little moans she was making had Gajeel thinking that she was as ready as he was. Her dress was even hitched up to her waist, almost off. Gajeel pulled it up further, over her stomach and Levy had her hands on his chest, underneath his shirt. He loved the way her dainty hands felt on his skin. She felt so soft. God, everything about her was intoxicating to him.

Gajeel pulled her dress up, and parted lips with her enough to pull it up over her head. Levy’s bra was a lacy light blue one. And even though she probably thought she couldn’t fill it out, she did. Her breasts were perfectly filling them.
Levy unbuttoned the top of Gajeel’s shirt, going lower as she whimpered against his lips as he pressed his manhood against her panties. Which caused Levy to release a moan that only made Gajeel grin wildly, so he pressed his hard on against her and went to kiss her lips again. She whimpered against his lips, and Gajeel parted with them and lead his mouth with little kisses all the way to her collar bone where he started to softly nibble on. Getting frustrated, and feeling the wetness that was on her panties Levy groaned, and her hands went to unbutton and unzip Gajeel’s pants. Gajeel quickly threw her down on the ground and laid his body over top of hers. He even grabbed hold of her hand, he wanted to tease her. Levy looked into his eyes, practically begging him to take her there.
Gajeel’s finger ran down the front of her panties and he felt the wetness of it. God, is this what I did to her? Her scent was sexy and Gajeel felt like he was going to die if he didn’t get a taste soon.

He slid her panties to the side exposing herself, his arm outreached holding her hands above her head; Levy wiggled her body and at a feeble attempt to close her legs, Gajeel used his elbow to keep her there. Legs opened and her private area exposed to the cold air of his apartment.

“Gajeel, please~” Levy drunkly slurred out a plead. Her glazed over intoxicated eyes looked down at him. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

The iron dragon slayer grinned madly and slowly probed his pointer finger at her entrance. “Like this?” He raised his eyebrows to her, trying to tease her.

Trying to wiggle her body again, Gajeel pulled his finger away from her and licked the little bit of juice that got on it and suddenly let go of her wrists and slammed his body on top of her roughly, his erection pressing up against his pants. “Do you feel how much I want to be inside of you?” He ran the front of his pants up and down against her slit.

Levy bit her lip and nodded, looking into his eyes. “P-please.” She begged him, leaving her legs spread for him.

Gajeel held his body pressed against against her and unzipped his pants and pulled both his pants and boxers down, allowing his massive manhood free.

Levy saw his dick and gasped. He looked like he was about 8 inches and his girth was nothing to mess with. So she tried to move her waist away, scared that it’ll tear her apart down there. Gajeel pressed the tip of himself against her slit, his hand on her hip as he slowly eased himself into her. Levy whimpered loudly, gripping her hands together as she felt him tear through her wall.

Feeling how tight she was, he eased himself in deeper, watching her face. When he finally was inside to the hilt, Levy could feel him inside her deepest part, not believing that he could fit entirely inside of her.

Gajeel ceased moving, holding himself inside of her and Levy wrapped her legs around his waist. “G-Gajeel.” She moaned into his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck. Gajeel had both hands on her waist as he slowly started moving in and out of her, Levy whimpering each time he hit deeply in her. He slowly started picking up the pace, moving one of his hands up to pull her bra underneath of her breasts. He bent his mouth down and bit one of them. Levy moaned out loudly as he finally slammed himself inside of her. Over and over again.
Gajeel panted and groaned, feeling himself get closer. God he wanted release. Levy.” He moaned and pulled himself out of her and slammed it back into her. Levy squeezed his arm and moaned, holding onto Levy as he pounded into her.

“Harder.” She bit her lower lip.

Having that being said, The iron dragon slayer started going faster, slamming her into the ground over and over again, with levy moaning louder.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum.” Gajeel groaned, as he felt himself get closer.

Levy’s legs tightly wrapped around her waist, squeezing him tightly. “D-don’t pull out–” Levy moaned. Her body starting to tremble as she orgasms around him.

Not able to hold anymore back, Gajeel releases everything he’s had pent up inside of him to inside of her. “God Levy.” He said as he pulled his soft self out of her. And got up, pulling her up with himself. “Want to continue?” Levy nodded as Gajeel led them to his bedroom.


Gajeel looked over her belly, searching for any sign of a bump but there was none. Somehow there was his child inside of her. “God Levy, what did I do to you?” He shook his head, wondering what he should do about this. Honestly the dragon slayer was quite mad at himself for knocking her up. She deserved so much more, that baby deserved so much more. Gajeel placed a hand on her belly, wanting to feel it move but he knew it would be too early for that. He figured it’d be too small for that. So small that he could break it. That terrified him.

