Spread Creativity, Not Negativity

You know what my wish is? 

For the growth of creativity in all fandoms, from making videos to writing stories and producing original art pieces. Instead of creating ship wars, I wish people would create more material SUPPORTING their ship instead of hating on other people’s ships. 

If you want to support your favorite series or your favorite ship in a healthy way, try producing an entire blog dedicated to it or start producing more creative works for it for others to enjoy on sites like: DeviantART, YouTube & Fanfiction.net. 

I know the internet is full of trolls hiding in every corner just to stir up shit, but we should try to be more positive and satisfied with the material that we’ve been given to work with from the original creator of our favorite series. 

And if you don’t like what that creator has given you to work with, well that’s why we have Fanfiction and Headcanon theories to satisfy our needs. 

Encourage people to create more art works supporting their favorite ships, characters, stories, and the creators themselves instead of spreading hate and making other people feel bad. 

If we could produce more material for people to enjoy instead of causing drama all the time, we would have a much more accepting community among our favorite fandoms. 


You felt warmer than the last time I remember”

Thank you gift for my followers because I already reached 1k+!! Thank you so much you wonderful people!! I love you all >3<

I’ve been doing this thing for more than a week, finally I finished this just in time I get started review for another set of examinations. 

This would probably be also my last zombie au art. ;-;

Ps: I love you all again and again and I will say it again. =w=

edit: I forgot to add the veins in the last two parts