gajeel with bunny ears

Pet Store AU

Title: Pet Store AU

Characters: Gajeel Redfox, Levy McGarden, Juvia Lockser, Pantherlilly

Pairings: Gajevy

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Gajeel groaned as Juvia came to a stop in front of the pet store.

“Come on, Gajeel! Look, they have puppies!” Juvia squealed and ran inside. Gajeel rolled his eyes at her excitement. He had nothing better to do today so when Juvia asked him to accompany her while she did some errands he agreed.

Gajeel followed her in and headed toward the direction of her squeals. He found her in the adoption center, strangling a puppy to her chest.

“GAJEEL, LOOK HOW CUTE!!!! JUVIA WANTS TO ADOPT THEM ALL!!!” She cried, squeezing the poor pup.

 After she was done smothering the puppies, Juvia grabbed Gajeel’s arm and dragged him to cat adoption center.

He stood beside her as she determinedly pet each kitty.  He eyed them over, disinterestedly. He stepped away, ready to wander around the shop when something caught his eye a few stalls over. Sulking in the corner of his tiny home was a dark gray kitten with a scar over it’s eye. Gajeel walked over and squat down.  He stuck a finger through the bars and stroked his little head. Immediately, the kitten started to purr.

“Wow, he likes you.” a voice said from behind him. 

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