“I can’t be a father.” Gajeel shook his head no.

Mulan AU

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language

A.N: Hello everyone! So this is something I had been working on for a while. I don’t know if anybody still cares about Gajevy or my blog/writing, but here it is anyways. It’s inspired by Mulan and I got a few chapters written but I don’t know exactly how far it will follow Mulan’s story line or exactly where this story is going tbh. Either way, this is my first fanfic in a while so I hope you all won’t hate me if I’ve lost my touch. ^ ^’

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail of it’s characters. This fanfiction was inspired by Disney’s Mulan and any similarities are a result of said inspiration. I do not own, nor take credit for any of these such similarities that may be seen throughout this fanfiction.


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Fairy Tail Ships as Parents


honestly i have a huge head-canon that if natsu had a daughter he would be SO protective of her when it comes to boys omogmogmgomgog


bonus because this is actually gray fullbuster okay bye



i could totally see gajeel reading the baby a book bc he knows that levy really likes it when they read to the kids and stuff((:


Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language

A.N.: Hey everyone! So I had this priceless idea for a while and I don’t know if anyone’s done it but I needed to, so I took a short break from the Soul Mates AU to write this. 

Now lets all just take a moment to appreciate this thought.

Gajeel…with hiccups….

Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters

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The Iron Monster: Chapter 3


“So, what happened to the girl?” Jose asked me, looking through a few documents that he had scattered around.

Master Jose figured out pretty quickly that I brought another Fairy Tail member with me, and after a little explaining, he was surprisingly alright with her living with me.

I smirked. “Tha Shrimp’s at my place, locked up too. She ain’t goin’ nowhere, and she ain’t gonna do anything–except give me offspring, gihi.”

He laughed. “Good, good. By the way, it’s your turn to go and feed the blonde down in the dungeon. Her father should be here by the end of this week, but he never said -how- to care for her until he arrives…”

Nodding, I walked away from the main room, stopping by the kitchen to grab something edible for the busty blonde. We didn’t have much around here, besides ale and beer, so I grabbed a small loaf of bread and a glass of water for her. It sounded like typical prison food anyways. Leaving the kitchen, I walked towards a small, iron door. It nearly killed me at first when I arrived at this place, having something so delicious in front of me, but I was not allowed to eat it. Luckily, I got over that struggle when the master had his other guild members fetch me enough iron to last me a life-time. Opening the door, I walked in, glancing at the few lit torches that were placed on various mantles.

“H-hey! Let me go! Let me out of here!” I heard the blonde screech out, banging on the iron bars with her tiny hands, though her hands were still bigger than my mate’s hands.

I chuckled darkly towards her, sliding the food under the small space between the bars and the floor. “That’s all ya get for the day. I ain’t gonna feed you like the others will, cas I got a sexy chick at home just waitin’ for me.”

“I bet she’s a lowly whore if she’s stuck with you!” this Lucy chick spat out at me.

“Are you honestly calling yer guild’s shorty bookworm a whore? That’s shameful, blondie,” I said in a mockingly disappointed tone.

She gasped. “L-Levy?”

“Yep! That shrimp is all mine now! I took her as my reward for kidnappin’ ya and destroying yer guild! She’s better than any amount of money!” I laughed out.

“Y-you monster!” she yelled out, glaring at me.

I shrugged, turning to walk away. “Nice chattin’ with ya, Blondie.”

Heading back up the stairs, I began to think. Maybe I could persuade Levy to consider liking me, but how could I do that? Obviously, she hates my guts, but maybe I can win her over with…books! Brilliant!

Rushing out of the guild, after giving Jose a signal that I fed our prisoner, I headed towards our local bookstore. I was surprised to have found it so quickly, considering that I can barely read myself. The outside of the building even reminded me of the shrimp. Once inside, I took a whiff of the place, realizing that Levy smelled a lot like this place: inked paper and tea. Glancing around, I noticed that there was a book series presented in a collectors edition. It looked pricey, but if it would get the little shrimp to talk to me, then so be it. Walking over towards the collection, I picked the box up and carried it over towards the counter. The woman behind it gulped when she saw me, nervously smiling.

“W-will that be all?” she asked shakily.

I rolled my eyes. “Yea, lady. And this ain’t for me, just so ya won’t think I read this trashy stuff. It’s for my…wife.”

Instantly, the mentioning of me having a ‘wife’ caused the lady to calm down, smiling more honestly this time. “Well, aren’t you a sweet and loving husband. That will be one hundred jewel!”

Quickly paying her, I rushed out of the bookstore with the collectors box in my hand, walking in the direction towards my house. I knew she was a bookworm because I read, reluctantly though, about her in a random Sorcerer’s Weekly magazine that I had laying around in my house. I wanted all and any information on the mother of my offspring. Once I arrived at my house, I noticed small cracks in my windows, but nothing really noticeable. That Shrimp must have been at it to manage to make cracks in my windows.

Walking up the stairs of the porch, I unlocked the front door and stepped inside, quickly shutting it back and locking it again. “Oi, Shrimp! I got ya somethin’!”

I spotted her in the corner of my living room, staring blankly at the wall with tears running down her cheeks.

“Quit yer cryin’ and look at what I got for ya!” I barked at her, walking over towards her and shoving the book collection in her hands.

I noticed with approval that her eyes lit up at the books. “Y'you…where did you get these?”

“From the bookstore. I can get ya more if ya want. Just write down the books that ya want and I’ll get 'em for ya. I got paid enough to have a lot of extra spendin’ money,” I told her.

She looked away from me, staring at the wall again. “I can’t accept a gift from a…a monster.”

I growled at her, picking her up by the back of her dress. “I ain’t no monster, Shrimp! I’m yer frickin mate whether you like it or not, and I WILL make you love me!”

“You can’t make someone love you, Gajeel! You have to prove yourself to that person–show them that you are worth loving!” she yelled back at me.

I froze, her words hitting me in the face like a wall of bricks. Was she right?

“Look, I’m not a nice person, Levy. But I can be nice around you. Will that make you like me? I mean, I got you books…don’t you like books?” I asked.

She gave me a look. “I know that you have Lucy locked away at your guild. Release her, and I’ll consider giving you a chance.”

“No can do, Shrimp. Her father is coming by at the end of the week to get her. Even if I wanted to, I can’t now. She’s under close guard by Jo–hey, wait a minute… How do you know about that?”

“You left your mission document on the nightstand, and I wanted something to read. You should be more careful about where you put your things,” she admitted.

I sighed. “Oh, well—hey, I’m gonna cook dinner. What are ya in the mood for?”

“You…cook?” she asked.

I nodded, smiling. “Yep! It’s a secret hobby of mine, and since you’re my mate, you have the right to know.”

A small blush formed on her face. “It doesn’t matter what you cook.”

I sighed, knowing that she was still being incredibly stubborn. “Well, I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me…enjoy your books, Shrimpy.”

Walking away from her, I noticed that she still had tears forming in her eyes. I shook my head as I entered the kitchen, gathering the ingredients that I would need for our dinner. As I began preparing the salad, an idea formed in my head, and I smirked.

I knew of a way to mark her permanently without her approval, but it would cost a lot. It would also take a long time to get the mixture ready, but once it was complete, I’ll be able to trick her into drinking it, erasing her mind and turning her into the perfect little mate.

The Gym

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for sexual innuendos

A.N.: Hello everyone! This is a quick one-shot I managed to finish for you. There’s not much plot here (I was trying to be descriptive). I’ve never tried this type of writing before so I don’t know how it turned out ^ ^’ There’s no smut but it is suggestive so reader discretion is advised. I got the idea from the blog bisexualclarke and the prompt:

“I came to the gym to work out but holy god I can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot

Thank you for the idea!

So yeah ^ ^’ please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters.


I came to the gym to run.

That’s all I wanted to do. I didn’t change anything in my routine. It’s the same day I go every week. The same time. 5 am before I head to work.

I just wanted to run.

And it had started off great like any other morning. I walked in with my gym bag on my shoulder and membership key in hand, listening to my songs through my headphones. I went inside and no one was there as expected. I got on the treadmill and set it to my pace and all was fine until now.

30 minutes later is when I first catch sight of him. I nearly stumble in my running but manage to keep my cool. I hadn’t noticed him come in but I’m definitely noticing him now.

He’s a tall man built with muscles that looked like they were chiseled from rocks and a ponytail holding together a large amount of thick black hair behind his head. His face is set straight and has piercings all over that normally would be a turnoff for me but for some reason capture my interest. His clothing consists of a black muscle shirt, track pants, and white runners. A brown duffle bag is slung over his shoulder casually as he walks into the room further… and stops on a mat only a short distance in front of me.

He hasn’t looked at me and I try to just lose myself in the running again but my eyes keep getting drawn back to this mystery man.

He drops his bag on the side and I’m watching him stretch. Thankfully he’s looking at the wall and not at me otherwise he would see the red blush blooming on my cheeks as I watch every muscle move on his solid back.

Suddenly his body goes to turn my way and I drop my face, looking down at the belt beneath my feet, hoping he can’t see the heat on my face.

To distract myself, I turn up my music till I can’t even hear my own breathing and I up the speed on my run. Once I feel like the colour is gone from my face I get brave and lift my head and I can’t help the fact that I look immediately at him. My breath catches involuntarily.

He’s doing push-ups.

Single handed push-ups.

His whole body is straight as a board and moving faster than I’ve seen most of the people I know do normal ones. It doesn’t even seem like it’s straining him much and I realize I’ve started counting. My mind focuses on the numbers but I can’t say that my eyes are doing the same. They seem to be acting on their own accord. Starting with his arms and watching them flex as he lowers his body to almost touching the floor then back up. I follow the the curve of his shoulder to his back taking in the sharp lines of his movements that cause every muscle to move under the material of his shirt.

Sweat’s beginning to stick to his face and loose strands of hair are sticking to his skin but his momentum hasn’t slowed. Somehow, despite the distraction my brain registers the count of 84 and he switches to his right arm… which exposes his under body more to me.

Everything about his chest is tight, sharp and large. His shirt is flat to his skin and I can count the abs holding strong to keep his body rigid. I put the blame for my sporadic breathing to the treadmill and not the figure in front of me.

As if beyond my control my eyes begin to travel downwards towards his legs. It’s only now that I realize he’s no longer wearing loose track pants. In their place are a bit more fitting athletic shorts. His thighs are completely taunt and I do everything in my power to convince myself that I’m looking at his legs and not the place between them.

I can feel the blush on my cheeks again and I’d be lying if I said that was the only place I could feel heat in my body.

His body continues to move at a solid pace, up and down, without fail and my mind sinks into a dirty place that’s nearly unfamiliar to me. I can feel my fingers twitching in the fists I’ve been holding since I started running. I wonder what those muscles would feel like? Flexing and clenching under my hand-

I lift my head up and away from him like I was cracking a whip with my neck. I pick up the pace again and I’m practically sprinting now.

My romantic life may be non-existent but I’m not naive to sex or immune to arousal despite my immediate denial at every mention of it. I’m a human being, I’m allowed to look. But somehow I feel like I’m crossing a line now. He probably has a girlfriend or something and here I am, drooling all over him at the gym.

After awhile of constant scolding myself I manage to almost forget that I could be watching him continue his work out. Eventually he pops back into my vision when he stands up, holding a water bottle in one hand, breaking my train of thought. 

His skin is glistening with sweat and I can see his chest moving with his breathing. He swipes back the hairs that had fallen loose and lifts the water bottle, dumping out a good amount onto his head. It washes down his face making his piercings in his face shine in the harsh lights of the gym. Without pause he reaches behind his head grabbing the material of his shirt and pulling it off.

My eyes are glued to him, taking in every inch of exposed skin as it appears. White scars spot his skin in various places and my hands twitch again wanting to touch them.

When he frees his head from the shirt and sits up straight I let out an involuntary squeak. His chest is freaking amazing! His eyes snap up at the sound and he looks at me for the first time.

We just stare at each other for a few seconds and then his lips part in a slow sly grin revealing his teeth and two fangs. I swallow hard and in the most awkward move I’ve made in my whole life I look away from him. My beat red face bright against my blue hair.

I don’t hear the door over my music (that I now realize must be making me go deaf and turn down), and when I look back up he’s gone. I let out a sigh between my heavy breathing and I stop the treadmill. I get off of it and on shaky legs I walk over to my bag on the bench. Sitting down heavily beside it. Grabbing my water bottle I sip at it until I catch my breath then replace it back in it’s spot in my bag.

I open up one of the outside pockets retrieving my phone. I only manage to check the time (6 am) before I’m distracted by something on the back of my case. Flipping it over my face flushes again at what I see. A small scrap piece of paper with a small note in rough hand writing.

Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Below that is a 7 digits and a name.

Gajeel Redfox. The guy at the gym.


A.N.: Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated! Let me know what you think and how I did. ^ ^’ I have no idea if this is any good or accurate at all. 

I’ll have more fanfics coming (hopefully) soon! Hope to see you all in the next fic!


I’ve been feeling sad to the point it cannot be described after reading today’s chapter. 

But after reading it again and again, trying to find a key word about his survival, I fell upon this gem. “I entrust my future to you.” While in the previous page, we see Gajeel’s idea about his future with Levy. So, why does he tell her to live for herself and for him? 

What if he already knows of what the future holds for these two? What if that future he speaks of and entrusts to Levy is their two precious angels, Shutora and Yaje? 

This the epiphany I had after discovering that sentence. 

And the question is: Is Levy pregnant with their twins during this fight? 


Gajevy are so perfect ♥♥♥

- i didn’t do the original video.

- The name of the song is called Dear agony by Breaking benjamin.